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Rockabilly Stands Alone As a Unique Brand of Rock and Roll

After 60 years, rock music has grown in many directions. Several forms of rock and roll have emerged over the years only to remain popular for a few years and then fade away into obscurity–musical fads that made some noise and then went quietly away. Rockabilly music very nearly suffered this same fate, but it was kept alive and now thrives once again. This unique brand of rock and roll truly will never die!

Analog Music Just for Oldies?

In the midst of the 21st century, a teenager would most likely wonder what a turntable is. It is not in their vocabulary to say vinyl or long playing albums. Talk iTouch and iTunes and they would understand.

The Epiphone Casino – The Wonderfully Iconic Guitar Made Famous By Some Great Musicians

I have always loved Epiphone guitars. For me, they have always epitomised cool tunes and even cooler players. One of my first recollections of a seeing a song performed on the TV was the Beatles at Shea Stadium, their last ever live gig (unless you include the top of the Apple building in London, where Lennon also played an Epiphone Casino) where John and George both played these iconic instruments. I didn’t realise that they were, in fact, the same guitar but the 1969 version having the sunburst finish removed.

Music in Recent Times

“The times they are a-changin’,” said Bob Dylan in 1964. Little did he know to what extent they would actually change. This article underlines some of the greatest changes brought to music over the last 20 years.

True Jazz Music Devotees Archive Vinyl

Jazz has always been revered as a very colorful classification of music. You travel to another world when you listen to jazz. Jazz originated in New Orleans, LA in the early 1910s considerably due to the African-American residents. A combination of blues, ragtime, folk, and other types of music, jazz materialized as a kind of mimicry of European music of the age. Giving birth to numerous deviations over the years, jazz revolutionized the music stage in the south forever, employing brass, string, and percussion instruments.

Discover Christian Music Downloads on Leading Music Internet Sites

This is a very helpful article for anyone hoping to find quality information on how to discover Christian Music Downloads on the internet. Check it out!

5 Ways To Start Selling Your Music Online And Make More Moolah

The music industry is extremely dynamic. If you are looking at ways of earning more money by selling music, look no further.

Guitars and Amps Together: The Lowdown on Online Guitar and Amp Packages

Anyone wanting to start to play the guitar will always have the dilemma of just what type of guitar to get. If an acoustic guitar is chosen then that is pretty much all that will be required. You can graduate to an amplified version, but to start with the dulcet tones of the unamplified strings will be enough.

Too Many Guitars: The Story Of A Boy, An Acoustic Guitar and A Father Who Swapped His Gibson

Have you ever thought about the power of music and the gifts it has brought you over the years? From belting out a familiar Beatles tune in your car on your daily travels, sitting with an old acoustic guitar by the warm glow of a festival campfire, or standing in front of a stack feeling the sheer power coursing through your bones with every note you strike, music can enrich your daily life and probably has since you were old enough to carry a tune. Do you have memories of first forays into the world of playing music….

Understanding the Mp3 Format for Zing Karaoke

From CD, DVD, Laser Disc, CD+G, and now the famous MP3 zing and MP3+G that can be downloaded right from the internet Karaoke is very well-known today and captures the attention of music lovers all over the world. From different types of karaoke machines and how they evolved from a bulky box machine to a portable all-in one karaoke package, from lower end to high quality systems, the change is because of new technology. In the same way karaoke songs come in different formats.

Are You One of Those Musicians Who Work Hard But Never Make Any Solid Profit?

There are zillions of artists out there who have true passion for music but are not able to make it a profitable business venture. They spend endless years learning music, understanding technicalities of sound and beats but when it comes to making money from it, either they lack the business acumen or fall short of a foolproof sales strategy. Independent labels and artists have traditionally struggled with distribution, and the internet allows any artist to reach out to a global fan base.

Rhythm and Blues Music Primed the Pump For the Rockabilly Revolution

If you’ve done any reading about the genre at all then you’ve heard that rockabilly is the result of melding country music and blues music. Certainly there’s a lot of truth to that idea, but it really simplifies things far too much. Several forms of music evolved and met in the rockabilly confluence, not the least of these was the rhythm and blues, or R&B music of the 1940s and early 1950s. If the blues and country gave rockabilly a starting base, it was R&B in particular that infused the genre with “rock”. R&B primed the rockabilly pump and really gave it its energy.

Rockabilly Music Was a Shock to The High-Society Types – And Others!

I guess it’s probably been this way since music was first invented. The older generation doesn’t understand the younger generation’s music. I laugh at myself these days when I hear myself saying to my kids, “Why don’t you turn that crap off and listen to some real music?” My parents said it to me and their parents said it to them. This is one respect in which rockabilly was similar to many musical genres before it. The difference was that rockabilly ignited that emotion in the parents and high-society types in a much stronger way than other types of music had before or have since.

Making Music Beats for Free

Music makes the world go round. This has been a very common belief among everyone from different walks of life in all parts of the world. However, creating music is often believed to be not that easy at all especially those concerned with mainstream pop culture music that is released globally.

A Brief History of Calypso Music

Calypso music is not as popular as some other genres, but you may like Calypso and not even know it. Remember the movie Beetlejuice? It featured a really cool bit of calypso music.

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