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An Ode To Speakers

Are speakers important in our everyday lives? If you do not think so, you need to read this article.

Ryan Adams Lyrics: Why I Love Them So Much

The first Ryan Adams record I ever heard was “Gold.” From the moment I pushed play on my old Walkman and New York New York came on, I fell in love. Although the beautiful instrumentation and melody got my attention, It was his lyrics that kept me listening.

The Demise of the Festival

Just as many people are going to festivals these days as they were in the 80s. Also, the number of festivals has grown rapidly, but has the festival scene taken a dent in the last decade? I wouldn’t really call it a dent, more of a head on collision. The festival scene has been swamped with “festival fashion” and people going to festivals just so they can say they have been to a festival.

Afro-Peruvian Jazz, a Child in the Family of Latin Jazz

Afro-Peruvian jazz is one of the younger forms of Latin jazz. Born when traditional Afro-Peruvian musicians encountered the New York jazz scene, it’s really only been around since the 1980s. New York jazz is pretty well known, but Afro-Peruvian music with its lively rhythms is not so familiar to us. Learn and enjoy a fascinating musical form, and discover its roots.

Dance Music Is Vital to Your Lifestyle

It is very important to have a healthy lifestyle – and this includes dancing regularly, as what dance music encourages people to do regularly. Dancing is a way for people to take a break from their hectic schedules.

Songwriting – Using Rhyme to Enhance Your Lyrics

Have you ever gone through a phase in your songwriting where you decided you just weren’t going to rhyme anymore? I think most songwriters have. But that could just be because you didn’t have a good strategy for rhyming. If you think of rhyming as strategy to enhance the mood of your song, and use it in conjunction with a few other tools which we’ll examine here, it can greatly benefit your songs.

What Can Singing Do for You?

I learned to sing quite late in life. I had always had an interest in making music.

Distorted Instrumentals: Why You Should Not Use Them

Recently I was doing a mixing session for an artist who downloaded his tracks from an online music site. The tracks were very well produced musically. The drums were hitting hard and the music was great. But there was on major problem with the track in my opinion.

Useful Tips on Starting a Business

There are many people who consider business as an opportunity. In fact there are people who let go of their stable jobs and consider business no matter how uncertain and risky it is. If you are afraid to commit to any business proposals, you are free to decline it and just continue with your stable job. But if you are enthusiastic about any business you want to try, this is the best time to trust in your gut.

Good Gracious, The Doors

During a generation of peace and love came the one honest voice of Jim Morrison, filled with an honest anger and devastation. He was raw sexuality and unforgiving of his unabashed masculinity. The Doors have been studied and philosophized about for over four decades. Their place in history is set in steel and stone. As a group, they were of a single synergetic mind, always anticipating the other guys’ movement.

Elvis Costello Discography Highlights – The Top Three Albums

Elvis Costello is, without a doubt, one of the greatest singer songwriters of the 20th (and 21st) centuries. While a complete list of Elvis Costello discography highlights would take more room than we’ve got here, a quick look at the top three albums should give you plenty to listen to.

How to Buy Top Beats Online

Music is an industry by itself and is growing in a very fast pace. Any upcoming artist in the music industry needs to buy beats for mixing and producing quality music.

Insights On Reality Rap And Rap Censorship

Some individuals believed that reality rap has done a great deal to our world; hence our society has improved. Laws are stated for music censorship.

New Year’s Eve Entertainment – Singing Waiters

With Father Christmas just having left the building, now it is time to start thinking about the next big event: New Year’s Eve. Throwing a New Year’s party is a great way of seeing in 2012. One of the great things about New Year’s Eve parties is that you can can make it your own and choose the ideal entertainment for your guests.

Hymn Accompaniment on CD Is the Direction to Take for Many Smaller Churches

The Bible doesn’t specify many semantics of worship, except that it be genuine and to the glory of God. This leaves us with churches of various sizes and shapes, but what of a small church which doesn’t have many (if any) pianists?

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