Tips For Gigging Musicians – Part 1! #shorts

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Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

The best acoustic guitar for beginners is an excellent start-off musical instrument that graces the hands of many wannabe musicians. Its musical notes are loved by all. Usually, renowned players start their careers with these acoustic guitars and slowly progress gaining experience, eventually shifting onto regular or electric guitars.

Extraordinary Musical Instruments

Not a lot of people know that there are a lot of weird instruments that exist in the music world. Not everything that makes beautiful music is beautiful themselves. Some are so strange looking that you’ll have to take a second and third look at the instrument to figure out how in the world it came to produce melodies and harmonies.

Two Types Of Monitor Speakers With Two Different Purposes

Come to grips with the major differences between the two types of monitor speakers that are on the market. Learn what makes them so far removed from one another.

Listening to Jazz

Many Americans have difficulty listening to modern jazz (from bebop on). My experience playing in Europe is that audiences are typically more sophisticated, possibly because they are used to listening to complex music. A few pointers may help people get more acquainted with this music, which can be very enjoyable and rewarding.

Solo Jazz Guitar

There are several approaches to playing jazz on guitar without a rhythm section. The guitar is of course capable of being used as a solo instrument, as shown by the classical repertoire as well as jazz artists such as Joe Pass and Tuck Andress. The technical problem to solve is to how to play chords, bass line, and melody with only ten fingers?

Nylon String Jazz Guitar

Playing jazz on nylon string guitar – an overview. Jazz has been played on many different types of guitars-from acoustic steel string (Eddie Lang, Django Reinhardt) to amplified steel string (Charlie Christian being one of the first) to solid body (John McLaughlin, for example). Charlie Byrd was an early proponent of using a classical nylon string guitar to play jazz, and McLaughlin, Earl Klugh and many others have since used that kind of guitar in at least some of their work.

Jam Bands 101

Hold on to your hack-sack! Jam Bands are not exclusive to the psychedelic, red-eyed or the tye-dyed. Although most closely associated with the Grateful Dead and PHISH; the Jam Band scene is perhaps the most inclusive, exciting and dynamic music genre in today’s music.

Arctic Monkeys Album Review: Suck It and See

Turner and co. are back with the infamous ‘tricky’ fourth album. However, if third albums were notoriously difficult, than the fourth must be something else entirely and expectations are high for a ‘return to form’ by the band. So has it delivered?

How To DJ – Learn To Become A DJ – Mix Like a Pro

Now the rubber hits the road, you wanna learn how to DJ, how to mix properly and how to perform the best sets you possibly can. This is what opens up doors for you to get amazing offers to gig where you like, get fans, be a star.

Best Songs on Acoustic Guitar – Part 2

This is the second article of this series where I look at songs that heavily feature the acoustic guitar. Here are a few more tunes that could be added to the list of best acoustic songs.

Synthetic or Real: Which Makes for a Better Djembe?

After catching a beat from a djembe drum one time, the urge to purchase one for oneself is hard to resist. Once the urge has matured into solid purpose, that is, it’s time buy a drum, an important decision between synthetic djembes vs. wooden djembes needs to be made. This article aims to help with that choice.

Encouraging Young Kids To Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar – How?

Have you ever been curious about how some individuals are able to effectively teach guitar to individuals who are very much keen to be trained? To be honest, it is not as complicated as perhaps you might believe. If perhaps you happen to have a solid guitar skills and you like to share your abilities with other people, you will simply need to figure out an approach.

Japanese Zen Flute Shakuhachi – History, Information and Facts

The shakuhachi is a Japanese end-blown flute. It is the Japanese most well-known woodwind instrument. The shakuhachi flute (or also known as Zen flute) is used by Zen Buddhist as a tool for meditation as well as playing jazz, classical and traditional Japanese folk music. This flute is made from the very bottom of a bamboo tree, but versions now exist in ABS and hardwoods.

Hot Jazz in Hanoi

Discovering the history of jazz in Vietnam is not difficult. It starts and ends with saxophonist Quyen Van Minh. If you like your jazz hot, cool, or anything in between; if you like your nightclubs dim, smoky, and walled with neon beer signs, posters and pictures of jazz greats; if you like your women dreamy, slinky, wearing bright dresses fitted like snake-skins and men in silk suits or wearing tee shirts and berets; if you like the best mixed drinks in town and great food; then you must be in Vietnam – Minh’s Jazz Club in Hanoi, to be exact….

Music Licensing and Making Movies

Making movies and securing music for a soundtrack go hand in hand. Indie filmmakers and indie music producers are starting to connect more.

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