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Learn To Make Instrumentals With These Helpful Tips

Thanks to computers and the availability of music making software, it is no longer necessary to spend thousands of dollars on equipment and studio time to make instrumentals. There are many good software programs available that will allow you to create your own unique instrumentals on your computer – your desktop or laptop can become your recording studio. Choosing the correct software is important so that you are able to make studio quality instrumentals.

How Much Time Do You Spend in a Queue for the Toilets at Rock Festivals?

You are at Glastonbury or Electric Picnic or T in the Park or any of the mega-rock festivals that run during the Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The sun is shining & your best friends are with you. Your favourite act is about to go on stage and you are stuck in a queue for the ladies. And you have been there for an hour already! Later that night you are tucked in your sleeping bag and nature calls. You fight the urge but you are losing. You have to find your torch. You have to find your shoes. You have to crawl over you two other friends to get out of the tent. You have to walk in the dark to the loos.

The Magic of Music And Its Impact On Intellectual Development

Parenting is mankind’s greatest responsibility. As parents nurture their progeny to greatest potential, the wise attempt to instill the greater societal attributes of ethics, ethos and personal productivity. The magic of music is our greatest partner. This easy assist to good parenting effectively thwarts waywardness, instills accountability, and is readily available to each household. Music is the quintessence of spirituality; in fact, music is a worship medium in many church assemblies.

Top 20 Whitney Houston Hits

Reported drug abuse and an abusive marriage hasn’t helped this woman’s career, which has included eleven number one hits. But, Whitney Houston is out to redeem herself. Read her story and take a look at her twenty biggest hits.

Wedding Bands/Music – How to Choose the Right One for Your Big Day

Choosing the right wedding bands/music may not be as easy as it sounds especially when you have to arrange and plan for so many other things for the D-day. In fact, it can turn out to be quite a chore if you have no clue where to look to get the right music as well as the musicians. The role of music in a wedding ceremony as well as the reception later on is a huge one as it sets the mood for the complete event.

The Best Way To Easily Create Killer Hip Hop Beats

In this easy to follow, beginner guide I describe the best way to make tight hip hop beats in very little time. If you are not sure which software to take I give you a cheap recommendation too.

Stainless Steel Frets On An Acoustic Guitar Could Increase Its Life

The general feeling with electric players is that stainless steel frets can give a completely new dimension to ease of playing; therefore why shouldn’t the same be applicable to the acoustic guitar? Stainless steel fret replacement is a reasonably common modification that is made to electric and electro-acoustic guitars, but the practice of refitting an acoustic guitar with stainless steel frets is a pretty rare occurrence, by all accounts.

The Best Guitar For Beginners Could Be An Acoustic Guitar

Has your son or daughter shown any desire to play a musical instrument? If they have then I would wager that you will have decided that a guitar is probably the best option and now you are wondering “what is the best guitar for beginners?” Let’s first put up the case for the opposition to a getting a guitar and opting for something else:

Guitar Learning Software – Is There Even Such a Thing?

If you’re looking for a software to help you learn guitar, then it is essential that you read this. It’s not because I have the greatest software to showcase, but rather because I actually don’t. And I’m about to tell you why you won’t find the right software for learning guitar anywhere on the internet.

Little Jimmy Dickens Played the Country Clown But Also Recorded Some Fine Rockabilly Music

Little Jimmy Dickens made a name for himself starting in the late 1940s as a singer of novelty country songs. He cut a somewhat comical picture with his 4′ 11″ height and a crazy variety of pseudo-western rhinestone-studded outfits. Whether he’d intended to play the clown or not, it worked for him. But Dickens also contributed some fine rockabilly tunes during the 1950s.

The Fine Art of the Simplistic Yet Complicated Noises of Electro and Dubstep

WOMP WOMP WOMP WOBBLE WOBBLE WOBBLE! those are the sounds that are often associated with the music industry’s currently hot genre “dubstep”. Dubstep is a sub-genre of the more generic sounds of electro music.

Do You Want A Career In Music?

If you want to have a career in music there are several things to consider. Here is an overlook from a professional musician. Hopefully it will answer some questions and ask others.

A Review of the Revival RG-26 Acoustic Guitar

The RG-26 is an OM/OO size/style acoustic guitar built with an all solid Sitka spruce top and solid Honduran mahogany back and sides. This small bodied wonder really packs a punch as it excels at both finger style playing and flat picking. Upon first receiving this particular model guitar, I found myself inspired to to play some finger style tunes and cover some new musical ground as well; however this guitar is certainly no slouch at flat picking tunes either!

Review of the Album “Passion, Pain and Pleasure” by Trey Songz

For anyone who likes R&B/Soul music, who does not have this album by Trey Songz, you need to read this review. The album was one of the best of the year with powerful beats, vocals, and lyrics.

The Elton John Productive Tracks Uncovered

Elton John was in activity ever since 1964. By simply the legitimate identity Reginald Kenneth Dwight, he was given birth to on March twenty-five, ’47 throughout Middlesex, England. He was first an outstanding pianist when he had been really adolescent. Elton John earned an important fund from the Royal Academy of Music the moment the guy has been basically eleven yrs and even kept generally there until the guy was 15 years old.

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