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Wedding Reception Entertainment: The Best and Worst Songs

Even the best-planned wedding reception can run into problems. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian’s wedding spared no expense, yet her reception was cut short due to the neighbors complaining about the noise. It’s easy to overlook something as simple as letting the neighbors know that your party will be rocking all night. A little foresight (and a reception invitation, perhaps) would have gone a long way toward smoothing her neighbor’s ruffled feathers. Read on to find out how you can have a blast with your guests without inviting the police!

Should Parents Send Kids To Learn Violin Music

Violin is a very popular instrument that is played by many people around the world. Violin music is also enjoyed by people of all ages, young and old. While many parents would love to see their kids perform violin music, either in their living room, or in big concert stages, many wonder if learning the instrument is worth it.

Dave Matthews Band Quotes – And Why They Are So Memorable

You may not be a fan, or you may be a diehard loyal lovable little puppy, but no one can deny that the Dave Matthews Band is one of the greatest bands of all time. But what makes their sayings and quotes so memorable? Get the down low here in this article!

What Are Some Of The Greatest Spanish Guitar Artists Of All Time – And Why?

When we think of Spanish guitar artists we think of Flamenco. But Flamenco is not the only musical style that comes out of Spain. So, while I was sitting in a train on my way to Madrid I sat across from these two Gypsy women and their kids. We talked about some of our favorite Spanish artists and here’s what we came up with…

Roots Rock Music – Bringing Back Rock to Its Roots

Whenever someone says “rock music” our minds instantly glide past through thoughts of heavy guitar riffs, men shouting in high pitch tone, spiky hairstyles, glitzy costumes and ruffles hanging from their sleeves. When no one thought that rock could mellow, a sub-genre called “roots rock music” emerged in the ’80s.

What Makes Some Electric Guitars Sound So Much Better Than Others? 3 Reasons

There’s no doubt about it, some electric guitars sound really great and others sound a bit weak. Here I look at the 3 main reasons why this is the case and what to avoid when buying a new model.

Brief Introduction to Heavy Metal

Heavy metal is a type of genre of music that has a small but loyal crowd. It includes powerful guitar solos, heavy drum beats and amplified distortion. Some people say the louder the better.

DJ Promotion Tips – How To Get Better Paid Gigs In Clubs

DJ promotion is not always what comes naturally to all of us. There are some amazingly talented DJs who unfortunately lack the people skills to get top gigs in clubs. On the other hand, semi-talented guys or girls who look good and are smart at talking to people get far better gigs and in less time.

“Box of Rain”: The Grateful Dead’s Tribute to a Dying Father

“Box of Rain” was a highlight of the Grateful Dead’s 1970 masterpiece, “American Beauty.” The song was bassist Phil Lesh’s tribute to his father, who was dying of cancer. The music for “Box of Rain” was composed by Lesh, who made of tape of the melody and gave it to longtime Dead lyricist Robert Hunter. The lyrics came quickly to Hunter, who is considered a member of the band though he never appears with the Dead on stage.

How Useful Is The Johnny Juliano Sample Collection?

If you are looking to find the Johnny Juliano Drum Kit, but are not certain whether it a worthwhile kit to find, then this article will share the pros and cons of the kit. I discuss Johnny Juliano’s background, and what makes his sound so special. We also go into detail about this kit and it’s contents.

Buying a Beginner Drum Set? – Start Here, Do Not Spend $2,000

Here’s a practical guide to buying a beginner drum set. It’s based on the experience of seasoned musicians and covers the basics to give you some great suggestions to help orientate you. Different size budgets are also taken into consideration, so you can choose the options best suited to your particular case.

Fundamentals of Indian Classical Ragas

The prominent feature is that the classical Hindustani music is entirely based on them. They also induce the similar effect on listeners also. The literal sense of the word raga is “the act of dyeing” and colour, tint and hue.

What Are Chest Voice and Head Voice?

What are the differences between the chest voice and head voice and how does a singer build a strong voice? What other parts of the voice is it important to develop in order to be a great singer?

Tracy Chapman

When I watched the lady for the first time on TV, she was performing on stage. She wore a turtle-neck sweater, a skirt going just below the knee and clutched her trademark instrument between her right arm and ribs.

Country Musicians Care for Their Fans

Why are country music stars so connected to their fans? Because they are just like you. When they talk, their voices sound like those that you hear every day. When they talk about their lives, it sounds like what you do each weekend minus the music records and concerts, of course. When they interact with their fans, body guards are not what the fans see. They see their favorite star.

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