Clinton Ross Davis playing a 1929 Martin 00-21 at Norman’s Rare Guitars

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Getting the Best From Wedding Bands – Tips to Ensure That All Goes Well

Are you currently in the midst of planning entertainment for your wedding? It is not sufficient to hire the best possible wedding bands to provide entertainment because you also need to know how to get the best out of them. Keep in mind that these musicians work very hard to provide entertainment and they need to be motivated to put in their best efforts at your wedding.

Best Lauryn Hill Verses

Countdown of the top 3 best Lauryn Hill verses of all time (so far). Lauryn Hill is one of the best hip hop lyricists of all time. She has given the world a lot to think about through her poignant verses. This article examines and analyzes the best Lauryn Hill verses of all time.

3 Reasons Why Dubstep Is Here to Stay

So by now, if you’re anywhere from the ages of 15-40, you probably know what dubstep is. And if not, you probably will. This fairly new genre of music which emerged from the London underground electronic music scene in the early 2000’s, has invaded airwaves across the globe in a matter of a few years. More and more pop artists like Pitbull and Rihanna are incorporating elements of dubstep into their songs. Before you write this genre of music off as just a phase, take a look at some of the reasons why I think dubstep will be around for at least another 6 or 7 years.

Sheet Music or Score

Sheet Music or Score is a printed version of music. It comprises of multifarious archaic and modern musical notations that are used to write and compose music. Reading, writing and composing music obligates a lot of knowledge, training and experience. Even though, modern technologies have made composing music an easier task, significant knowledge of peculiar elements of music and their notations are still imperative.

Types of Music

Since the beginning of music, people have been listening to different types of music. The differences are due to traditions, musical instruments, pitch, hustle, loudness and other parameters. Different types of music have their conventional periods through which they flourished and were the most eminent.

Contemplative Songs Come in All Sounds – Part III of III – The Desired Effect

If you are attempting a re-write of God’s lessons, God in His mercy, will continue to show you the material until you receive it willingly. Read the final installment of this three-part series to get focused on the Divine side of contemplation.

Contemplative Songs Come in All Sounds – Part II of III – Looking in the Right Places

Read the next installment in this three-part series “Contemplative Songs Come in All Sounds.” This is part two “Looking in the Right Places.”

Philadelphia Nightlife And Nightclubs

Philadelphia has a lot to offer visitors at any time of the year, day or night. The nightlife in Philadelphia though is a little different than what you’ll find anywhere else on earth. You can learn a lot about a city by checking out its nightlife. Philly’s nightlife says that this is a vibrant city with an eye towards the future.

The Top 3 Best Led Zeppelin Songs Of All Time – And Why

Without a doubt, Led Zeppelin is one of the greatest Rock Bands of all time. Their music has influenced millions of people and there over all personality helped shape the face of Rock music as we know it. I am personally an enormous fan of Led Zeppelin. So when the question of “what are the best Led Zeppelin songs of all time,” was recently raised during a conversation amongst friends,it got me thinking strongly about the subject, here’s what I came up with…

How Can Custom Music Creation Help You to Become a Musician?

Music always touches your heart. And when through custom music creation you plan to be a musician; your dream has chances to be fulfilled.

Beats For Sale You Shouldn’t Buy

Looking for beats for sale and need some help knowing what is relevant? No problem. I will help you make sound decisions when it comes to buying beats online.

Bass Drum Secrets To Help You Be An Expert Drummer

Have you ever wondered how it is to be able to maneuver the bass drum expertly? Have you ever thought of learning the different techniques in order to make a more interesting drum playing?

George Benson Broadway “The Man”

Without a doubt, George Benson has to and will go down in history as one of the greatest Jazz Guitarist both present and future. Notably the “George Benson Broadway” song he sings great and play’s his Guitar with a lot of feeling and compassion.

What To Look For When Choosing a Tremolo Pedal

Want to add a tremolo pedal to your effects board? There’s a huge range to choose from. Here I’ll give you a rough guide as to what you should look for when choosing the right pedal for you.

Customize Your Wedding Ceremony With Classical Music!

This article describes how brides and grooms can make their ceremonies even more special with elegant classical music. We will take you through all parts of the wedding ceremony and give you suggestions to choose the perfect wedding music.

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