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Beatles In The Attic

I’m often asked how we find the content for our music archive website, afterall our ethos is to save rock/pop music history, so how do you go about doing that? Well the first thing to say is it’s not easy, but actually it’s not that hard either. If you ask enough people somebodies brother will have been in a band, or managed an artist or nearly made it, however that is usually of little value, yes they may have a story to tell and we love recording them but generally those introductions don’t lead very far.

Irish Music

Irish music is quite distinctive and it has influenced different genres in the United States. It travelled to the US in the 1800s when millions of people emigrated to Chicago, Boston and New York because of the famine and deprivation in Ireland.

Profanity In Music – Let’s Do Something About It

Profanity in music is a reflection of profanity in society. Let’s do something about it.

Christmas By the Bay

Take a spirit of the holiday season. Listen to romantic melody and rhythm of “Christmas by the Bay”. This picturesque song gives you a feeling as if you are watching “Slide Show” of Christmas in San Francisco. Please enjoy the touch of Christmas in San Francisco. The song gives more romanticism to the city, which is already lovely place. It is the perfect season song for beautiful people who love San Francisco.

Hip Hop Sampling 101

Hip Hop sampling is easy and fun. Hip Hop producers from as far back as the early 1980’s were doing it from their bedrooms with nothing more than a drum machine and a vinyl player. Even today, some 20 years later, A-list Hip Hop producers are still using the same sampling techniques to create chart topping tracks.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Almost an entire year after taking a beating from fans and the media for his 2009 VMA fiasco, Kanye West wasted no time climbing from rock bottom right back to the top of the charts. With the November 22 2010 release of ” My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”, Kanye has proved to fans and foe alike that nothing can stand between him and making great music. This brilliant album features a refreshing variety of sound from bone chilling choral melodies to the well mixed beats and rhythms one would expect of Kanye. Mix in some powerful and…

A Review of Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits

Looking for a classic rock anthem album to add to your collection? Long locks aside, Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits is worthy addition to any collection.

The Basic Elements of Music

Music is a high art originates in nature and taken up by human as a form of art. Music is actually taken by human from sounds in the nature. The sounds can be the blowing of wind the sound of waterfall, chirping of birds, and many more.

Easiest Musical Instrument to Learn

Want to learn how to play music but do not know anything about how to play an instrument? You better know your musical preference first before choosing the instrument that will be easier to play. According to Bach, it is very easy to play any kind of instrument as long as you can touch the right key at the right time. It sounds easy but, actually it is not that easy for most people.

Music Review: Defiance, Ohio’s “Midwestern Minutes”

Capturing a unique sound that somehow effortlessly combines elements of early Against Me! with a majority of the acts found on the Saddle Creek catalogue, Defiance, Ohio pretty much nails it with ‘Midwestern Minutes’. Sure, you could tag this as ‘folk punk’, ‘country-core’ or whatever other bastardized hybrid buzz word AP is throwing out this month, but let’s just dub it ‘good music’ and stick with that for now.

Very Easy Ukulele Songs – Motivation For Beginners

I have only been playing ukulele for about the past 3 months and I learned a few number of songs. The strumming patterns is a little different but you can still hear the flow of the song. The songs that I learned was Airplanes, Drop Baby Drop, Ehu Girl, Count On Me, I’m Yours and some more that I can’t name but it doesn’t matter.

Glee – The Christmas Album

The perfect gift for Glee fans this Christmas. Glee – The Christmas Album, a mixture of classic and contemporary music with all your favourite Christmas songs in one album.

Greatest Hits So Far! By Pink

The Greatest Hits… So Far!!! By Pink sums it up. Don’t miss out on the ultimate fan collection featuring her two new hit songs, “Raise Your Glass” and “F**kin Perfect”.

The Best Singles of 2010

Following on from our recent selection of 2010’s best album, we’ve now put together a list of our favourite singles of 2010. There were so many singles that caught our attention this year, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to a nice digestible list of the five singles that made the most impact on us in 2010.

A Short Discussion on USB Drum Kits

You may have heard about drum kits, but have you ever heard of such sort of kits that are used with the help of a laptop or desktop? Yes, there are certain drum kits that have USB port to attach to the laptops or desktop computers to make them function through the help of these devices. They are mainly designed for USB connectivity with devices like computers or other electronic mediums that have the facility to get the USB devices are connected.

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