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Five Ways To Practice Guitar So You Can Get Your Skills Back After Not Playing For A While

Are you only now starting to practice guitar after taking a very long break away from playing? No matter if you haven’t been playing for a week, many weeks or possibly several months, you were no doubt surprised after seeing how your skills have fallen off over time.

How To Easily Learn Sweep Picking And How To Improve Your Entire Guitar Playing In The Process

Sweep picking is a difficult technique for most guitar players to master. But no matter how much trouble you are having with this technique now, I’m about to show you how easy sweep picking CAN be.

Common Tools Used By Audiophiles

It is essential to make use of the latest equipment to help you cater to your needs. So, when it comes to sound quality, you need to opt for efficient tools from reliable providers.

They Should Have Done Better: The Ten Most Overrated Beatles Songs

A relative placed on her Christmas list the new album The Art of McCartney, which I quickly purchased for her. Given that I am in a music store several times a week, it was the easiest gift I ever purchased. Aside from the convenience of acquiring it, the album leaves me with mostly negative thoughts.

Don’t Let Your Guitar Playing Suffer With Poor Rhythm And Timing Skills

Learn how to develop great timing and rhythm with your guitar playing. This is extremely important if you want to sound great when you play. These drills will make sure you can play your guitar in time. You only need as little as 5 minutes a day and can do them anywhere, anytime because you won’t even need your guitar.

New Michael Jackson Song – Love Never Felt So Good

Initially chipped away at as an issue, Jackson co-delivered the melody amid a 1983 recording session with Anka. The first form just offered Jackson’s vocals, handclaps and a piano, played by Anka.”Love Never Felt So Good” is a melody performed by American recording craftsman Michael Jackson, discharged after death on May 2, 2014.

How to Enhance Your Music Library and Listening Experience

Everyone loves music but sometimes it can be so stressful to find new artists and songs. With a few simple tips and tricks I will show you how to make your musical experience a lot more stress free and organized.

New Albums to Look Forward To in 2015

In just a few weeks we will be halfway through the second decade of the century, as the calendar turns to 2015. The year may appear rather uneventful, based on several factors. First, the United States is still another year away from a presidential campaign, or even any midterm elections.

Savor the Folk Rock of Alabama Shakes

Get to know the soulful folk rock sounds of Alabama Shakes. This Americana band is making a respected name during many festival tours.

Five of The Great Cover Songs

Why copy another artist’s material? Surely a great song can never be replicated by anyone else? Rubbish. There have been occasions where the copier so uniquely perfect that the original version becomes obsolete. This feat only happens from time to time, but it truly delivers a whack of unadulterated substance when accomplished. Here are five of the best

Dolly Parton: Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Imagination Library and A Woman For All Seasons

Dolly Parton was born in Locust Ridge, Tennessee. She is the fourth of 12 children. By her own admission she described them as “Dirt Poor.” She tells the story of a song she wrote titled “Coat of Many Colors.” It was an actual coat that her mother lovingly made for her from a bunch of rags that someone had given to them. You’ll read the full story about it and some of the words to that song. You will learn about her many accomplishments from her recordings, movies, and her charitable foundation for children titled “Imagination Library.” She is truly a “Woman For All Seasons.”

House DJ and Producer in Paris – Interview With Joss Moog

Joss Moog is one of my favorite producers and House DJs. I completely overplay his track “Drummin’ it” and yet can’t stop playing it. His sound is rough and warm, tecky and yet jazzy. Just the way I like it – HighTechSoul. I had to find out how he does what he does and asked him for a interview session, which we eventually had recently.

Singing – Why You Need A Superior Method

Singing is the act of producing musical sound with the voice, and augmenting regular speech by the use of both tonality and rhythm. The current reality is that nearly every one able to speak can also sing but not everyone one possesses the same singing skills and talent needed to excel while singing. Singing may be performed for pleasure, comfort, ritual, and to earn a living. The thing about singing is that, the sound of each individual’s singing voice is entirely unique not only because of the actual shape and size of an individual’s vocal cords but also due to the size and shape of the rest of the person’s body.

Music Review: Vanguard Visionaries Siegel-Schwall

This article reviews the recently released Siegel-Schwall CD from Vanguard Records. Many of these offerings appeared on this blues group’s first album, and others were from subsequent albums released after their second album.

Avoid a Nightmare When Buying the Guitar of Your Dreams

This article contains practical advice about what to look for when buying a guitar. It covers some of the more technical aspects in understandable terms.

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