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The Best Guitar Stand To Display Your Collection

For the avid guitar player, it is common to want to show off a collection of pretty guitars. The question is which guitar stand is the best to achieve this goal.

Bossa Nova Guitar Solos – Laurindo Almeida Created History!

Laurindo Almeida played everything from concert classical guitar compositions to his own arrangements of jazz and bossa nova standards with style and class. He was also a prolific composer in his own right who wrote the musical scores for several famous Hollywood movies.

Artists Who Collaborated With Both David Bowie and Glenn Frey

The first month of 2016 has set a somber mood throughout the world of rock music, as two popular artists passed away from long illnesses. For two stars who had been making music for a combined ninety years with a dozen top ten hits between them, David Bowie and Glenn Frey had little in common. Bowie, who had just released a new album called Darkstar on January ninth, passed away two days later.

Rockabilly Guitar Solos – Danny Gatton Played Like No One Else!

Guitarist Danny Gatton played a combination of rockabilly and jazz that he referred to as “Red Neck Jazz”. He was thought by many guitar players to be the best unknown guitarist in the world!

An Only Child Like Elvis or Ringo Is More Likely to Pursue Music

Of all the remembrances made in regard to the late Glenn Frey, none sounded as sincere as that of his main songwriting partner in the Eagles. Don Henley, with whom Frey co-wrote the band’s biggest hits like “Hotel California” and “One of These Nights,” referred to the late guitarist as his “brother.” The reason the remark sounded so poignant is the fact that Henley was an only child, who never actually had a brother.

The Right Guitar Tuner For You

There are so many different guitar tuners out there that it can be hard at times to know which one you should choose. We have all been there when you need a new tuner so you start doing some research on the best guitar tuners and you end up with pages upon pages of results. It may all seem intimidating at first but am going to give you a few of my favorite all time best guitar tuners.

The Best Looking Guitar Cases

As you read this I would like you to think of your guitar case. Is it a bland solid color with nothing special? If you said yes to this you are like almost every other guitar player there is. If you want to be different you can start by getting an exciting case. What you keep your guitar in can say a lot about the player.

Review of Singorama – An Online Singing Course

Here is my honest review of the online singing course, Singorama. Find out how this course has helped hundreds of people realize their vocal dream. Learn to sing properly and extend your vocal range with this amazing interactive singing course.

8 Tips on How to Make Vocals in Music Recordings Sound Professional

“What can I do to make my vocal recordings sound professional?” – If you are a singer/rapper, you’ve probably asked yourself this question many times. Here’s some quintessential advice to get better results when recording and mixing vocals.

How to Become a Singer in Dubai

Dubai has some of the very best entertainment venues in the world. With the shear number of existing venues and new venues, as a singer in Dubai, what do you need to do to get in front of the local audiences and not only perform but also get paid for your performance? In this detailed guide on how to become a singer in Dubai, I run through some of the strategies that will take you from bedroom singer to professional performer in this beautiful part of the world.

Demonstrate Love for Your Country With Patriotic Hindi Songs

Patriotic Hindi songs play a great role in any national celebration as it is the best means to pay tribute to our freedom fighters and jawans who have sacrificed their lives so that we can live in free and safe India. These Bollywood patriotic songs have helped a lot in the Indian freedom struggle as it helped in creating awareness among people.

Which Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Is the Best?

After years and years of jamming out on a regular guitar amp with the gain amped up and multiple pedal effects going on at once the noise can start to go to your head. These are the times that I’m glad i have an acoustic guitar amp to plug into and just relax a little. My personal favorite is the Fender Acoustasonic.

How to Decide the Right Guitar Pick For You

It can be hard to find the right guitar pick for you, if you don’t know what you are looking for it can make it even harder with all of the choices that all seem exactly the same but in reality are completely and utterly different. I’ll walk you through how to choose the right pick for you. First of all you need to identify what kind of music you are going to be playing for the majority of the time you are playing.

Which Guitar Strap Says The Most About You?

Aside from the guitar itself, the guitar strap is the biggest part of the guitar that defines who you are. When I see someone with a bright vibrant strap I can tell right away that they are some kind of happier guitar player. Maybe they are part of a band who plays songs from the sixties seventies and eighties.

Sixteen-Song Albums to Help Welcome ’16

Vinyl sales increased 39% in 2015, accounting for nine percent of all music sales. Now, the “old licorice pizza” is projected to show an even greater increase this year, according to Nielson reports. Records have grown in popularity, and they have even become part of many radio programs.

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