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Getting to Know Drake and Lil Wayne

Drake and Lil Wayne are among the top artists in the hip hop music scene. You do not have to be a lover of the genre of the music.But the success that they have achieved should be acknowledged as they have both garnered world wide recognition, along with several industry awards.

Songwriting – A Silly Trick for Increasing Your Song’s Marketability

Figuring out how to get your music to be more marketable can be tricky. In this article, we’ll be looking at a simple, sneaky trick that a lot of artists have used to make their songs more marketable.

Songwriting – A Fun Trick to Make Your Listeners Want to Hear Your Songs Over and Over

One thing we all want as songwriters is for people to want to hear our music. And not just hear our music, but we want them to be listening to it over and over again. In this article, we’ll look at a cool trick specifically geared towards that.

A Songwriter’s Toolbox For the Aspiring Lyricists Part 3 In A Series – Get In Your Mind

This article, the 3rd in a, Songwriter’s Toolbox series, will focus on another process for pulling out great ideas for writing lyrics. Nobody likes sitting around struggling to figure out ideas for writing lyrics. Writing lyrics is not rocket science, but it can be frustrating, which is why it requires practice and tools to improve the skill.

Songwriters – How to Use the Minor Pentatonic and Minor Blues Scales to Write Great Melodies

A couple of tools you can use to generate some new melodic ideas are the minor pentatonic scale and the minor blues scales. We’ll take a look at how to use them in this article.

Tips on How to Make Your Own Beats

You see them all over town, on the subway bobbing their heads, waiting in line with oversized headphones on, just grooving to their own beat. These are the future masters of music, the real creators of sound. These are the dreamers that are going to shape the way people interact, controlling emotions with things as simple as a beat and some words mixed into a melody. Who knows, maybe you’re one of them. And if you’re not, maybe you want to be one of them, one of those people who can make their own beats. But how do you get that kind of skill? How do you make your own beats? Just like everything else that’s great, you start simple and build from there.

The Violin: Types Of Violins And Sizes

Did you know how many variations there are on your typical idea of what a violin looks like. This article will take you through the differences and why there are so many. The why so many reason, is probably the easiest to deal with. This is because violinists come in all different sizes, and have lots of different reasons for wanting to play this instrument.

A Songwriter’s Toolbox For the Aspiring Lyricists Part 2 In A Series – Step by Step Guide

2nd article in a series of tools for the songwriter and aspiring lyricist. This article focuses on a step by step guide to open up your creativity, in a way you probably haven’t imagined before.

A Songwriter’s Toolbox For the Aspiring Lyricists – Part 1 In A Series

Writing lyrics can be challenging for any musician. Having the write tools can open up your creativity and put you on the road to writing great lyrics.

4 Events Where a Good Band Can Be a Great Choice

Hiring a band can put the life and soul in to the party. Hearing live music sure beats listening to your mother in laws playlist of those cheesy old classics. A band can provide great music, bringing friends and family together for a great time. Read on to discover four occasions where a good band makes a good choice.

Beginner Songwriting 101

Are you looking for some beginner songwriting tips and advice? Here are some strategies to help you get started writing songs.

Enjoy Listening To Hot Country Singers

There are many different hot country singers in today’s modern country music scene. When it comes to a successful singer, their appearance and attitude is almost as important as their singing talent. Although being a hot country singer does not mean instant success, it will never hurt a career. Here are a few of the best hot country singers out there. These individuals have the looks and talent. They have built careers that have lasted through the years.

Songwriters – 3 Tips for Writing a Great Melody

Keeping your melodies simple is an important aspect of writing memorable melodies. So what exactly does it mean to keep our melodies simple? The main ingredient of simplicity is repetition. The key is to be repetitious, without being overly repetitious. “But how do I know what’s overly repetitious?” you might be asking. Don’t worry, that’s the easy part. This is where the idea of a melodic motif comes in. We’ll talk about that here.

Songwriters – 3 Quick Tips for Songwriting Inspiration

Sometimes writer’s block kicks in and it seems like there’s no way around it. In this article, we’ll look at a few ways you can always have some ideas handy, even if you’re not feeling “in the zone.”

Songwriters – 5 Quick Tips for Coming Up With Song Titles

Sometimes writing song titles can seem more difficult than it needs to be. In this article, we’ll look at a few quick tips to get you in the right direction next time you sit down to come up with a title.

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