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Where Is All The New Music?

We have come to place music into two broad categories; that of New Music and that of Traditional Music. Music before the turn of the century has come to be thought of as the Traditional. This Traditional Music gets lumped together in what most people refer to as Classical.

MTV Unplugged Gets Credit for the Kiss Reunion Tour

The band Kiss is doing an acoustic concert in Pasadena on July 23, a night that could resemble the memorable performance twenty years ago on MTV’s “Unplugged.” That show, which aired on August 9, 1995, has been acknowledged as the event that brought the original lineup back together. That Unplugged concert was the first time the original quartet of bassist Gene Simmons, guitarist Paul Stanley, drummer Peter Criss and lead guitarist Ace Frehley had performed together since 1979, and it was also the first time ever that those…

Why Do People Listen To Music?

Almost every human being alive likes to listen to music, but what is it and why do people like to listen to music? This article explores this question with some thoughts on the subject from past, great musical artists.

Is It Ethical To Download New Music On The Internet?

On the internet, people can download new music. There has been a big controversy over this and this article takes a look at the ethical side this new business model.

Roy Clark: Television Entertainer Extraordinaire, Brilliant Musician, and Singer For Over 50 Years

Roy Clark studied his craft in so many ways. He was not only a good singer with hits like “Yesterday When I Was Young” and “Come Live With Me.” He was also a talented comedic actor in many television shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show, The Jimmy Dean Show, The Beverly Hillbillies Show, the Johnny Carson show and the Hee Haw show that ran for 23 years. He was also a renowned guitarist and banjo player and skilled in classical guitar and several other instruments. He was inducted in 2009 in to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

A Brief History of the La Scala Opera House

Known in Italian as Teatro alla Scala, the opera house in Milan, Italy, is the Mecca of the art form for performers and opera lovers the world over. Aspiring singers who want to “make it” in the world of opera dream of performing on the stage of La Scala, much the same way musicians yearn to play at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Romeo Santos: From The Bronx In NY To The Dominican Republic – A Singing Star Who Has Earned Success

Romeo Santos has had many hit songs with a group called Aventura and as a solo artist. But to truly understand him one needs to trace his background from the beginning to the present. He was born Anthony Santos in the Bronx, in New York City. His father is Dominican and his mother is Puerto Rican. His mother had a large influence on him Musically. And he got his early singing experience in the choir at his Catholic church. You will hear some little known facts about his mother having the admirable trait of character and some history about her son. Also you will hear interesting facts about his early days with a group he co-founded called Aventura. The story behind Bachata music and how Romeo became the king of Bachata music and to the many interesting facts about this super-star singer.

Where To Find The Best New Music Releases

The music industry is changing and you will miss out on the best new music releases, if you don’t keep up with these changes. This article takes a look at what has been going on with music and the music business.

Bobby Bare: Legendary Country Singer, Songwriter and Musician for 50 Plus Years and Hall of Fame

In the mid 1950’s the career of Bobby Bare started to take hold with a song he wrote titled “The All American Boy.” This was just before he was drafted into the Army. The song did very well and was #2 on the US charts. When he finished his obligation in the Army he got a big break in Country Music. This was when Chet Atkins of RCA Records signed him. With songs like “Shame On Me” and “Detroit City” he had hits that charted well. He was nominated for different Grammy nominations as well for “Shame On Me.” There is an interesting story about his interaction with the singing group The Browns and so much more about other songs that did so well.

Cincinnati’s Musical Heritage Should Be Part of All-Star Festivities

Cincinnati has arranged some spectacular festivities for the 2015 All-Star game, even beyond the traditional Home Run Derby on Monday and the Futures Game on Sunday. The home city of the oldest franchise in Major League Baseball will also host a softball game and feature many of the biggest stars to ever don a Reds uniform. The city’s strengths will be showcased during the weekend preceding the Midsummer Classic, including its well-known businesses.

Imagine Pop Classical Music Fusion

It’s not such a stretch as you might think; pop classical music fusion. In fact it might just be the next big thing.

A Brief History of Teatro Colon [Buenos Aires]

The top opera house in all of South America is the Teatro Colón (Columbus Theater) of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In its role as the music culture center of the country, if not the continent, Teatro Colón annually presents an extensive season of fully staged operas, plus ballet and symphonic concerts.

The Most Popular Music Genres in the World

It is incredibly hard to trace the origin of music. In fact, music as we know it today went through several transformations, both great and small, over the years. However, at every point, there have always been some genres of music that were incredibly popular, and took most of the world by storm.

Why You Should Buy New Music Online

If you enjoy new music, that is to say new music you’ve never heard, then you should support your favorite artists by buying their music online. This article examines several important reasons you should support this new business model and buy new music online.

The Difficulties and Tests of Becoming a Songwriter and Composer

An attempt encapsulating the overall view of being involved in Composing and Songwriting. It looks into the difficulty of writing music in the mainstream modern world.

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