Eddie Van Halen’s Signature MXR & Dunlop Pedals! – The History Behind Them & How They Sound!

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The Best Music Podcasts Online

We are in the midst of a podcast renaissance. If you’re podcast fan and a music geek, there are many good choices out there.

The Top 3 Best Jimi Hendrix Songs Of All Time – And Why

Without a doubt, Jimi Hendrix is one of the Greatest Guitarist of all time. His Guitar Playing has influenced millions of Guitar players. His Approach to Guitar paved the way for a new and forever lasting way to play the Guitar!

How To Get The Perfect Tone On Your Electric Guitar

Ever felt that your electric guitar is not giving you the tone you are looking for? There are various reasons as to why the tone may not be as awesome as you want it to be.

Read Me Loud And Clear With The Behringer Eurolive B250D PA System

The Behringer Eurolive B205D PA system is a multifunctional 150 watt active speaker used for keyboard or vocal monitoring. It is useful during press conferences, in home recording studios, and at other multimedia events. With the revolutionary Class D amplifier technology and switchmode power, it produces good sound without being bulky and heavy.

4 Ways To Know If A Beat Selling Website Is Legit

Are you a budding music artist who’s just getting started and looking for quality instrumentals online? Are you looking to find a website that you can trust and come back to over and over again for radio ready instrumentals?

3 Tips On How To Become a Popular Music Artist

In today’s fast paced music industry you are sure to run into the task of searching for a producer who can give you quality beats, finding affordable instrumentals to fit your budget, and getting an audience to perform in front of. It quickly becomes tiring when you have the job of looking for a good beat maker that has the style of instrumentals you are looking for plus gathering fans and finding the resources you need to excel. That’s why I am going to give you three tips on how to become a top notch music artist in no time.

Metal Meets Melody: Discover Adrenaline Mob

A new supergroup hast just exploded on the metal scene. Discover Adrenaline Mob, a promising new band.

The Ideal Avenue to Preserve a Vinyl

Your vinyl collection continues to age, and the cardboard covers are beginning to lose their original color, crack or even peel thanks to the wear-and-tear of the dust and moisture in the air. You want to maintain your collection as best you can, and putting them inside an old box in your attic may not be the best course of action to take with your treasured items that you hope to sell one day. The return on your investment will hinge on how much you decide to invest in safeguarding the quality of the collection, including the old record players you may have.

How to Find the Finest Music Keepsakes

Music today is more popular than it has ever been mainly because it defines generations and plays a huge role in most people’s lives. Items of music memorabilia are naturally popular as they are great conversation pieces and also typically increase in value in the future. It can be hard to acquire good pieces for the right price, but it is also a blast to create a unique collection. Luckily, with just a little creativity, getting high quality items can be rather inexpensive for the value they currently have and will hold in the future.

DubTurbo Review – Is DubTurbo The Best Beat Making Sofware Or Is It All Hype?

This is certainly not a new concept. There have been many softwares that have enabled users to create tracks on their computers and from the comfort of their own home.

A Jukebox Purchase Could Be Beneficial

One benefit to purchasing a jukebox in a restaurant is that it can help a restaurant to make more money. If one is purchased that requires a customer to pay to hear one or more songs, then that is extra money for the restaurant. The music will only be playing if someone pays to listen to it.

A Thousand Years Sheet Music – Magical Song by Christina Perri

One does not come across something so eloquent and celebrated every time. A Thousand Years- sheet music by Christina Perri is one such song, which is likely to make any listener spellbound. In today’s times where the trend is of pop music, where the music manufacturers lead the industry, Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” comes across as a much awaited and welcome change.

Dean Martin: Singer, Television Star, Movie Actor, Celebrity Role Model and Charming

Dean Martin is one of those rare stars that appealed to both men and women. Not only was he handsome but was considered cool and debonair. As an entertainer he never failed to keep his audience amused. He was successful in all mediums which is a rarity. Even Sinatra who was successful as a singer and movie star did not have a long running Television show on Thursday nights year after year as Dean did. An admirable trait that he had was that ‘he was his own man.’ That meant that he didn’t kowtow to people including the mafia and Frank.

The Role of Music Licensing and Music Libraries to Preserve Originality of Music

Today, music has become such a vital part of any movie, advertisement or a video game that their making without it is just out of the question. It gives life to them and plays a great role in delivering the message a movie or an advertisement is supposed to convey.

Qualities of a Good Music Composer

Music has always fascinated people in every era – irrespective of their gender, age and ethnicity. Since it does not have any language, speakers of every language can listen to it. If we take a closer look at the growth of the music industry, we will learn that while every industry sees a stead growth, music industry has changed drastically over time. There is a lot of difference between what we used to hear before and what we hear today.

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