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Kanye West Really Never Left But There Is Little Doubt That He Certainly Is Back

Coming off of his second to last album “808s and Heartbreak” people started to forget and question if Kanye was still the lyrical genius we had been accustomed hearing in his first three albums (“College Dropout” being named one of the best albums of the decade). There is a hunch, though; Mr. West may have out done himself yet again…

Benge Trumpet: Has Earned Its Reputation

In the world of music and lyrics, there are really brands of instruments that stand out from the rest, just like when a signer is being idolized by so many due to the quality of his voice or to the way he sings. Each singer in the stage has his own way of singing and has his own unique way of performing.

DJ Kay Slay Mixtapes Feature Famous Rap Battles

Rap mixtapes are a major part of hip hop culture, in addition to the famous rap battles that many MCs participate in. DJ Kay Slay mixtapes have found a great deal of popularity because they take these two elements and combine them. He has released several tapes featuring battles between some of the biggest stars in hip hop music.

DJ Green Lantern Mixtapes Cause Some Controversy

There are many hip hop fans who have probably never heard of James D’Agostino, but nearly all of them are familiar with him by his stage name, DJ Green Lantern.Through the release of several DJ Green Lantern mixtapes, he has made a name for himself in the world of rap music. Some of the tapes have gotten a great deal of attention for the controversy that they have stirred up.

DJ Finesse Mixtapes Make The Old New Again

When most DJs put out new mixtapes, they want to feature up and coming artists in order to appeal to the younger generation of listeners. On DJ Finesse mixtapes, he takes a different approach and makes some of the old classics seem like new hits all over again. He has featured some of the biggest names in music on all new mixes that make them relevant for a new generation.

DJ Keyz Mixtapes Are A Break From The Norm

When a hip hop fan wants to buy a new mixtape, it can be difficult for them to find something truly unique compared to what they usually enjoy. DJ Keyz mixtapes are popular among many fans because they offer different collections from different artists than the norm. This different take on the genre has made him one of the most popular DJs.

DJ Drama Mixtapes Are The Foundation For His Career

Most DJs make a name for themselves by appearing on the hottest hip hop songs, but it was DJ Drama mixtapes that made him so well known in the industry. Anyone who buys rap mixtapes has most likely heard one of the releases that have made DJ Drama and award winning producer. He has released an array of award winning hip hop music and worked with some of the biggest names in the business

DJ Whoo Kid Mixtapes Feature Some Of Rap’s Biggest Stars

There are many DJs who spend their entire careers making unknown tapes and hoping to get their big break. However, DJ Whoo Kid mixtapes features some of the biggest names in hip hop music and have been heard by fans around the world. He has had the honor of being on board with some of the biggest stars from the time that they were first getting their start.

DJ Envy Mixtapes Helped Establish His Career

There are many hip hop artists who would never have made it into the big time had it not been for their success with creating rap mixtapes. DJ Envy mixtapes are no exception, because the successful producer and DJ would not have gotten anywhere without them. They helped him build his career into what it is today.

DJ 2Mello Mixtapes Stand Out From The Crowd

When RnB fans are trying to buy mixtapes, they will usually find many of the same artists appearing on various mixes. When they look at DJ 2Mello mixtapes, they will find appearances by artists that they never expected. They may even notice a few older acts making a comeback in some of these exciting new mixtapes.

DJ Mick Boogie Mixtapes Are Part Of A Long Music Career

Many hip hop music producers simply have a knack for picking out what people want to hear but do not have a great deal of music training. DJ Mick Boogie mixtapes are so well done because he has a background in music that goes back to his childhood. He has worked with some of the biggest stars in hip hop as well as several other exciting career moves.

DJ Big Mike Mixtapes Are Some Of The Best Around

If a hip hop fan wants to listen to a DJ who has helped change the face of the hip hop mixtape, they should definitely check out DJ Big Mike Mixtapes. At only twenty-four years old, DJ Big Mike has become one of the most critically acclaimed DJs around. He has worked with a variety of big stars and been the recipient of several industry honors.

The H2 Zoom Review – See How The Zoom Recorder Compares

The H2 Zoom’s front screen grill is very cool looking, reminding me of an old classic studio condenser microphone from the 40’s or 50’s. It enough of the important and useful features for most people, and even some cool, but not-so-important ones… unless you’re a musician like me, in which case you’ll also enjoy the handy guitar tuner and metronome that are built-in.

The Best Home Recording Microphone Under $100

This article presents few condenser microphones under $100, offering a cheap solution if you plan to make your own music studio on a low budget. Also, it presents more details on AT2020 condenser microphone, its performances and the setup required to make it work.

Co-Publishing Deals In The Music Licensing Business

Typically when a song is licensed into a TV or Film project there is only one publisher. If the writer of the song hasn’t assigned his or her publishing rights to a third party, they are by default the publisher of the song. In other words, if you write a song, you are the songs’ publisher and are entitled to all publishing rights unless you give them to someone else.

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