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Acoustic Guitar Reviews – 5 Easy Steps to Buy an Acoustic Guitar

Nearly all projects as well as ambitions of any dimension or relevance involve a number of steps throughout a time period to complete. That is why you when buying an acoustic guitar, you ought to browse acoustic guitar reviews. Anything the least bit complex needs preparation, know-how as well as determination through various steps over a period of time.

DUBturbo Rocks! But It Has Its Downsides Too

Dubturbo rocks! In spite of a couple minor downsides, for $29 I doubt there is a better value anywhere. This beat making software covers all the bases and does it with quality and style. In my opinion a couple of things would make DUBturbo a better product. Read the full review for all the details…

Selling Beats Online – Download Instrumentals

Selling beats online is one of the best business to have. There is so much potential online, it’s a booming area.

Using a Microphone Preamp for Excellent Recording Quality

Since the signals received by standard microphones are low, you will eventually need to invest on a high-quality microphone preamp. You can use this preamp together with your recording device in order to boost the signals to levels that are compatible to recording devices. Instead of relying on the built-in preamps on your mixer, you must consider using special microphone preamps to improve the quality of the sounds you wish to record.

An Article Discussing the Reasons Why a Live Jazz Band Is Better Than an iPod Playlist or DJ

This article argues that live bands provide better entertainment at wedding receptions than iPod playlists or wedding DJs do. Some of the reasons to support this argument include the fact that live bands are made up of musicians who are born to perform. They have spent years training and honing their craft, and genuinely love to play music and keep guests smiling. Another argument discussed in this article is that iPod playlists are generally lacklustre and unimpressive. When you hire a live band you get charisma, stage presence, audience participation and flexibility.

DJ Lessons That Will Fit Your Style and Your Wallet

Learning to be a dj can be easy. You just need to choose the right training methods that fit your learning style. With all the multi media technology at hand, creating an interactive learning experience is by far the most rewarding and fastest way to learn.

How to Choose Your First Electric Guitar and How Much to Spend

Just like with anything else in life, searching and how to choose your first electric guitar is not easy. I was lucky that I received my first electric guitar from a Christmas present. I had nothing to choose from back then as I didn’t know any different.

History of the Greatest Bands of the 20th Century – The Beatles Part 2

Known worldwide as Abbey Road, the north London EMI studio was where the Beatles cut their best-selling recordings, including the 1969 album that bears its name. Number 3 Abbey Road opened for business in 1931 with three studios in which Sire Edward Elgar and the London Symphony Orchestra were the first customers. In 1963, EMI had produced 15 of the 19 Number 1 singles, and all were recorded at the studios.

How To Make Your Own Hip Hop Beats With Loops

Making your own beats isn’t as difficult as you may think. Hip Hop is simple, but still many producers over complicate the beat making process. Let me show you how to make your own Hip Hop Beats with loops, and how easy it is to create killer tracks in a short amount of time.

Check A Singorama Review Before Buying The Actual Program

If you have come across a Singorama review before, then you’d know that the course is a good investment. No matter if you are already gifted with a good voice or if you are still on the verge of discovering the singer in you, the Singorama Singing Lesson Package can help you a lot. It offers a variety of lessons that will transform you into a versatile and confident singer that would be ready to sing on stage or with a band anytime. To be exact, it comes with 28 audio lessons and a lot of freebies.

Carbon Fiber In Musical Instruments

Carbon fiber has far-reaching benefits when applied to different industries. Years before, it has been widely accepted by the military, aviation, aerospace, and automobile industries. Recently though, the uses of this material made a wider scope in the field of construction, robotics, and now, even in musical industry!

Should You Buy an Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar?

If it’s your first time in buying a guitar, you may be in a dilemma of whether you’ll buy an acoustic guitar or an electric one. It shouldn’t be a difficult choice. All you have to do is ask yourself a few questions, such as what kind of music you would like to play. With guitars, you can choose anything if you simply want to learn how to play it. In terms of using them, however, then it’s a whole new different ballgame. At any rate, let’s explore the types of guitars that you can get.

How Can Independent Musicians Compete With Free Torrent Websites?

Many indie bands complain about the prevalence of torrents, and the fact that it’s difficult to make any money from music these days. There’s a famous saying that goes “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!”, and it’s never been more appropriate than in today’s music industry, if you can call it an industry. To succeed in the future, you must aggressively give away free music now.

The Value Of Carbon Fiber In Musical Instruments

Many musical instruments owners and players can firmly attest that when their instruments are incorporated with carbon fiber, or graphite fiber, those definitely bring the finest quality of sound. Many properties of this material are integral into making good quality sounding instruments. This material boasts in having a strong quality yet light in weight, making it ideal for many applications in musical instruments. Thus it enhances the playing experience due to the durability, power, speed and control it offers.

Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Live Band or Wedding DJ

This article gives brides some useful questions to ask at an interview for a prospective wedding music vendor. It’s often difficult to know what the right questions to ask are, and this article is designed to help couples find the most professional music entertainer and one that’s right for them. Music can make or break a wedding so it’s important to make sure the live band or DJ your are interested in hiring ticks all the right boxes.

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