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6 Advantages of Downloading Songs From the Internet

Almost all of us love listening to our favorite songs. Today, all of us listen to our favorite tracks on the internet. However, sometimes we don’t have access to the internet, especially when we are on the go no.

Music Book Review – The World of Music by David Willoughby

Lital is a 31 years old musician, born and raised in Israel. She already knew at the age of 3 that she wants to be a musician when she gets older. Lital has been facing a hearing disorder condition since childhood, many ears operations causing by infections and a cyst that needed to be removed.

Costa Blanca Arts Update – Claudi Arimany in Mozart and Marco Tezza in Schubert

Alfas del Pi music society restarted its concert programme in September and in October returned to its format of three concerts over a weekend. Claudi Arimany and the Beaux Arts trio played Mozart’s flute quartets and Italian pianist, Marco Tezza, played Schubert, Janacek and Schumann.

The Four Frank Zappa Songs I Would Like Played At My Funeral

Frank Vincent Zappa, born 1940 in Baltimore USA, died 1993 in Los Angeles, was a composer, guitarist, bandleader, film maker, entrepreneur and satirist who began his recording career in 1966 with the Mothers Of Invention double album Freak Out. I’ve become familiar with a lot of his output over the past thirty years or so, and there is now a vast quantity of his material to evaluate!! For this slightly morbid exercise of choosing one’s own funeral soundtrack, I’ve decided to try and whittle down to four those Frank Zappa songs I love and think best exemplify him.

Different Ways to Present Identity on MySpace

THE first time I listened to Mbaqanga music, I never took it seriously and thought it can be a genre on its own to be identified as the best that could soothe and entertain someone’s soul. The bumpy panoptic rhythm sound that most listeners could respond serious by nodding their heads and mimicking the words, was only what I thought could have caused many to lose their heads to it, not knowing that there is much into it. The way of life, which most people around my village have been crying foul to have been lost…

Dance To The Music

From the beginning of time, Jubal was the first musician mentioned in the Bible; he played the flute and harp. Genesis 4:21. Why do we listen to music? Are your listening pleasures to express your emotions through praise, mourning, victory, and dance; to help relieve some of your anxieties?

Costa Blanca Arts Update – Zelia Rocha and Spanish Brass

Reviews of recent arts events on Spain’s Costa Blanca. The towns of L’Alfas del Pi, Altea, La Nucia, and Benidorm, and even Alicante, have seen few performances or exhibitions recently. Things are starting to change.

Reflections on String Quartet No.1, Kreutzer Sonata, by Leos Janacek

I wrote this piece as a programme note for our audience in L’Alfas del Pi. In our concert, the Pražák Quartet from Prague and Luisa Sello, flute, were to play the Janacek, Mozart K285 and Boccherini Quintet no5 op17. I have been a fan of the music of Leos Janacek for many years and thought this might put the music into context.


ALIAS is currently one of the hottest mc’s in the hip-hop underground brought to you by Worldz Finest Enterprises “Hottest Music on Earth!” A.L.I.A.S. is an acronym for “Another Life Is Another Story” representing the “battlefield” of the soul experiencing life on the physical plane; engaged in the universal “war” between good & evil, light & darkness and ignorance versus spiritual awakening!

Fulfill Your Destiny

Who’s to say recording artist should specialize in one area of genre? Absolutely no one. When was the last time you heard a song to make you happy? Versatility and creativity is what makes musicians unique with their craft. Music indeed is a universal language that touches people lives in so many different ways.

8 Benefits of Listening to Music

Based on many research studies, we can say that the health benefits of music have been proven. For instance, music can help improve your IQ score in addition to make your mind sharper as you get older. Given below are 8 proven benefits of listening to your favorite music.

MP3 Audio File Format And The Advantages It Offers

MP3 refers to a coding format, which is formally known as MPEG-1 Audio Layer III, for digital audio. MP3 or mp3 designated files that contain a basic stream of MPEG-2 Audio or MPEG-1 Audio data, which is encoded. They don’t have other complexities of the format.

The First Aswan Festival for Music and Song: Yasser Mofaddel’s Idea for Celebrating African Music

The Aswan festival is aimed at bringing together different kinds and rhythms from the various traditional songs, cultures and arts of different countries in Africa. This would be a tool for celebrating African unity, while fostering cultural hybridity among the various African states. Interestingly, the festival would showcase the rich artistic cultural heritage of Egypt, the first centre of civilization on the African continent. It would open doors for tourism exchanges among the African countries, enhancing trade relations that would boost Africa’s development.

Another Culture of Benidorm, Alfas Del Pi, Alicante and the Costa Blanca

This is the musical tale of a long weekend when Alfas del Pi and Alicante hosted four concerts in four days. This is a culture of a mass tourist destination, but a community that is truly international and highly sophisticated. If you think you know Benidorm and the Costa Blanca north of Alicante, then this article might offer a different perspective. Works by Janacek, Granados, Franck, Ibert, Espla,Mozart, Beethoven, Tadeo de Murghia, Turina, Garcia Abril, Montsalvatge and Ravel provided the music. Expert performers communicated it to perfection. This was a long weekend that flew by.

Reflecting on the Passing of Neil Peart and the Music of Rush

Rush, the beyond legendary Canadian power trio, has played such an important role in the lives of millions of fans, it’s impossible to imagine a world without those three guys touring and recording new music. But that time has come. The almost unthinkable has occurred. With the recent passing of drummer, lyricist, author, and ever wondering and adventurous Neil Peart, there will be no more shows, no more albums. Rush will remain forever in our memories, in our hearts, and in our ears.

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