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The Beatles: The Early Years

We’ve known The Beatles to be the music band that modified the recording industry mostly towards the best, but just how did the legendary four arrive at global popularity? Just what was indeed their quest from ordinariness to incredible fame exactly like? Are there maybe additional “Beatles” that people just didn’t find out about?

Secret Tips For Learning Songs On The Guitar

Playing the guitar is a great skill to acquire in your life whether you want to use it to entertain your friends, impress a crush, or improve you musical talent. Playing the guitar is a fun way to interact with others and express your creativity.

What Is Rockabilly Music?

Rockabilly is raw excitement. It’s unrestrained music created by brash, young musicians who were inventing the rules as they were going along. It’s no-holds-barred fun. It makes you dance. It makes you smile. And it makes you want to hear more. To millions of fans throughout the world, it’s the perfect form of rock and roll music!

The Beatles Songs: A 7-Year, 14-Album Legacy

It is truly hardly arguable: The Beatles remain to be the most loved, most renowned, and most emulated rock band of contemporary music. No other band has made such a tremendous impact to the music world like the quartet of John, Paul, George and Ringo have. The first band to ever use modern audio equipment in their recordings, they paved the way for newer artists and ultimately they have created the most concrete definition of a “rock band”.

New Brunswick Music 2011

New Brunswick holds a wealth of diverse music. Vacationers to this lovely province can enjoy music at its best during the summer of 2011. Discover the sounds of New Brunswick on your next summer holiday.

Hot! Make Your Own Beats on the Computer

Yes! It is possible to make your own beats on the computer that are as hot as anything you hear that’s on the charts. The key is using beat creating software that produces QUALITY sounds, lets you produce multiple tracks, but doesn’t require days of trying to figure out the software. I make my own beats online and if that’s your dream then you have to read this.

Big Maceo Merriweather

As with most early Blues musicians, pianist “Big Maceo Merriweather” was self-taught. He developed his piano style by copying players like Leroy Carr and Roosevelt Sykes, as well as from the Boogie-woogie style of Meade Lux Lewis and Albert Ammons. From his birth place in Atlanta, he followed the well trod path of blues musicians to Chicago, where his friend Tampa Red, Introduced him to Lester Melrose who signed him to a recording contract with Bluebird Records.

Keeping the Blues Alive

Blues music has always struggled to survive while it’s fledgling Rock; has gone from strength to strength. From the very beginning it has taken the dedication and effort of a few; Keeping Blues alive.

60’s British Blues

In a post war Britain the most popular style of music was dance bands, “big band” style. This developed into the “revivalist’ jazz movement. They drew inspiration from the 20’s jazz players like Jelly Roll Morten and singers like Bessie Smith. They paved the way for Black Blues musicians to tour Britain.

The Best Blues Songs Ever

It is entirely a matter of taste as to which are the best Blues songs. However it is possible to speculate as to the most influential songs. It can be argued that Blues music bought about a greater awareness of the plight of African Americans, as new audiences became interested in its origins and originators.

John Mayall “Looking Back”

The title of one of Mayalls early releases and a subsequent album, John Mayall “Looking Back” provides an appropriate title for this mini retrospective of one of the most influential Blues men of the post war era. Born in Manchester 1933, John’s father was an accomplished jazz guitarist, and from a young age exposed John to American Blues players. John taught himself to play guitar, piano and harmonica.

John Mayall Music

John Mayall is one of the most prolific Blues musicians. In a recording career of over 44 years he has released 59 albums. During the current decade his output of releases has increased to match that of his early recording career.

John Mayall – The Father of British Blues

Historically some attribute this position to Alexis Korner as he was the founder of perhaps the first British Blues band, however, in terms of influence, there is no doubt that the title belongs to John Mayall – The Father of British Blues. In 1963 I saw the American Folk – Blues Caravan when it visited Britain.

John Mayalls Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton

In 1965 John Mayall recorded “John Mayalls Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton”. This album was destined to become, not only one of the most important Blues Albums of all time, but firmly established the career of Eric Clapton.

The Best John Mayall Albums

During a recording career of over 4 decades, John Mayall has released over 50 albums and many compilations. The standard of his work has been so extraordinarily high and consistent that nominating the best John Mayall albums is almost impossible. Here is my take on his best three albums.

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