The Zmed Brothers “Walk Right Back” 1959 Gibson J-200 at Norman’s Rare Guitars

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DJs or Wedding Reception Bands: Which Is Better?

There’s no doubt that music plays an important role in making the wedding reception fun and entertaining for everyone in attendance. Seeing guests having a good time, grooving to nice music is simply priceless. Choosing between having a DJ or wedding reception band to play at your wedding can be confusing and may take some careful consideration.

Booking an Awesome Function Band

Any special event gets more fun and exciting with the help of a great band. It’s almost always certain that invited guests will have a ball at any event for as long as the right types of musicians are hired. Booking a function band to spice your bash will make any party truly memorable.

The Best Metallica Album Of All Time – According To Fans

When trying to determine which album reigns supreme in the Metallica universe, fans generally are divided into to two different camps: old Metallica vs. new Metallica. This subject has been a point of disagreement among fans for many years, and there are typically two very distinct opinions about which era produced the best Metallica album.

How Do I Make a Beat?

There is a classic structure when developing a new beat. The different elements of music can change throughout the song. Some people prefer to use samples. I do not like samples I prefer t to build from scratch.

Songwriting – Why Coming Up With The Overall Idea for Your Song First Is a Good Idea

A lot of times, it’s nice to know what your song will be about, even before you come up with any chord progressions or melodies for your song. The reason for this, is if you know what your song will be about, you can better plan out the feel of your song when you write chord progressions or melodies. We’ll talk more about that in this article.

Songwriters – Tips for Setting and Achieving Your Songwriting Goals

Defining goals for yourself is the first step towards reaching them. Being specific with your goals and writing them out will greatly improve your chances of reaching them. In this article, we’ll look at how you can do that.

Songwriters – 3 Ways to Stick to Your Plans and Achieve Your Goals

Sometimes when you’re first coming up with goals and plans for yourself, it’ll seem like you can handle any task you give yourself, simply because you’re excited to get started. Then you find as time goes on, that motivation can slip away a bit making it harder to stick to your plans. In this article, we’ll talk about what you can do when that happens.

Choosing Professional Bands for Corporate Events

Corporate events are just as essential as any affair in the organization’s calendar of events. Many event organizers are confused between choosing to book a band or DJ or just play music from the iPod playlist for a corporate event. However, even with the growing popularity of mobile audio devices like iPod, music bands are still very much thriving in the music scene. If you’re hosting a special event for potential clients, you can create a nice impression by selecting a professional music band to entertain them.

Fiona Apple Idler Wheel

After a seven year absence from the music spotlight, Fiona Apple returns with a collection of all-new songs to engage listeners with all the emotions Apple knows so well. Listeners coming from her previous album Extraordinary Machine might be in for a bit of a tough transitional period. While Extraordinary Machine did have songs of varying tempos, The Idler Wheel consists mostly of slower, moodier tracks.

The Violin: The NS Design Wav4 Violin – A Practical Review

There has never been a truer saying than ” you should never meet your heroes, because you will be disappointed.” In my case I have sat and watched in envy as I watched artists like Ed Howe, Jason Yang and Alex Mitchell, play Ns Design Violins. Ok they may be playing a more expensive model than the one I could afford, but the look of the instrument and the ultimate sound was what I fell in love with.

Tips to Prevent Voice Problems

There are lots of people and even singers who lose their voices after they have been into singing for quite a number of years. This need not be the case if they know how to take care of their health and of their singing voices. Singers have to understand that their vocal cords when damaged cannot be replaced.

Learn Guitar: How To Master The Dreaded ‘F’ Chord

Have you ever tried to play difficult chord shapes on the guitar and ended up pulling your hair out? Did you know there’s an easy way to play chords? Read this article and learn the one simple trick that makes playing guitar chords a breeze.

Atlanta’s Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood

An Atlanta airport hotel highlights Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood. This is a popular outdoor concert venue on Atlanta’s south side.

What to Know When Choosing Sound Systems

Sound systems are important when planning a concert. These can provide high quality sound your audience can enjoy. Find out how you can choose the right one for your event.

Upstate South Carolina’s Charter Amphitheatre

A Simpsonville, South Carolina hotel highlights Charter Amphitheatre at Heritage Park. The Simpsonville amphitheatre is one of Upstate South Carolina’s favorite outdoor entertainment venues.

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