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Enphinate: Jay C Moola Has Been Reinvented

We have only recently heard of the young and talented hip hop artist and producer, Jay C Moola. However, he has opted to change his name from Jay C Moola to Enphinate, stating that it is a more accurate depiction of his style, approach, and intent.

My Favorite Types of Music

When you hear the harmonization of instruments and the rhythm that follows, you will definitely move you body to it. But this only happens if you like that type of music or genre.

Persian Music and The Oud

This article gives a brief explanation of the history of the Oud in relation to Persian music in ancient times and modern times. It will offer some speculation as to why the Oud disappeared in Iran and how it returned.

Is This The Next Great Super Group?

There have been a lot of new supergroups forming in the musical world over the last few years. The Winery Dogs are this year’s group. Do they make the cut? Read this article to get my review of their first album.

How To Become A Great Guitar Player

During my time playing and teaching guitar (20+ years) I have found that there are 5 powerful keys to greatness. Before you can really become a great guitarist, you must have these keys…

8 Reasons to Never to Give Up on Your Dreams of Music Success

It can be very disheartening when you have tried several times to break into the music industry and you feel as though you have failed. There are many reasons why you should never give up on your dreams of having a successful career in music, and these are just a few of them: Everyone needs a passion to keep life exciting. Your music passion is what gives you a spark in life.

How to Become a Star in the Music World

So many musicians are looking to make it in the music industry, but many haven’t got a clue as to how to make it happen. If you have a real talent, and not just a mediocre one, you may grab the attention of some pretty important people in the music world who can make you a superstar. However, you have to know how to get that attention first.

Total Beginner’s Guide on Guitars

To the inexperienced and unenthusiastic musician, all guitars look and sound the same. It is this notion that most guitar buyers, especially beginners, go home with the wrong guitar for them or their loved ones. It’s either too big, too small, the strings are too hard to strum or rust easily.

Satchmo: A Brief History

When it comes to the story of New Orleans jazz, it can’t be told without acknowledging the greatest performer in the genre, Louis Armstrong. And while Chicago wants to claim the notable…

Eydie, A Neighbor From The Bronx

I never met Eydie Gorme, but she was always around when I was growing up. I hope Eydie’s family knows that the neighbors are still around, dispersed as they may be, to sympathize with them in their loss.

Billie Holiday – Queen of Rhythm And Blues

No matter how much time passes, Billie Holiday will always remain one of the great blues and jazz singers. Named by her parents Eleanora Fagan, Billie was born on the 7th of April 1915 in Philadelphia. Sadly, she had an extremely traumatic childhood. Her father was never a part of her life and her mother was absent most of the time, which left the young Billie in the care of a distant relative named Eva Miller.

5 Easy Ways to Develop Your Child’s Interest in the Piano

Catching the child’s interest in musical instruments could some times be tricky. But there are ways that can slowly make them develop some curiosity for it. Please read on and you will know some easy ways to make your child develop an interest to play musical instruments like the piano.

Enrolling in a Piano Lesson

Although it may seem like an intimidating instrument, it is always a wonderful idea to learn the piano. This is an instrument that can be highly recommended to young and old musicians. Read on and learn more.

The Making Of U2’s “The Joshua Tree” – Which Band Member Was Shot At?

No, that wasn’t a typo. One of the members of U2 was shot at while on break from the recording sessions for their landmark album. Read onward to find out which one it was and why it happened.

The Relationship of Folk Music to Classical Music

Folk music is one of the flavors of a culture or a nation. It speaks aesthetically like a language. But did you know that it has contributed to classical masterpieces as well?

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