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Django Reinhardt – Gypsy Guitar Music Virtuoso – Part 1

Almost a half century after his death, Django Reinhardt still remains a legendary figure in the annals of jazz guitar. To this day, his incredible guitar playing stands up to that of later day master jazz guitarists such as Joe Pass, Pat Martino, Tal Farlow and George Benson.

Jamorama Review: Learning Guitar Playing With Ease

If you are a guitar student, a teacher or a hobbyist who wants to learn how to play the instrument, read this Jamorama review and see how easy you can learn basic and advanced lessons with ease with one simple purchase. Jamorama is a digital product that provides videos and other instructional materials on guitar playing. The product covers both beginner and advanced levels complete with instructional videos to allow users to easily grasp each lesson.

Bassnectar, Popular American DJ

Bassnectar is an electronica, trip-hop, and dance, and other various mixes of music created by Lorin Ashton. Bassnectar has had several albums released since their first in 2001 including: Freakbeat for the Beatfreak (2001); Beatfreak Bohemia (2002); Motions of Mutation (2003); Diverse Systems of Throb (2004); Mesmerizing the Ultra (2005); Underground Communication (2007); Heads Up (2008); Cozza Frenzy (2009); and Timestretch (2010). If you missed him live at Coachella, Lollapalooza, ACL, Bonnaroo, or Ultra Music Festival then make sure to get your Bassnectar Tickets today!

Guitar Superstars Review: Read Before You Purchase

This Guitar Superstars review is written to give you an insight regarding what the product is about before you make a purchase. This digital product has been in the online market since 2009 and has greatly amassed positive feedback from users. Here are its pros and cons.

The Good and Bad of Computer Music Production

If you’re a musically creative kind of person, you may have considered the possibility of making music on your own on a computer. These days, with computer technology as it now is, it’s truly amazing what can be achieved just by one person and a minimal amount of equipment.

Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys

This album is considered the second greatest rock album of all time, second only to the album it pushed The Beatles to record to “beat” it – Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. It takes their ballads of teenage love to a rare level.

Sound and Energy – Why Music Appeals So Much, If It Is Merely Sound

An exploration into why music appeals to us if it is just sound waves, mere air pressure fluctuations. A model is proposed of how music appeals to us, on the basis of it being encoded experience or energy.

Top 10 Tax Deductible Expenses for Musicians

The IRS defines a business expense as something that is common, accepted, helpful, and appropriate to your trade or business. Most musicians operate as sole proprietors, thus they are considered a business that can make deductions from their expenses. Before being able to make deductibles, you must file a Schedule C as part of your annual tax return.

Checking the Cassette Tape

Cassette tapes are produced of a polyester type plastic celluloid with a magnetized coating. The gamma ferric oxide (Fe2O3) was the basis of the original magnetized stuff. About 1970, a doping cobalt volume procedure with a double-coating method to heighten overall tape output levels was developed and introduced by 3M company.

Discover New Music With Your Wireless Internet Connection

Most everyone has that one favorite band that they find themselves listening to over and over again. While having a favorite band is a fun thing, there is something to be said about being able to find fun new music as well. One of the best sources for finding new music is the internet. There are a large number of ways that music can be discovered, purchased and enjoyed. With a wireless internet connection you will have everything that you need to be able to expand your musical library. If you are starting to get bored with the same tracks every day, then make sure and go out there and diversify your music selection.

Native American Flutes Produce A Beautiful Sound

Adding to the ambiance of any powwow, or healing ceremony, the music of the flute is unmistakable. Centuries of tradition lie behind the flute, both in regards to the music and the construction. Melodies from antiquity still echo down in the kiva and on the dance floor as the Indian flute weaves its spell.

Cars and Guitars: Rockabilly Music and Car Shows Are a Match Made in Rock and Roll Heaven

It’s a natural. Cool cars teamed up with hot guitars. The rockabilly music scene and the car how circuit have become inseparable over the past several years. Any good car show these days will be made better by a rockin’ band or two to keep car nuts’ motors running during the event.

Grand Piano Regulation For The Perfect Rendition

Grand Piano regulation and practice go hand in hand when it comes to playing a grand piano with great perfection and fineness. Unless the inner playing mechanism or the ‘action’ of your piano is properly adjusted, you will never be able to get that clear note.

Benefits Of Rap Beats For Most People

Read this article if you want to discover how to find the right rap beats online. You can use the production available in the online market to create songs.

A Little Information on Caribbean Music

Caribbean music has gained a lot of popularity all over the world because of Bob Marley. This is one name that is heard by everyone and through him the Reggae genre has become famous. This genre is usually played during wedding or parties. It has collected so many fans over the year and its popularity is continuously increasing. After Bob Marley his son Ziggy Marley started producing this music. There are so many singers now who have made Reggae, zouk, etc. their main genres. It is soothing as well as lively so you can listen to it no matter what state of mind you are in.

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