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What Makes the Guitar Such a Great Instrument?

You probably realize that the guitar is a very popular instrument – but do you know exactly what makes it so well-liked among musicians in general? One of the great things about the guitar is that it’s so popular – this means that the instrument is made in many places around the world, and the quality as a whole tends to be on the rise, while prices are going down all the time.

Woodwind Reeds – Care and Maintenance

A “reed” used in a woodwind instrument (ex: clarinet, saxophone) is made of cane — very similar to bamboo. In composition, it is basically a collection of parallel hollow tubes running from the end of piece of cane to the tip. If you look a the “slant” of the cut, you can see the fiber-like nature of these hollow tubes.

Proper Sitting Position and Simple Pieces to Play for the Classical Guitar Beginner

If you really want to learn how to play the classical guitar but you don’t know where to start you’re not alone. It really isn’t that hard to learn how to play as long as you have the necessary time to put into the craft and the patience to make it through the tough learning curve.

Humanizing Your Beat Can Make It Come Alive

Humanizing your beat may be just what is missing to bring your beats alive. Read about how you can achieve that here.

What Is Singing Waiters Entertainment?

No one expects the singing waiters! The corks are popping, the atmosphere is at an all time high and it seems that the party couldn’t get any better. People are laughing and having a wonderful time. Their glasses keep getting filled. The whole party has immensely enjoyed their food and are now waiting for the dessert to come out. Suddenly there is a great commotion and everyone is wondering what is happening.

Music Collaboration – Ultimate Access to Premium Music Platform

Talent promoting music collaboration welcomes brilliant audio engineers, music producers, lyricists, musicians and songwriters to promote their competence on this global platform. If you wish for super standard reputation of your musical band, you should adopt online collaborating way to get success in leading sphere of music. Cooperation among various musicians turns ordinary music achievements into exceptional level success.

Dubstep Software and Basic Theory

As in any genre you will always find some music that excels over the rest. But the true question that we are left with is; what does it take to make Great Dubstep? Is there a special Dubstep gene that one must possess in order to pull beats from the netherworld or is it something that one can learn?

Dubstep Music Maker Education – Learn Hardware and More

Today we will lean it takes to become a good Dubstep music maker and proceed with an analysis of what type of hardware you’ll need. Obviously a lot of hardware can cost a lot of money, but if you choose with understanding you can muster up a basic that can instantly make you a solid DJ. So without any further ado, let’s continue with the tutorial.

The Rocky Road To Guitar Legendry

Playing music can be an emotionally taxing venture. To keep your interest long-lasting and your mind on track, these few simple methods will give you the boost you need to get through those plateaus.

Father’s Day Songs

Here’s a list of father’s day songs to help you make dad’s day. These songs have been hand picked from hundreds for their great melody and sweet lyrics perfect for saying “Thanks Dad!”.

Dreaming of Guitar Awesomeness

Turning into an awesome solo guitarist like Peter Green, Mark Knoppfler or Jimi Hendrix can be a real challenge. We may all at some point have the dream but few persist in it until the day they wake up to find it has turned into a reality. We may be tempted to think that the natural flow achieved by legendary guitarists is a result of “talent” but this is complete nonsense.

Professional Singing – Mystery and Practical Experience

I believe that most singers want to be able to sound professional, even if they do not expect to make singing their career. No matter what your level currently is, we all know that it takes a lot of time and creative effort to sing music even reasonably well.

Have You Always Wanted to Play the Piano? Here Are 10 Reasons Why It Is a Great Hobby

Music can transport humans into a relaxed euphoric state. Playing the piano is a wonderful hobby or pastime and anybody can enjoy learning. This article looks at 10 reasons why learning the piano is good for your mind and soul.

Great British Female Pianists and Teachers – Arabella Goddard

This article is a continuation of my series which highlights British female pianists and teachers over the past 200 years. Women have always been less prominent in the profession than their male counterparts, so it’s great to be able to give them some exposure. My first article was all about Lucy Anderson, who was the first important female pianist and teacher in Britain.

Acoustical Materials and Their Uses

Cinemas, schools, conference rooms, recording studios and even personal toilets make use of acoustical material to manipulate, decrease or amplify the sound. The feeling of being part of the action in a cinema hall, and being able to listen to the lecturer speak right at the front of the lecture hall would not have been possible without acoustical materials.

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