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Members Of Fleetwood Mac Finally Make Worthy Follow Up Album To Rumours

Yeah, you could say it took a while. After forty years, Fleetwood Mac has finally made a follow up album worthy of Rumours. Although only two of the members of the quintet are named on the cover, Lindsay Buckingham and Christine McVie, all but one from the band of the Rumours era appear on the album.

Ten Texas Towns Immortalized In Song

As Texas begins rebuilding after the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, it is important for Americans to reflect on the many contributions the state has made to our country. Many sports championships have been earned by teams from the Lone Star State, most notably the Dallas Cowboys in football. That state has also given us numerous movie stars, such as Woody Harrelson, Eva Longoria, Farrah Fawcett and Larry Hagman.

Why an Electronic Drum Set Is the Best Choice

There are many reasons as to why you should choose an electronic drum set over traditional one. There are many advantages associated with the electronic drum set. One of the reasons why it is such an amazing choice is the fact that they are very quiet when need be.

John Mayer Finally Wants to Act His Age

Seven-time Grammy winner John Mayer has accomplished a lot since his grass roots beginnings at Atlanta clubs like Eddie’s Attic. His rise to fame started with the 2001 release of his debut album Room for Squares which spawned several radio hits like “No Such Thing,” “Why Georgia” and Grammy-winning single “Your Body is a Wonderland.”

Classic Albums That Changed Their Original Titles

The recent solar eclipse naturally resulted in a revived interest in The Dark Side of the Moon, the Pink Floyd album that is still one of the greatest selling records of all time. A fact that did not emerge in all the discussion was the fact that the quartet had originally intended to call it Eclipse, since the title Dark Side of the Moon had already been used for an album by the band Medicine Head. After that record bombed, Pink Floyd decided to scrap Eclipse and replace it with the five word title that became…

Goodnight Skillful Don Williams

Don Williams. Do you know him? Off course you do.

3 Reasons Why You Feel Unmotivated To Practice Guitar

You lose motivation to practice guitar for one of several reasons. Understanding these reasons and changing your approach to practicing helps you enjoy the process more and get better results.

Ten Essential George Harrison Songs

Everything written about George Harrison’s contribution to The Beatles has been notarised and analysed to death (super guitar play, spiritual searcher, sardonic and grumpy interviewee, underappreciated songwriting genius etc). But where John Lennon and Paul McCartney gave their very best to The Beatles (neither had the tenacity to continue writing at the level of brilliance they brought to the fab four), Harrison found himself in the position where he could prove himself as a songwriter in his own right. Releasing eight albums over the course of his career, Harrison wrote a collection of beautiful songs that certainly rivalled (often bettered) the best of the solo Lennon-McCartney material. Here are ten of his finest.

Insecure Lines From Songs In Popular Music

Emilee Lindner at on September 2, 2017 wrote a column identifying what she considers twenty of the most insecure lyrics in pop music. Most of her examples are from artists currently on the charts, but insecure lines can be found in songs throughout the history of pop and rock music.

Number One Hit By Migos Recalls Other Songs Mentioning Popular Brands

It was just as I had suspected. When I saw the title of the song in the number one position on the charts, “Bad and Boujee” by Migos, I ventured a stab as to the meaning of the latter word. A quick Internet check informed me that, indeed, it was a shortened form of bourgeoisie.

Jimmy Page

Some are left to wonder what it would be like to be considered one of the best in their field. Others, like Jimmy Page can tell you exactly what it feel like…

A Guitar Hero

What makes a legend? In the case of Jimi Hendrix, it may have a little something to do with his rendition of the National Anthem.

Eight Cool Things About The Mellow Yellow Singer Donovan

At a child’s birthday party last weekend, a relative described a freshly opened garment as mellow yellow. The remark reminded me of the singer Donovan Leitch, who scored a huge hit with a song with that rhyming two word title. That name evoked recollections of the years I spent listening to all of Donovan’s stuff, ranging from his folk-rock onset to his psychedelic late Sixties material to his more down to earth recordings of the following decade.

Tips To Consider When Choosing A Karaoke Mixer

Many fans believe karaoke mixer is a complex instrument with unclear functions. However, in reality this device without costing only the most basic karaoke system with mediocre sound quality. In a more advanced set of equipment features a karaoke mixer take on other devices. And in professional systems separate mixer rightfully occupies an important place. So, why there is a karaoke mixer and how to choose it?

How To Maintain And Look After Your Guitar

Guitars can have serious financial value to their owners – for instance Microsoft’s Paul Allen purchased Jimmy Hendrix’s famous 1968 Stratocaster which the artist used for his iconic performance at Woodstock in 1969, for $2 million. Whilst the average guitar isn’t nearly as valuable as Hendrix’s Stratocaster, most carry great sentimental value which is why it’s paramount to purchase instrument insurance in the event of loss of damage. In the meantime, a few simple precautions will help to protect your guitar from damage.

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