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Some Thoughts About Buying Your Child’s First Guitar

What are you going to do when your child asks you for their first guitar? What is going through your head? What are you visualising?

Music in Film – How To Find The Perfect Songwriting Partner

Songwriting collaboration is responsible for some of the greatest songs ever written in the history of popular music: Rogers & Hammerstein, Lennon & McCartney, Elton John & Bernie Taupin and Gamble & Huff to name a few. The one thing they all had in common was that they knew their strengths and weaknesses. Elton John would take Bernie Taupin’s lyric and bring it to life with chords and melody.

Twenty Years Of Rock: Pearl Jam Releases ‘Live On Ten Legs’ Deluxe Vinyl Edition

Assembling tracks from their 2003-2010 world tours, Pearl Jam released their latest album, ‘Live on Ten Legs’ back in January. Attainable on April 12th on commemorative vinyl records, re-releases of ‘Vs.’ and ‘Vitalogy’, the group’s second and third albums consecutively, followed by the release of ‘Live on Ten Legs’ signaling the twentieth anniversary of the band. This year will also see the release of Cameron Crowe’s documentary, ‘Pearl Jam Twenty’ paired with a 250 page book commemorating the group’s past this fall. Affirming that even after two decades, Pearl Jam is still thriving, there is also a 20th anniversary weekend bash in mind for this summer.

Methods to Choose and Buy Music Recording Equipment

Good music recording equipment will have high quality audio output. Many products in the market provide quality results. In most cases, a microphone is used as the main tool for recording for many years. There are many different types of microphones available in the market, which have different qualities and features.

What Is Online Audio Mastering?

In recent years the music industry has changed and this also applies to audio mastering. This is a short article outlining what online mastering is and why there are savings to be made over typical attended mastering sessions.

Steinway Piano Bench Buyers Guide and Helpful Tips

A helpful guide on choosing a piano bench to go with your Steinway piano. Steinway in fact does not make their own piano benches, and contracts out to Jansen & Son. Thus if you are looking for a Steinway piano bench, you are in fact looking for a Jansen piano bench. The most common and popular bench to place with a Steinway is the Jansen artist bench, which if you have seen a Steinway piano in a concert hall, this is the piano bench that accompanies it.

Avril Lavigne’s “Goodbye Lullaby” Showcases Artist’s Growth and Versatility

On “Goodbye Lullaby,” Lavigne’s fourth studio album, she presents a slightly different energy. Although there are still the pop-punk sounds that have been the staples of her CDs, she also showcases a different, more mature sound. Essentially, Lavigne shows a little more in terms of her softer side while somehow still maintaining the rock vibe she has become synonymous with.

Three Ingredient of Guitar Soloing

When it comes to written or spoken structure the initial part should gain attention, the second part should intrigue or build anticipation so that the third part becomes the punch line or resolution. Harnessing the power of three will heighten audience appreciation and increase your personal playing satisfaction. It’s soloing and the concept of ‘the solo’ that we’re discussing here.

Everything There Is to Know About The Djembe Drum

I’ve decided to write a comprehensive article on the djembe drum since it is becoming very popular in western cultures and most people haven’t heard about it yet. Played only with bare hands, the Djembe drum is a traditional African drum covered in skin. The unique sound of this drum is achieved with very little effort because the Djembe is built with one concept in mind.

Tips In Singing High Notes

It is the goal of every singer to be able to reach high notes. However, this can prove to be a frustrating endeavor especially during the beginner phase when you are still learning the basics of proper singing. Let us take a look at some tips that will help you to increase your vocal range.

Get Mp3’s Easily With Mp3 Search Engines

Previously, in order to play your favorite singles and albums, you had to first convert your music compact disk to the mp3 or a similar format in order to play your favorite music on your portable digital player. While that is still the preferred method for most music lovers who like to purchase music CD’s and yet play their music on the go in a portable format, there had also been a rise of Internet downloads of music in digitized form in the decade before this, Napster being the most famous and previously notorious example.

Elvis Presley Drummer DJ Fontana Laid The Beat to Elvis Hits

D.J. Fontana and his straight-forward drumming style played a pivotal role in making those early Elvis records what they were. He was smart enough to know exactly what those songs needed and disciplined enough to deliver exactly that. The simple fact that the most successful musician in rock and roll history respected Fontana enough to play with him for all those years is really all you need to know about his talents!

How Music Benefits the Musician

It has been proven in scientific research that music creates positive effects on Mankind. But did you know that music actually creates a more unique effect on a musician than it does merely on the listener?

So What Style of Country Music Floats Your Boat?

Ask some people what country songs or country singers they like and the chances are they’ll say ‘I don’t like country music’. Ask the same people if they like Roy Orbison, Alison Krauss or Lady Antebellum and they’ll say ‘Yeah, they’re OK, but they’re not really country music are they?’

Important Vocal Training Tips You Must Know

Many newbie singers struggle at developing their vocal talents when it should not be the case. If you are one of them and you are feeling frustrated at your seeming inability to meet your musical goals, maybe you have set your standards too high. Even if you are not a particularly talented singer, you can still manage to sing beautiful tones, vibrato and rip through the high notes.

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