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What Is An Acoustic Guitar Made Up Of?

Luthiers are the artisans that take pride in building and preparing guitars. They do not only build guitars but also work on violas, cellos, luters, double basses, violins, and mandolins. These days most modern day luthiers specialize in guitars to make their living. Typical wood used in guitar construction are rosewood, mahogany or maple.It is an art form to build a quality guitar because the tone of the guitar is completely dependent on the quality of the wood, shape and construction methods used by the luthier.

Def Leppard Vocals: A Sonic Touchstone for Rock-N-Roll

You can count on big guitars and big drums as part of the Def Leppard sound. But without the big vocals, you would just have well-crafted rock instrumentals. Here’s some insight into a crucial element to the Def Leppard sound.

Wrapped Up With Here Come The Mummies

Masked men in mummy regalia playing some of the best funk-rock you’ve ever heard? That’s right! It’s Here Come the Mummies.

How to Choose Your Violin Wisely

You should know a few things when choosing a violin to play. Learn the keys to selecting the perfect violin for you here.

The Top Seven Best Underground Rappers From The South

As I was watching BET the other night, some friends and I were having a discussion about the best underground rappers from the South. So I decided if I was going to make a list of the best, what is the one word I can think of to judge them by? And the word I came up with was consistency. Let’s see who on this list meets this criteria.

Top 10 First Dance Wedding Songs 2011

Wedding first dances are a very personal affair, and by no means are they compulsory, but they are a tradition that guests wait eagerly for, and there can always be the pressure as to what song to play. Do you go with something that’ll please the guests, or something more personal to yourselves, or perhaps you’ll find a happy medium that everybody’s happy with. Hopefully, this article will be a help for those still choosing.

Vocal EQ

These characteristics discussed in this article were derived from my studies during the Audio Post Production course; a class that focuses on audio for video production. An emphasis was placed on speech intelligibility, as it is crucial for dialogue.

Rockabilly’s Brightest Light Couldn’t Be Dimmed By the Draft

I don’t know if Elvis’ number coming up in the last days of 1957 was orchestrated purposefully or not, but when Elvis was drafted into the army for a two-year stint, there was no doubt a lot of controversy swirling around him. It’s no secret that there were many people who didn’t like Elvis. They didn’t like his long hair, his raw sensuality, his “suggestive” stage presence, his success, his fame, or anything else about him. So it’s not too farfetched an idea to believe that his selection for service was perhaps less than random. If someone did pull a few strings to get Elvis inducted–and thus put a damper on his career–they didn’t understand who they were dealing with and the movement that was under way.

Gibson Guitars – A Short History

The history of Gibson Guitars is not only a fascinating story but stretches back farther than most people realize. Gibson’s beginnings trace back to 1894 and started in Kalamazoo, Michigan with a luthier named Orville Gibson.

Seven Ways To Look After Your Guitar

When I first decided to play the guitar I really had no clue of how to look after one. Do you really know how to look after your guitar? It is not a secret that looking after your guitar will extend it’s life and keep the sound it pushes out consistent.

Learn Guitar 101 – Digging Deeper On Guitar Basics

First off, music is a great stress reliever. That is why it is a good idea to learn guitar. If you are an employed person, you are always subject to the daily hustle and bustle of life. An eight-hour job can be very tiring and sometimes the stereo is just not enough. Listening to your own music is just amazingly soothing.

The Doors Were Trend-Setters Of Rock

Some individuals believe in fate, while others might place more belief in divine intervention, on Venice Beach, in Venice, California in 1965, two men, James Morrison and Ray Manzarek, were in the right place at the right time when it came to the formation of The Doors. Both men were Alumni of UCLA, and were familiar with one another, but it wasn’t until Morrison said that he was writing songs, and after singing “Moonlight Drive”, Manzarek insinuated that they start collaborating.

Christian Wolff and Musique Concrete

I attended an event hosted by UVa New Music Ensemble. The name of this event was “A Night of New Music with Christian Wolff.” The event consisted of members of the UVa New Music Ensemble performing pieces they had created in accordance to the composition for the piece which was created by Christian Wolff. There were also pieces such as a piano piece which were both composed and performed by Christian Wolff; however, the majority of the pieces were performed by students in the music department at UVa.

Don’t Make A DIY Pedal Board Case

Don’t make a DIY pedal board case! Why spend hundreds of dollars on effects pedals only to make a cheap DIY pedal board case that will not protect your pedals effectively. I strongly suggest that musicians do not make a case as it will not benefit them in the long run.

Music Stirs Emotions

Proof in music’s power is on the road. Just watch people singing to the tune on the radio or CD playing in their car. They will often suddenly have an imaginary drum set on their dash board. Heads are bobbing, and hands are tapping on the steering wheel.

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