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Wedding Music, Get It Right and Enjoy the Night

If for some reason, budget, theme, availability, you have chosen not to have live music at your wedding party you are going to need to find an alternative form of entertainment. If you still want music you should make a Wedding Mix Tape.

The Best Ways To Sell Beats

If you have been wondering how to go about selling beats online and making money from what you love to do then reading this article will help you a lot. There is a few services and systems you need to setup for your beat selling business. Artists are looking to buy high quality beats and instrumentals easily without any headache.

5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Band Before You Book Them

So you think you found the perfect wedding band for your reception? It is important to make sure they can provide the right atmosphere and entertainment for your wedding. You should be sure not to assume anything when planning your wedding, double check all the details with the band before making a final decision. Below is a list of questions to ask before making a contract with your wedding band:

What Is A Wedding Band’s Responsibility?

Weddings can be as simple a ceremony as taking the vows under a tree with an elder administering the matrimonial vows or as grand as what movie stars term as “The Wedding of the Century” with trimmings of grandiose proportions with idiosyncratic features they add to the occasion so that it can be considered “one of its kind.” Let us take refuge in the safe harbor of the mid-range. The ordinary and traditional couple would, of course, try to make their wedding a memorable one, to say the least, but always paranoid of the Damocles sword of…

Elton John Is Coming to Australia

It’s hard to be a music fan without loving Elton John. The artist has gone through so many changes that even if you don’t think you like him, chances are one of your favourite songs is by Elton John.

How to Fix A Dead Keyboard

You’ve probably pressed a key in your MIDI keyboard and heard nothing. It’s called “dead” keys and is a common occurrence in electronic keyboards. This is often caused by dirt or some sort of debris wedging itself between the contact points thereby preventing the circuit from completing itself in order to make a sound. You can repair and solve this problem yourself easily enough.

What Made the Bjork Movie, “Dancer in the Dark”, So Exquisite?

Did you see the one and only Bjork movie, “Dancer in the Dark”? It was truly an experience to watch, although it’s not necessarily the most uplifting movie. Nobody else could have played that lead role other than Bjork herself.

Streetlight Manifesto Albums – Why You Should Listen!

In the ska scene today, there are few main steam bands left. One that comes up time and time again is, of course, Streetlight Manifesto. Get the run down of the Streetlight Manifesto albums here.

Looking Closely at DJ Mixers

The soul of mixing music lies with the kind of DJ mixers used for doing so. While some selections provide basic options, there are others that have fantastic features for allowing you to put down beats in a variety of ways. Learning the art of being a deejay means you learning to master different mix techniques.

Which Guitar Pickup Performs Better, A Humbucker Or A P-90?

Both P-90 and humbucker guitar pickups look excellent, sound great and have lots of fans but what is the difference in their construction? Here I take a look under the cover and find out what’s going on.

Improving A Live Performance

Lots of people around the world chose to learn how to play the drums and it’s a very popular instrument, especially in recent times. The drums are a vital instrument in any band. They really enhance the sound of the music and can accompany other instruments at live events – they contribute to the overall sound and are one of the main elements to most pieces of music. When it comes to drums, it’s very easy to improve the sound quality by adding a drum screen into the mix – they successfully improve the overall performance. One of the best investments when you have a set of drums would be the drum screen as it gives you more control over the volume of the drums.

In the Fifties, This Song Meant “Last Dance”

Nothing signaled the end of a dance or basement party like the Spaniels’ 1954 hit “Goodnite Sweetheart, Goodnite.” The Spaniels were among the first groups to use the doo-doo-doo riff in their songs. Pookie Hudson has been called the first true leader of a doo wop group as he would perform his solos at his own microphone, apart from the rest of the group. The Spaniels coined their name after being told they sounded like a bunch of dogs.

La Donna E Mobile

“La Donna e Mobile” is the aria in Giuseppe Verdi’s opera masterpiece “Rigoletto.” It is a bouncy, merry melody that would be recognizable to many people, even those who have never seen the opera itself. Such is the catchiness of Verdi’s composition.

Piano Lamps – Reasons to Purchase a Lamp for Your Piano

It is a need for all piano players to have a piano lamp regardless of what they are, a beginner or an expert in piano playing. You should be aware that proper lighting is very important to perform or practice in playing the piano.

The Popular Wedding Songs You May Not Remember

Everyone stresses when planning a wedding! From the reception plans, seating, colors, food, all the way to music, there’s no wonder you’re having a hard time telling your DJ what you want to hear. No matter your taste in music, there are several songs that would be great for a first dance and/or songs throughout the reception for all couples to dance to.

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