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MIDI Formats As a Backing Track for Your Performance

As you all know that there are many formats available in the market, each and every format has its pros and cons which ultimately affects your performance. Many performers have been asked to tell the best format for the playback of backing tracks but are biased in giving the answer to this question.

Which Type of Violin Shoulder Rest?

Need a violin shoulder rest? This article will tell you which one you may need.

His First Guitar With Guitar Knobs for Easier Learning

Have you noticed a passion for music at your child? Does he, or she, like to sing around the house? Have they ever expressed an interest in learning to play the guitar? Children learn differently than adults. I’ve taught kids guitar classes of little kids, age 5 – 9, and know this from experience.

Tips On How To Clean Your Acoustic Guitar

You just spent mega bucks for the guitar you just bought. You want it to last forever, but you need to play. Great guitars need to be played. So it is going to get dirty. How should you clean it and still preserve that glass like shine.

Saxophone Giants: Sonny Rollins

Without a doubt one of the true giants of jazz tenor saxophone is Sonny Rollins. Born in Harlem, New York in 1930 Sonny began studying piano and alto saxophone at age 11. When Sonny turned 16 he switched to tenor saxophone in order to emulate one of his idols, the great Coleman Hawkins, who lived in his neighborhood. Thus began the development of one of the most unique and influential voices in jazz saxophone history.

Top 20 Marvin Gaye Hits

Motown’s biggest male star of the sixties didn’t get there without battles with drugs, the IRS and his dad. Here’s a look at the life of Marvin Gaye and his 20 biggest hits.

History of the Keyboard

Before the period of the Renaissance, there were basically zero changes in music technology since its theorized birth in ancient Greece. Stringed instruments, woodwinds, horns, and various forms of percussion instruments had been used to make music for thousands of years. Although these instruments had undergone many improvements in both design and playing technique they had the same basic design as the antiquated ancestors.

So You Want to Learn to Play Guitar Do You?

If you’re anything like me the first real guitar music heard would be in your early teens that made an impact and created excitement and suddenly you’re hooked – the power and the sound of this music goes to your very soul and guitar obsession follows. For me it was R & B first – Rhythm and Blues and mainly the ‘Stones’ in the mid-sixties on. I just wanted to play like this and from that moment on I had to have an electric guitar and learn to play it.

Fender Jimmy Vaughan Stratocaster Review

When Vaughan designed the guitar, he wanted it to be a simple strat with more powerful pickups and a soft neck. This design had ultimately led to the two most impressive features about this guitar.

Extra Features Of a Quality iTunes Organizer

In the recent times, iTunes organizer is becoming more sophisticated. This is mainly because of the ever changing nature of the music world. Since the invention of iTunes by the Apple Company, so many versions have come onboard with wonderful features.

Punk Music And Its History

The usual themes of punk music are liberation, rebellion and victory. It started off bumpy when bands realize that the masses never really appreciated the roughness of the instrumentals and controversial lyrics of punk music.

Simple Ways in Protecting Your Guitar

Have you been keeping an acoustic guitar inside your cabinet? And when you opted to play it yet again, are there any breaks in the finish that you just cannot help but notice? Don’t worry, for there are some easy yet effective techniques in protecting your acoustic and/or guitar.

Album Review – Kanye West “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”

Controversial rapper Kanye West has just released his highly anticipated 5th studio album titled “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. This is album is Kanye’s first album since his controversial stunt involving country singing super star Taylor Swift. Kanye is known for being a little outside of the box with his music as well as being a musical genius. So the question here is, will this album live up to all of the hype surrounding it. So without further a do, here is my “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” review.

Top Three Mistakes Guitar Players Make

Mistakes that Guitar players make are common. Players are so much into their playing and performance but are sometimes unaware of what they are doing and how their hands are working and so are always prone to mistakes whist playing such as hitting the wrong note and more. However, in this article I shall explain the three mistakes guitar players make.

Kesha and Good Music

Looking for a good artist that will blow you away? Then why not try listening to Kesha?

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