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Can A Musician Be Happy Learning How To Play A New Guitar?

I am a music lover, and what is more pleasurable for someone who loves music to go browsing for their choice of musical instrument. Mine is a guitar which they say is the toughest instrument to learn, but that hasn’t deterred me! I am enjoying learning how to play my new Yamaha fg700s guitar.

The 5 Finest Song Lyrics Of The Kinks – And Why

Ray Davies, of The Kinks, is widely accepted to be one of the greatest songwriters of all time. He has a unique, observational style, using the everyday lives of ordinary people as subject matter. But what are the best examples of his work? Here’s my take on the 5 finest song lyrics of The Kinks…

Quick Tips On Learning To Play The Guitar

Learning to play the guitar will require a great deal of discipline, patience and time, plus a real passion for playing this instrument. Playing the guitar can be a very fulfilling experience and could provide an outlet for different feelings. Most people are taking advantage of resources such as the videos lessons which are available nowadays to play the electric guitar.

How to Buy a Beginner Trumpet

Why rent when you can buy? So many people think that renting is the only option when it comes to band instruments. Luckily, the widely held idea of band instruments costing thousands of dollars is being changed by the internet. Can you believe that you can get a great beginning trumpet for under $200? Well, believe it. When buying your first trumpet just remember these simple tips. You’ll playing the trumpet in no time.

How to Buy a Beginner Saxophone

If you’re looking to buy a saxophone the options can seem endless. What type of saxophone do you buy? Alto? Tenor? Baritone? Soprano? How much is too much to spend on your first instrument?

5 Ways To Regain Your Guitar Playing Inspiration

A lot of people lose inspiration to play their guitar. It’s not uncommon. Here are some tips to help you find your way to the end of the tunnel.

Beats for Sale – Tips Before You Buy Beats Online

If you are an aspiring musician, singer or rapper, then you are probably always on the lookout for good background music, beats and instrumentals that you can use for your compositions. One of the most convenient ways to get music for professional use nowadays is to buy beats over the Internet. There are many websites that are offering beats for sale.

Electric Guitar History – The Creation of an Icon

Knowing about electric guitar history won’t make you a better player. It will, however, give you a better appreciation for the electric guitar and how and why it became the instrument it is today.

Musical Legends in Blackpool in 2011

Blackpool is justifiably proud of its reputation for fresh air and fun and there is no doubting it’s a great place for the musically minded either. The Pet Shop Boys returned home triumphantly following their award with a huge gig at Blackpool’s Empress Ballroom leading the way for a huge rush to play the Victorian venue by some of the top bands of today.

How Technology Influenced the Songs of the 90s

From YouTube to iTunes and everything in between, a lot of the foundation for the technology that governs our music today was laid in the 1990s. This article explores a few of the ways in which the fuse was lit in the 1990s for today’s music.

Frank Sinatra and The Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award

Frank Sinatra’s career has spanned both music and movies over several decades. He has won awards for his music recordings and even an Oscar award for Best Supporting Actor in the movie “From Here To Eternity.” It is estimated that he has recorded over 1,000 songs. He is most proud of the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award presented at the Oscars in Hollywood.

Collecting Punk Memorabilia

When collecting Punk memorabilia we should remember that Punk as a movement is something that is hard to define. It was a way of life for fans, from attitude to clothing and general outlook on life and its anti-establishment message. For the general public the best representation of all that was bad about the Punk movement was personified in the band ‘The Sex Pistols’, which had been the brainchild of manager Malcolm McLaren. They were part of the ‘Punk package’ that were spreading their anti-establishment message throughout the country.

The Best Guitar Amp Helps Create Music at Its Finest

Life would be utterly boring without music, and music would be impossible without the right instruments and equipment. Music is so incorporated in people’s lives that it determines the mood and attitude of a person towards life. History suggests that songs have actually changed lives of some people and in rare occasions the belief of a nation.

Breakcore – A New Generation of Electronic Rave Music

Breakcore is a genre of electronic music that has grown out of other related music scenes such as IDM, drum and bass, hardcore techno, noise and industrial music. Musically, breakcore tends to feature heavy use of distorted kick drums, drum “breaks” (recordings of drum beats played repeatedly in a loop) and sampling from a wide variety of sources, played at high speeds.

Music Memorabilia – How to Acquire Rare Music Memorabilia

A vinyl record signed by a famous rock star can be worth several thousands of dollars. If the rock star is dead, the signed vinyl record will increase in value. Collecting rare music memorabilia can be lucrative and fun.

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