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Angles On Playing The Guitar: Beginner Guitar Lessons

Of course, we have basic positions, but let the student know that the positions are like guide posts that are aimed for and then moved away from. Fluid motion needs to be stressed or else one may end up being a very stiff and limited player. To help this along, guitar finger stretching exercises are recommended.

TC Helicon VoiceTone Singles Pedals – A Revolution In Performance Tools

The new TC Helicon VoiceTone Singles pedals are revolutionising stage performances for musicians. We take a look at the different options and explore why they’re so popular.

Nice Things About Free Rap Beats

There are many musicians who oftentimes find themselves in search of free beats that they can use as part of a musical composition that they are putting together. This is actually something that has turned into a very big business considering the fact that most people just don’t have the time to come up with their own beats. By the same token, many of these struggling musicians don’t necessarily have the financial resources to go out and buy premium quality beats.

Soundclick Layouts, Beats for Sale: Review of My Muzic Image

Producers that utilize Soundclick to sell beats online, know that having a strong online presence and brand are important. When someone visits a music producer’s soundclick page they are initially looking for two things.

Digital Pianos – Buying One Today

The digital piano market is not the same as it was just ten years ago. New, unexpected brand names have emerged as quality competitors. Features that were once thought unobtainable for less than a couple thousand dollars are now available on keyboards for less than a few hundred dollars.

Music and Movies: History of the Soundtrack – Pt 1

Music and film have always gone together. In fact, before ‘talkies’ came along, the only sound you’d hear in a silent movie would be music.

Jimi Hendrix – A Birthday Tribute

Born on 27th November 1942, Jimi Hendrix was to become one of the most iconic figures ever to be associated with the electric guitar. This article details Hendrix’s earliest beginnings up to the start of his meteoric rise on the London scene in 1966.

Pink Floyd’s Remastered Discovery Box Set

In September of 2011 Pink Floyd is releasing a 16 disc box set containing newly digitally remastered versions of all 14 of their studio albums. They are also releasing the first of three “Immersion” box sets; one for each of their three most popular albums.

Find Just the Right Kind of Rap Beats

Anyone who is seeking to buy rap beats be well advised to carefully consider their options to make sure that they are able to find just the right kind of beach that will help contribute to their musical project. As you probably can imagine, there are many people who are aspiring musicians. These individuals ultimately need to have access to great deeds that they can compile and use as part of their productions.

Robben Ford Guitar Clinic Review – 14th March 2010

This is a review of Robben Ford’s guitar clinic in Singapore that took place on March 14 2010. In town for a concert with The Thing that also featured Randy Brecker, Bill Evans and Steve Lukather, Robben Ford detailed his influences, playing concepts, and his jazzy approach to the blues.

Alice in Chains: The Story of One of the Pillars of Grunge and Alternative Rock (Part 1)

Along with Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana, Alice in Chains was a very important piece of the puzzle that made a musical genre known as grunge critical and commercial success, which emerged in the early 90’s. Just like the bands mentioned at the start of this article, Alice in Chains is also a band from Seattle, Washington. Layne Staley (vocals) and Jerry Cantrell (guitars) were the ones responsible for the conception of this band in the late 80’s.

How To Improve Your Lead Guitar Playing

Learn the most effective ways to create great guitar solos. Find out how great lead guitarists come up with their best guitar solos.

How NOT To Use Guitar Video Tutorials Online

Watching guitar video tutorials on video repository sites such as YouTube can provide a little inspiration helping you decide many things, from whether a guitar is right for you, to what type of guitar you’re looking to buy and learn. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing it this way, and watching a variety of performances and watching people explain their own tips, tricks and techniques can be very helpful in enabling you to make those early decisions, but there’s one decision you should not make based solely on these videos.

Why You Should Be Careful About Using Guitar Tutorials Online

There’s a real danger with using guitar tutorials online. Don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic guitar video tutorials available, many of which have been produced by some of the leading guitarists within the music industry. The trouble is that there are also many guitar videos which have been produced by people who would like to become one of the leading guitarists in the industry, but who at the moment are only a few steps up from playing the air guitar.

Why Beginners Should Not Rely On YouTube For Guitar Tutorials

Although it is very tempting to pop online and do a quick search for guitar tutorials, you need to be very wary of what you’ll find. You may be looking for guitar instructional videos, tab charts, chord charts or other instructional material, and the great thing about the web is that it offers an almost limitless supply of instructional material. Unfortunately there’s a problem.

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