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Read Online Reviews to Purchase Sustain Pedals

Pedals play a key role in pianos and keyboards as they make the sound come out softer. There are usually three pedals and have their own values.

The History of Pink Floyd and Its Albums

Pink Floyd is one name in the music industry that requires no introduction, probably being the oldest band ever Pink Floyd started in 1965 as a progressive & psychedelic rock band. They have also been the most influential and commercially successful band in music history, they have sold over 200 million albums worldwide and their use of philosophical lyrics, and innovative album arts have really made them a unique band.

Francis and the Lights Are Many Things – Including Amazing

What happens when you combine the music of Prince, The Police, James Brown, Phil Collins, John Coltrane, the appearance of James Dean, wrap it up into a very conceptual-pop sort of persona, a beat machine, and some hip hop style percussion? Well, an artist named Francis Farewell Starlite and his band, “Francis and the Lights”, is surely one of many possible responses.

What To Look For In An Ideal Bass Guitar Amplifier?

Amplifiers are the powerhouse of your bass guitar. You want an amplifier that sounds great for your instrument. When looking for an amplifier for you bass, the first thing you need to know is whether to buy a solid state or tube amplifier.

Deadly Curse of Family and Friends on Your Music

So you’ve just finished the next great single and are eager to know what people think about it. So, you hurry on to your best friend or family member and ask them for their “honest” opinion. They look into your eyes and see how much you really believe in this track and they know about the countless hours you spent making the song.

Music and Its Limitless Uses

Music is probably one of the very few things that can unite people from all walks of life through its ability to connect to the listener, evoking emotion and creating or even revisiting everlasting memories. But have you ever wondered what we as mankind are using music for? Read on and you’ll find that music plays a far bigger role than you’d imagined and how endless and creative its uses can be.

Tips to Have a Good Bass Soloing Technique

Soloing on bass guitars is not too common on pop music-where vocal harmony and guitar melody are more pronounced. But in some other genre like jazz, blues and metal you’ll hear talented bassist who lights up the crowd with their solos– Les Claypool, Jaco Pastorius and Geddy Lee comes to mind. Bass soloing is the perfect break used by the band to “freshen-up” the crowd.

What Do You Need to Know About Bass Fretboards?

There are two types of bass fretboards – fretted and fretless. Fretted bass is the most common bass guitar in the market and suitable for beginners. Fender produced the first commercially successful fretted bass by creating Fender Precision Bass or simply the “P-Bass” in 1951.

Basic Etiquette Advice For Musicans

For some reason in this day and age, it seems that basic manners and etiquette are becoming taboo! Some of the experiences being seen these days from working with different musicians from all walks of life really opens your eyes to seeing who’s in the music business for the long run and who’s going to end up with the 9 to 5 shift flipping burgers for the rest of their lives instead of living out their dream in the music industry. To a lot of people, the display of good manners and etiquette really helps you decide whether you…

Rock My World With Global Heresy

This is a commentary and review of the movie Rock My World, also known as Global Heresy. There is a discussion of the artists involved in the movie, the overall theme and plot. This should provide readers with a background of this fun rocking movie.

The Tragically Hip – Recorded

This article delves into the recorded work of the Tragically Hip. This wonderful rock ban from Canada is a leader in the Canadian market and are one of the great live bands in existence today.

A Friend Like You by Geoff Moore – A Bonaza of Facts About a Fun and Meaningful Song

Written with his friend, Steven Curtis Chapman, A Friend Like You by Geoff Moore has been a phenomenal hit for the Christian recording artist. Learn more about this hit song with the joyful sound.

Time to Swing – The “Ahmad Jamal Trio” – One Top Album to Start Your Jazz CD Collection

In the previous article we briefly analyzed the important role Greg Hutchinson and Jeff Hamilton had in the fantastic Jazz Rhythm Section that was the “Ray Brown Trio.” Just by considering one outstanding track of the R.B.T CD release, “Bam Bam Bam”, we saw how effective a Rhythm Section can be. Is now the time to go back a little bit in the past and take into consideration another trio that covered the gap between “Be-Bop Era” and “Hard-Bop Era.” We are talking about the “Ahmad Jamal Trio.” Why they were so effective in the way they played even though it was such a simple melody?

Artists, Don’t Argue With The Producer

Alright, let’s talk about the relationship between the artist and the producer. This can be a great relationship if they both have respect for one another. This can be a strained relationship if they struggle for control and one is not willing to listen to the other. I’ve been in both of those situations with artists.

3 Lessons on How Much Musicians Should Charge for a Performance

There are many things to think about when setting your price as a musician. What you charge as a musician says a lot about how you value your time and the quality of your work.

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