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A Living Album: Why Stereo Thesis Albums Grow and Change Over Time

In the past, an album was a playable fixed arrangement of songs written, produced, or performed by a musician, composer, or artist. It usually took the form of a vinyl record, cassette tape, CD, and now an mP3 digital file. Today, an album only exists if the artist chooses to create one, but it is no longer his sole creative or productive option. The old idea of an album is that it is a fixed arrangement of songs in time and space, but the nature of creating art is such that time and space cannot constrain creativity. Since creativity is unbounded by time and space, the living album becomes a very useful tool for the artist and musician. The living album adapts itself perfectly to the artist’s mode of operation. In whatever field the creator works in the medium must be dynamic because the artist is. The medium must be able to keep up with the change the artist is going through in real time. The medium must also be easy to delete, easily altered, and expandable. Each of these features is inherent in the concept of the living album.

One Republic Makes Old New Again

One Republic has taken their cues from 80s songs and songwriting. While critics may take the band to task, fans simply love good melodies and big choruses.

U2: Three Decades of Constant Reinvention

From their days as a small Dublin club act to their current days as a stadium-packing powerhouse, U2 remains creatively strong. Dominating 80s songwriting and beyond, this quartet continues to be on the cutting edge of artful, adventurous pop music.

I Love Today’s Songwriting Tools

Today’s technology has made writing songs easier, faster, and more enjoyable. For the beginning songwriter as well as the professional.

Motivational Tips on How to Learn to Play Violin

Learning how to play violin is not an easy task to finished. It requires a lot of time to master it. You need to be patient and always positive to become a master of it.

Bob Dylan’s “Blood On The Tracks”, Part 2: Blowing In The “Idiot Wind”

Bob Dylan’s “Blood on the Tracks” was a memorable poetic journey through the agony of his disintegrating marriage to Sara Lownds. Few such works have been as powerful and, at the same time, as raw, candid, and revealing. In this article we continue past “Tangled up in blue” to the songs that follow.

The Basics Things You Need to Know Before Learning Violin

A goal to master playing violin is a hard task to reach. However, with the right amount of determination and perseverance, anyone can surely succeed. But, before taking any violin lessons, there are still some things that one should know before they get started.

Ultra Music Festival 2013

One of my favorites: Ultra Music Festival. An absolute MUST for EDM fans around the world. Here is my account of what went down at UMF 2013!

All About Picks

The pick can have as big an effect on sound and playability of your mandolin as a bow does for a violin. The good thing is that a good violin bow will cost from a couple thousand dollars, to over ten grand for a truly top of the line bow, while the mandolin pick cost will climb up to 40 USD, tops. But is the pick so important, for you to spend money?

The Key to Better Guitar Playing

Have you ever put a DVD of your favorite concert on and just listened instead of watched? Chances are it’s a concert you’ve seen several times anyway, so why not just sit and really listen?

Al Jolson Was One in a Million

He was a great entertainer on Vaudeville and then he started in movies. The first talkie was the Jazz Singer featuring Al Jolson and his voice turned people on in a different way to any other.

I Love Writing Songs

Songwriting can be tons of fun, and sometimes profitable. Has the songwriting bug ever bitten you? If so, once you get started, you’re likely to love it just as I do.

The Best Garage Band Music

The origin of garage band music started just like the name suggests. Amateur musicians would get together in a friend’s garage, jam out for a bit and have visions of conquering the world one day.

Left Hand Techniques for Mandolin Beginners

Although mandolin is an excellent instrument for beginners, it is natural a student to feel strange at the beginning even trying to hold this new instrument right and to be full of questions. Taking even a few lessons from a competent teacher is the best way to progress quickly, but even if you can’t, some good players do not mind taking you aside and showing you a few things…

The Black Lips Tour and How It’s Different Today

As soon as the near incoherent and excessively distorted chords rang into my ears, I was not sure how to react initially. Should I hate this or love it?

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