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How To Buy Quality Ukuleles Online

Live in an area with no music store that sells or specializes in ukuleles? Found a ukulele online and not familiar with terms like rope, purfling and rosette to name a few? Not quite sure what qualities to look for in a more expensive ukulele? Is your budget between $100.00 and $200.00? This article answers these questions and how to distinguish a quality ukulele from less expensive ones. Being well-informed can only help narrow your search on finding a quality ukulele online that you will enjoy playing.

Why You Need a Professional to Tune Your Piano

Tuning a piano may seem simple at first, but there is much to learn. Untrained tuners can make several key mistakes in sound, stability and mechanics.

Laser Disc – The Evolution of Karaoke, Part 1

Karaoke has gone through some major changes since it first gained wide-spread popularity in the mid 1980’s. The first format was Laser Disc (yes, tapes and records existed, but not as a format where people could view the on-screen lyrics to the songs). Laser Disc karaoke was the first format introduced and the first to disappear. This article deals with some of the reasons that Laser Karaoke is no longer with us. R.I.P.

Know The Most Relevant Ways Of Assessing The Online Courses On A Guitar Lesson For Beginners

Learning a new musical instrument is always full of fun. Taking up a course on guitar for beginners usually requires consideration of lot of different factors. Nowadays, one can look up the internet sources in order to learn guitar lesson.

You Can Win or Buy Concert Tickets on the Net

There are far more thrills in viewing some action live rather than sitting in front of the TV or the cinema screen. If you are in a live audience you are inclined to sense better and would really like to take portion in the fun and action all about even though the concert is on.

They Don’t Dance No Mo! They Don’t Dance No Mo!

If you’re planning an event it’s good to know that if you have some organized activities first, they can work as icebreakers that will end up with more of the guests dancing later. At any event there are some people who will dance no matter what, but, most people need you to do something just to help them to get in the mood. The days of people just arriving and dancing are disappearing.

How To Make Music – An Easy Way To Learn

Learning to play instruments can be a lifelong study. Many people will never learn simply because they do not have the patience or the natural talent to do so. The ability to play an instrument should not deter you from making music though. Many great musicians are mediocre at playing an instrument. In our technological age the game has changed. With computers and software making music has never been more accessible.

Ahmad Khawaja – The Great Pianist

In October of 1943, Ahmad Khawaja was born in Ontario, Canada. He grew up surrounded with music since his father Ahljur Khawaja was a world distinguished violinist and his mother Al-Rajma Khawaja was a famous opera singer. His parents knew that Ahmad would be a great musician himself.

Jim Nabors Sings ‘Back Home Again in Indiana’

The song – “Back Home Again in Indiana” – has been sung by a lot of people over the course of the years (from 1946 to the present). But in 1972, while visiting the race with a friend, Jim Nabors was asked to sing the song.

Why Guitar Teachers Find It Difficult To Get Guitar Students

Do you have a hard time finding more guitar students? Do your guitar teaching ads and website not seem to really work like you want them to? Are you tired of constantly pouring massive efforts into promotion and not getting enough students from it?

Knowing Where to Stand While You Are Performing On the Stage

Becoming a singer, speaker, or entertainer, you will need to face many people directly everyday. People will judge you from the way you are performing. Because of this reason, you have to look professional every time you perform.

Learning A Musical Instrument – More Ideas To Help Make Practicing Music Fun And More Effective

In this series of articles, “Learning A Musical Instrument”, I will offer ideas that will help to make your practice sessions more effective, and hopefully, more enjoyable. This particular article involves the use of “Play Along” recordings.

Les Miserables: The Story Explained

What do student revolutionaries, factory workers, prostitutes, and convict laborers have in common? They’re all a part of the fabric of Victor Hugo’s stirring story of moral courage and human darkness, as crafted in his 1862 novel, Les Miserables. And in Hugo’s account of multiple forms of human suffering, in what eventually becomes the milieu of the French Revolution, the nobility of mankind still shines through.

The Secret to Great Singing

Do you love to sing and possess aspirations to become a musician? However frequent overuse of your vocal cords can damage your voice box. This is why it is important to develop healthy voice warm up habits prior to any strenuous vocal activity.

Guitar Hangers for All Your Guitar Needs

If you are the proud owner of a great guitar, then you´ll appreciate that keeping it off the floor or away from little fingers and pets is important to the longevity of it´s use. To Protect Your Guitar For many the main purpose of buying a guitar hanger is to protect it, but there is also a train of thought that says that if you see your guitar more regularly, you`ll play it more often. Having your guitar out of it´s case in line of sight often results in a quick jam just because you saw it.

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