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Alan Jackson: A Real Country Music Singer Who Keeps the Traditional Style Shining Bright

As an artist Alan Jackson defies the norm as he cranks out hit after hit of traditional country music. There is a segment of Country Music fans that feel the older style traditional country music is lost. They feel that no one in the past decade plus has recorded anything comparable to the Nashville Sound that was so prevalent in the 1970s and 1980s. Their one stalwart friend in this mission is Alan.

What Is Their Inside Car Stereo Speakers?

Without an amplifier, the high-quality music reproduction inside the car can never be noticed. An amplifier is generally used to boost the low-level audio signals and make them powerful enough to move the speaker cones and create sound. It is always necessary that the signal be processed by a preamplifier before the signal is amplified.

Jason Becker in Perspective

Jason Becker’s perspective is not just an album title, it’s an inspirational take on one of life’s greatest challenges. As we revisit this guitar-great’s phenomenal work, we also look at his incredible spirit in the face of debilitating ALS disease.

Songwriters – How to Engage Your Listeners From Your Very First Lyrical Line

The first few lines of your song may determine whether your listener sticks around for more, or bails out. While you want your whole song to be engaging, you really want to draw them in with an interesting opening.

Programing Organ Recitals: How to Think Outside the Box to Become a Successful Organist?

Have you ever thought what successful concert organists have in common? They all think outside the box. They try to be different than their competitors which makes them unique. In this article, I will show you how thinking outside the box in programing organ recitals can help you to achieve success as a concert organist.

The Piano Dealer and Benny Green

Heading to your piano dealer, Benny Green fans? See why this musician is so inspiring to many aspiring keys players.

Six Days a Week – A Book Review of Travel With My Amp by Greg Godovitz

So you want to be a rock ‘n roll star? Think the life sounds mega cool, full of hot chicks, money, acclaim and action-packed nights? Think again. The Canadian rock band Goddo was so big in the late 70s that they opened for Aerosmith. They were one step behind Rush, yet they never made much money and struggled with addictions and personality conflicts. Yet they are still rocking and playing together!

Songwriting and How to Find the Inspiration for a Song – The Stories Are All Around You

The inspirations for songwriting come from so many different sources that surround you on a daily basis. Here you will find tips and suggestions on what might work for you; ideas on content, musical colors (how a piece should feel), and songwriting exercises to build your confidence.

How To Make Your Own Beats And Hip Hop Dance Songs Like The Chart Toppers

In the past, it was only possible for music producers and those professional studio owners who are able to make their own beats and hip hop dance songs sound good. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible even for us, the ordinary folk who don’t have any music production knowledge nor the money to get a studio, to be able to make those chart banging tunes! Find out how…

Why You Must Use High Standard Karaoke Software For Your Event

Music is very important when it comes to parties and karaoke nights, it can be the difference between success and failure for an event. Why is music important to our culture? The importance of music is different in every individual’s life.

The Celtic or Folk Harp: One of the Easiest Instruments in the World to Learn How to Play

The Celtic or Folk harp is the predecessor to the piano, so anyone with knowledge about the piano has an edge when wishing to learn the harp. The strings are set up just like the white keys and they are color coded for visual ease. The musical transference of understanding between the two instruments is very ‘user friendly’. The age old myth that the harp is one of the hardest instruments to learn is not really true for the folk or Celtic harp.

Music Should Be Your Hobby

Unless you want to lose the love for it, never make music your job, make it a hobby instead; unlike a job, hobby never bores one. The moment you start seeing music as a job, any little disappointment, you will lose focus and at that same moment you are automatically deteriorating the propensity of making it to the top in the music industry.

How Eddie Van Halen Changed the Sound of Rock ‘n Roll

Eddie Van Halen had an incredible impact on rock ‘n roll from two perspectives: first, from his remarkable playing style; and second, from this unique ability to mix and match musical equipment to arrive at exactly the sound he wanted. This article discusses some of the ways Eddie influenced the sound of rock guitar.

Electronic Music Making Software – 3 Popular Programs

Whether you are planning to create dubstep, house, trance, hip hop, or downtempo, an electronic music making software is an essential link in the chain. While there are literally dozens of various programs available to you in the market, here are three efficient and well-built programs that are used by electronic music producers all around the world.

Sweet Heart, Sweet Light by Spiritualized

Spiritualized is a band comprised of a revolving cast of musicians surrounding lynchpin member Jason Pierce, who writes and sings all of the band’s material. He’s also credited on the album under the moniker J. Spaceman, a holdover from his previous band, Spacemen 3. Pierce’s alias isn’t the only relic from that previous outfit either. That band’s wildly inappropriate tagline, “taking drugs to make music to take drugs to” is a tenet that Spiritualized was founded on, and one that stands in stark contrast to the often religiously tinted lyrical imagery, hymn-like phrasing and gospel tinged background vocals that trademarks J. Spaceman and Co.’s sound.

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