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Has the Secret of Healing Been Found?

Is there a common denominating principle at the heart of different genuine healing traditions? Have scientist measured these? And can these principles be used in the form of a new music for therapy, relaxation, to inspire well being? Indeed, remarkable discoveries have been made, by innovative and visionary scientists. In the fields of the science of the heart, DNA, and brain wave activity.

Music Career Goals: Do You Wanna Be a Rock Star?

Before you start thinking about how to successfully market a band, you need to think about your goals. Do you have a specific goal for your music career?

Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Club

People who enjoy the nightlife going out with friends, dancing, drinking while listening to good music can easily favor putting up a club as a business. This is especially true since they have great interest and experience in the field.

What Are DJ Lasers?

Do you want to become a DJ? Are you interested to start a club business?

Dan Fogelberg’s Greatest Hits We Missed

Dan Fogelberg’s “Face The Fire”, “The Reach” and “Nexus” cannot be found on his Greatest Hits, The Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg or The Essential Dan Fogelberg but are “the best of”, “essential” and “greatest hits” in their own right. Where can these lost jewels be found and what makes them so valuable?

Dan Fogelberg’s Leader Of The Band – A Perfect Song

What are the elements of a perfect song? Dan Fogelberg’s 1981 chart-topping hit “Leader Of The Band” answers this question. In a year when the music charts were dominated by ’80’s pop Dan Fogelberg’s “Leader Of The Band”, essentially a folk song and tribute to his father, reminded us of the ingredients necessary for a “perfect” song.

The Healing Benefits of Music

Music can be a great source of healing with calming and soothing effects to the body, mind, and soul. Through this article you can learn information that will assist in achieving a higher state of consciousness where connecting with your true self and heal from within is possible.

Record Your Music on a Budget

Whilst recording music used to be left to the professionals with expensive studios, the equipment needed to get started recording your own music is now within the reach of a lot of us. It’s true to achieve a truly top class recorded sound expensive equipment certainly helps, however surprisingly good results can be achieved on a budget. Most people these days have a computer, and whether Mac or PC, there is a range of programs called Digital Audio Workstations, or ‘DAW’s’ which form the basis of the majority of recording systems.

MTD Kingston CRB 5-String Bass

Talk to any pro about the best bass guitars and sooner or later the name MTD will come up. MTD stands for Michael Tobias Design. Mr. Tobias has been designing and building some of the world’s greatest basses for over 35 years.

Songwriters – Three Ideas For Writing Catchier Melodies

There’s a lot to be learned from pop music. It constantly uses some basic principles of songwriting that you can apply to your own songs. In this article we’ll look at the song “Brighter Than the Sun” by Colbie Caillat, to examine some of the tools that make it a hit.

Tips to Become a Professional Wedding DJ

If you have decided to become a wedding DJ you may have to work hard in the beginning to establish your name. If you get an offer to DJ a small party or occasion do not reuse the offer as it may be the first stepping stone for getting success to become a professional wedding DJ. You may work under some trained wedding DJ for few months to get training and experience. To become a successful wedding DJ you have to give away your sleep as you have to work at night.

5 Tips for Musicians to Build a CV

Take a look at this article to find out what you as a musician should be doing in order to secure more work. Here are the top 5 things, which got 3 guys work, which didn’t feature on 35 other CVs of musicians, all of whom were probably great for the jobs…

How to Write Your Own Song: Discover The Common Mistakes Songwriters Make

Song writing generally is a branch of music, and music is known to be a kind of sound that is pleasant to the ears, this means, any sound that is not pleasant to the ears is noise. The major problem some musicians face is not been able to write their own songs, they buy song lyrics. Now you must know that you are not a complete singer if you can’t write and sing you own songs. Song writing, requires a specific kind of technique which am going to show you now.

Give Music For Free, Establish Relationships, Sell Music Online and Earn More

Nothing beats cold-calling to get noticed. To send an email to a music distribution agency is a supplemental way to have interest. Most agencies would prefer that you call. Even if the person on the other line seems uninterested, call again. You have to let them know that you mean business.

Music Promotion Plus Points: Use Google+ and Sell Music Online

Now how can a music artist do music promotion and sell music online through tablets and smartphones? By having your own personal app. Now isn’t that cool! Your very own app is like your very own one-stop-shop music promotion and digital music distribution portal.

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