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A Timeless Gordon Lightfoot Song: “Circle of Steel”

How does a songwriter write about sensitive issues such as welfare, jail, tenements and alcoholism as it relates to Christmas? Gordon Lightfoot answers this question with the beautiful song “Circle of Steel” where the listener is hooked by the song’s melody and almost-happy vibe and then…bombarded by reality.

Seven Laws Of The Universe and The Struggling Musician

There are seven immutable laws of the universe. These laws affect the way you think which in turn affects your music and your relationship with a band. Can you program your brain for success? The answer is yes.

What Makes Experimental Music Experimental?

As an independent creative music producer and performer, I am often accused of being experimental. And this label feels quite appropriate and comfortable for me to describe my creativity is largely channeled through music and the spoken word. But this oft used term can be very broad and vague. What does the term experimental actually mean? And what constitutes experimental music?

Is Experimental Music a Useful Term?

Experimental music to me can be anything from something slightly apart from the predictable to music that may not even resemble music at all. And there are many creative music makers that describe themselves quite happily as being experimental. While others object to the term, claiming it is too broad and actually undermines the musical product they have created.

Find Out Why an Incredible DJ Is an Absolute Must If You Want to Throw a Preposterous Party

Do you happen to be one of those kinds of people who wishes that your party will be the one that all of your friends and neighbors will talk about for months to come? If so, you just might find some or all of the following information very useful. When you start planning out your next big event, there are quite a few things that you need to take into consideration, and setting the right mood, by having a DJ play fantastic music is just one of them.

What Rock Musicians Have the Coolest Guitars?

Rock stars have a certain flair and nowhere is this more apparent than when looking at some of the coolest guitars used by rock guitarists. Some musicians are known for one particular guitar while others are known as collectors who may have many unique and interesting axes.

Writing Lyrics – 3 Things to Remember When Writing Song Lyrics

Living the life of rock stars and pop divas has always been a dream of many. These music artists live the lives we all dream about – expensive cars, designer clothes, fame and fortune. In fact, everything relating to the music industry is quite exciting, and we all want to be a part of it. However, we only see one side of the coin, and this is the easier part of being successful in this line of business. We see the result – great songs, millions and millions of fans, and so much more. Few of us ask ourselves how they got there, and how much effort and time they put into what they do.

Songwriting – How to Write a Love Song

Many of us have asked ourselves the question of how to write a love song, as this is one of the most romantic things you can do for that someone special in your life. Even though writing your first love song appears to be a demanding task, there are many things that can help you turn your innermost feelings into an enchanting love song.

Uplighting Essentials for Your Event

This article describes the various options for using warm, romantic or dramatic uplighting to create the perfect atmosphere for any party or event. Options include static uplighting, chasing, color medley, color change and strobe effects.

Set Fire To The Rain – Another Soul Stirring Song From Adele

If you have Adele’s set fire to the rain, then you sure must have wondered how she manages to come up with such intense composition and music that leaves you addicted to it. The song has an intense message and someone who admires would definitely love what she has done with the song.

A Good Old Rant About the Importance Of Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are great for a number of reasons, and I’m not even thinking about the sound. The Winter Music Conference 2012’s Record Collectors Show in Miami to take place on Saturday, March 24, 2012 is an important date for any music aficionado.

Greatest Rap Songs of All Time

Although many people might criticize today’s rap music for all sounding the same, there are still some exceptional rappers who are talented and deserve some recognition from their listeners. If you enjoy rap music, you will enjoy looking through the top five greatest rap songs of all time. Stan is written by the one and only, beloved Eminem, and although he is a punk, he has really made a name for himself, as there are not many white men who can pull off rapping and be taken seriously.

A Short Biography of Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole

Israel Ka’ano’i Kamakawiwo’ole was a singer and musician who was born at Kuakini Hospital in Honolulu. His early life was spent in Palolo Valley located in O’ahu, Hawaii. He lived here till the time he was 10 and then moved to Makaha with his family.

How Do I Find Song Lyrics?

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. You’re singing along to a favourite song (albeit off key and quietly so as not to offend the neighbours) and you get to the one line in the song you just hum along to or skip over because you don’t know the words to it. But your smart-ass friend knows them all. But you think he’s wrong. How can you find out who is right?

Expressing Yourself Through Arts

Some of us are good with words. When we are happy, sad, angry or grieving, we go sit down and start pouring our hearts out in our diaries.We write all the thoughts bothering us, until all of them are on paper and it seems to lift a burden from our minds.

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