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A Brief History of American Music I: Folk and Americana

An overview of where the music comes from and how it has changed. Books have been written on just nuances of the history if you’d like a more detailed explanation but this is pretty good for those wanting to know the major points.

Take Your Live Performance To The Next Level

Do you know who you are when you are performing? Do you know what you look like on stage? Most people think they know what they look like when they are on stage performing but, the reality is, they have no idea how they come across on stage.

A Beatles Myth – Is Paul Dead?

The Beatles (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr from Liverpool) rose to fame in the early sixties. The revolutionized the music world. No one had ever known the Beatlemania, as it was later named, which made every young woman and man crazy.

The History of Jazz Piano Music in New Jersey

Have you ever wondered about the musical contributions New Jersey has made to the jazz scene in the past hundred years? Learn about famous pianists and composers like Count Basie, Thelonious Monk, Bill Evans, and more.

The History of the Piano and Piano Music

The piano has had a long and varied history that reaches back to the late 16th century, and even much further back if you consider its predecessors. This article contains illuminating information on some of the instrument’s inventors and innovators.

Emergence of Bluegrass Country Songs

Bluegrass music has had a curious history. Almost everyone has heard of it, but few people know what it is and where it came from. It is sometime used as a catch-all term to describe any form of country music, usually acoustic in nature, that suggests pre-World War II styles. But in fact it is not an old time style at all; it did not begin to take shape as a distinct entity until the mid-forties, and it was not named until a decade later, when fans, disk jockeys and music merchandisers began to using the term “bluegrass”.

Why Do I Need a Remix Template? (Part 1)

For any one who’s dabbled in music editing, mixing, remixing, etc, you might be familiar with templates. A remix template as defined in this particular article is nothing more than a customized session template you’ll form inside your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that incorporates your most frequently utilized audio tracks, midi tracks, return channels, plug-ins, and other settings you frequently use.

Trouble Singing? Breathing Creatively Will Help

If there are problems with your singing, breathing may be the first thing you want to examine. Direct the air flow into your lower abdominal area and don’t fill your lungs with air beyond their resting capacity. When you are singing, breathing this way will give you a rich, warm tone.

Whatever Happened To Peace, Love And Understanding?

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll is the famous motto of rock but most people can’t get beyond the sex and drugs part. Few even remember that in the Sixties it was peace and love that was two thirds of the equation.

Why You Should Buy Beats Online

Learn about the process of buying beats online. Also you can gain a better understanding of why buying instrumentals online is the ultimate alternative to offline music production.

Art Is Not A Science

When art hasn’t changed in 500 years and science tells us everything we know is wrong on a continuous basis, why do we still use those terms? Perhaps it’s time to change our point of view.

Wagon Wheel – Bob Dylan, Why Didn’t You Finish This Masterpiece?

Wagon Wheel, Bob Dylan’s unfinished masterpiece, has been bootlegged, distributed, covered, and modified by a number of bands and musicians through the years. This article looks into the enigma of the song, and why Dylan didn’t finish it.

The 5 Best Warren Zevon Albums – And Why

Although his “dirty life and times” were cut short by lung cancer and a severe paranoia of doctors, those of us whom life hasn’t killed yet still have the opportunity to hear any of the 14 Warren Zevon albums that the legendary songwriter left in his wake. Zevon’s biting wit, scathing satire, song noir, and unique use of metaphor permeates throughout his entire canon, and, having sampled the whole repertoire myself, I’m happy to recommend 5 albums which I think deserve your undivided attention, so…Johnny, strike up the band

Is Voice and Music Separate?

Is there a difference in the voice used in speech as opposed to the voice as a musical instrument (singing)? Let’s explore together!

5 Things to Look For In a Music Manager

You wouldn’t pick just anybody to play in your band. You want the best you can get, someone who adds something to the music you’re creating. You should approach hiring artist consultants or music management companies the same way.

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