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Five Regrettable Cover Versions of Bob Dylan Songs

One testament to the substantial influence of Bob Dylan, who recently was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, are the numbers of artists who have covered his songs. More than three hundred documented singers have made their own versions of Dylan tunes, people ranging from Cher to Metallica to Johnny Cash. The most well-known of these cover versions are hits like Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower” and “Quinn the Eskimo” by Manfred Mann, both of which scored bigger than Dylan’s originals.

Importance of Jazz Theory to Jazz Musicians

Most musicians just want to play the instrument of their choosing to the best of their ability. They don’t want to spend hours in the classroom learning about the theories behind music, but should they? When it comes to jazz theory, how important is it for aspiring jazz musicians to learn it?

On the Record

Have you ever wondered where the records you loved were recorded? Today great sound can be recorded on to the hard- disk of a computer or hand- held device, but most professionals still use a purpose- built recording studio with expensive high- tech recording equipment. Before tape recording technology, recordings went straight to disc.

New Album By Lady Gaga Recalls Other Unusual Collaborations In Rock History

A review of Lady Gaga’s new album Joanne questioned the decision to include so many collaborations on the songs. According to the October 23 Wall Street Journal article “Can Too Many Singers Spoil the Song?”, critic Neil Shaw wonders if too many is a crowd.

Jazz and Blues – An Overview

Each music genre is unique. It comes with its own characteristics, musical influences, and even its own set of music fans. For many, jazz and blues are the same thing. In fact, many enjoy listening to what they call ‘jazz blues songs,’ despite the definition of each genre being very different. The evolution of jazz and blues began in very different geographical locations and required different skills to master. Those with a keen ear for each genre know precisely what to expect when they listen to music from each musical style.

Baseball References In Popular Songs Not Really About America’s Pastime

The regular season has been over for several weeks, and as soon as the World Series champion is crowned baseball will be put on hold until Spring Training begins in February. For true fans, and even casual ones, baseball is never really forgotten. In fact, the sport is so ingrained in our society that references to it abound in pop culture.

Why Hearing Music Is Paramount to Good Health

It looks like hearing your favorite music can instantly place you in a great mood. But researchers are actually finding that music can perform more for you personally than simply raise your spirits. Scientific studies are showing it features a number of health advantages.

Acoustics in Auditoriums – Know The Challenges And Solutions

The auditoriums are one of the important sections in educational institutions, business organizations, religious places and other public places to gather larger number of audiences. From plays, musical performances and debates to motivational lectures, auditoriums are required to cater large group of people at once.

A Life Singer at Your Event Can Make It Spectacular

Music is the heart and soul of just about any gathering. Why not make yours spectacular with a singer for hire? You can find someone with a lovely voice, plenty of material they offer, and a great price. This makes it ideal for dancing to be part of the event. You can hire someone who sings their own songs or covers from other bands.

Memorable Chracters Created By John Prine, A 70 Year Old Once Deemed As The New Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan made the news this week for winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, an honor of which America’s greatest songwriter was certainly worthy. Meanwhile another influential folk artist, one who was initially deemed as the next Dylan, quietly celebrated his seventieth birthday. John Prine released his debut album way back in 1970, a record satiated with many clever songs that earned him the comparison of Dylan.

Jazz Guitar Scales – The Essential List

Guitar scales are essential to jazz improvisational play. If you want to rock it on your solos, you have to know the basics of guitar scales. Let’s take a look at what a guitar scale is and which ones you need to know as an aspiring jazz guitarist.

An Introduction to Learning Jazz Improvisation

Learning how to play jazz music can be a bit of a nightmare. There are so many theories about how to best play. This is especially true if and when we are talking about how to learn jazz improvisation. Every great has to, at one time or another, be introduced into playing improvisations, and today is as good a day as any for you.

Ten Popular Songs That Feature Fatal Stabbings

In spite of the dangerous connotations of the words, people continue to use expressions such as “take a shot” or “take a stab” quite frequently. Fortunately, these phrases are used only figuratively in common life, given the consequences of their literal meanings. As is the case in our society, shooting is much more frequent than stabbing when it comes to popular songs.

6 Pieces of Jazz Advice You Need to Play Better

Whether you’re struggling to tap into the world of jazz music or are a longtime player who wants to improve his or her style, everyone could use a bit of jazz advice every now and again. Today we’re offering up a bit of encouragement sprinkled in with some straight up jazz advice to get your jazz music career headed in the direction you want. Consider the following 7 bits of advice to jumpstart your road to jazz fame.

Things You Need To Know To Make The Didgeridoo Drone

It is an impressive talent to see today if a person can make a distinctive didgeridoo sound out of the latest didgeridoo players. If you are looking for an answer to how to make the didgeridoo sound that way, the first thing that you need to know is that the instrument essentially functions like an amplifier. That means that no matter how hard you blow into it, you will not get the drone sound. Instead, you have to focus on learning how to vibrate your lips.

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