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Cruisin’ With Elvis

The 2010 Elvis Cruise was wonderful – and being surrounded by over two thousand fans in such close quarters brought to mind the amazing love affair Elvis had with his fans over the years. He and I often spoke about what their love and support meant to him.

How to Maintain a Guitar

Often times people who have musical instruments ignore maintenance of musical instruments. For example a guitar. We care for motorcycles, cars, computers and other items that we like. What about the guitar? Often we ignore it. Here are some tips about guitar maintenance that need attention by the owner.

The Fascinating History Of Patriotic Music

Music is said to be a path or a connection to numerous abstract concepts such as love, hate, God and so on. One of those concepts include patriotism. Patriotic music is one such concept. It has the potential to play a vital role in every citizen’s life.

10 Tips for Playing Drums

There are some tips for you to play a drum. You will love it because all these tips are simple. Like use ear plugs (cover ears) in order to protect the ears from damage, and always use in training and performing.

Singing Tips for Aspiring Singers

Whether you want to be the next international singing phenomenon or simply want to impress your friends during videoke sessions, singing is a skill that can be developed. Here are some practical tips you can do to help enhance your voice and make you feel more confident in front of the crowd.

Guitar Players – 5 Reasons Why You’ll Never Play Guitar Half As Good As Eddie Van Halen

Guitar playing tips and secrets for players of all skill levels. Strategies that you can use right away to improve your guitar playing. These guitar techniques are for electric or acoustic players.

Me And Mrs Jones Still Got A Thing!

I’m thinking back to a cold day in December when the future seemed open to every possibility and I was the new father to my eleven month old daughter. That was the day I first heard this song, Me and Mrs. Jones.

Make Use Of African Instruments To Produce Sophisticated Tunes

African instruments range from drums, guitars, string instruments, and a lot more. Rates also vary, and it is not hard to acquire one that fits your budget and your personal liking. This is the finest instance to identify if you have got that caliber in you. Well, though it does not emerge, you will never feel bad since you know that you are getting an item that you can utilize to amuse yourself or your family and friends.

Finding Good Beat Making Programs For Your Computer

Musicians and DJs alike can greatly benefit from various beat making programs. No matter what genre of music you specialize in, as long as it involves a good beat, you will need a program like this to help you compose music. Fortunately, you no longer have to buy expensive equipment just to use this kind of program, as you can readily download beat making software for your computer or even for your laptop.

Yamaha Clarinets – A Wise Choice

Anyone thinking about learning to play a musical instrument should consider the clarinet. You can produce beautiful music with the clarinet, calm yourself and soothe your nerves after the stresses of the day.

Versions of the Gibson Les Paul Guitar

The Gibson Les Paul Guitar is as iconic as it is rare. This article looks at some of the great examples of this instrument. There is the Gibson 2008 Les Paul Standard Ebony which is available on an outright purchase or through a monthly installment loan.

Country Western Music – Read More About It

The kind of music you listen to may very well describe a bit about your personality, as they say music is food to the soul and the rhythm of every heart.the tunes and words of country music songs have been known to tagged a few heart strings along the years with its rich guitar tunes and voices of its singers have melted the hearts of many music fans. Country music has its roots in to regions in America the south east and west and the two regions merge in the1920s as a result of the war.

Listening To The Music – A Good Hobby

Words tell a tale of many things we hold dear and they make us aware of our capabilities to overcome anything. It is known as food for the soul the inspiration, for the down and low, the expression of love and it true meaning is best left for the person’s definition of music. Most of us if not all love music it may range in diversity but the effect is the same, it takes us to a place of relaxation and celebration of life be it in good times or sad times it refreshes and nourishes our souls.

Keep Up With Local Music With Satellite Internet

Now, more than ever, it is incredibly easy to be an obsessive music fan if you want to be. Satellite Internet takes care of any need you would have on this front. Following a performer or a band used to require a singular dedication. Perhaps you would have to take out a few magazine subscriptions, so that you could follow the music news that was reported in magazines like Rolling Stone, Creem, or Downbeat. You would simply have to hope upon hope that a news article regarding your band was printed there. Another method involved becoming part of your band’s fan club. This also required you to outlay some money. You did have the advantage, of course, of being the first one to access new albums, purchase tickets for concert tours, and get your hands on a host of cool merchandise.

Downloading The Beatles – What Is the Best Audio Format?

There was much Beatles hoopla happening in November, when iTunes and the Beatles finally announced that they would be selling all the re-mastered Beatles albums through the iTunes store. Many fans have been waiting eagerly for this, because the Beatles were among the last of the truly huge bands that had not gotten their product distributed through the Apple music system. However, the files that one purchases through iTunes have DRM (digital rights management) copy-protection, which means there are limitations to how one can use the files.

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