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The Grateful Dead Music Career

Grateful dead started their music career as a band known as the “Warlocks”. The name “Grateful band” came from a folklore dictionary. What made this group different from the other bands is because of their eclectic style of music. The core members of the band were Bill Kreutzman, Bob Weir Jerry Garcia, Ron Mckernan and Phil Lesh. The group biography was contributed by followers of the band and they were known as Deadheads.

Your First Audio Interface Doesn’t Have to Be the Best One

If you are just getting started with music production, you would know that a good digital audio interface is required to get a better sound quality. But then you really don’t have to get a top of the line one, or even one that has many features. A simple model with enough inputs and outputs for your work is what you need to get started.

Tips To Create Dubstep Music

Dubstep is turning out to be its own genre with unique sounds and due to their best creations some artists in this genre of music are finding a place in the list of top ten Dubstep artists. If you are planning to try your hand in the genre, some of the tips that can be helpful are discussed in the content given below: The first step you will have to take is to select and install a software program that can be helpful in creating this music. Then, open this software program and load the individual tracks that you…

The Balladeer Rises

  February 14, 2013. It wasn’t just another Valentine’s Day. All over the world, people were coming together to sing, dance and express solidarity for the cause of putting an end to gender violence.

How Many UK Festivals Have You Been To?

An article about UK Festivals and whether some people think they are yesterdays news or whether people still adore the festival. This goes into the details of how good or bad, depending on your views, the festivals are like in the modern day.

How to Get Your Band Noticed

They say it’s not what you know but who you know, and this certainly rings true in the music business. You could make the most incredible music, but if you don’t get it out into the world then you are not going to be seen and heard.

Does a DJ Need to Beat Match?

It’s so easy these days to become a professional DJ and in some cases it will be essential to beat match, or ‘mix’ from one tune to the next. If you’re thinking about becoming a professional DJ, please read on.

Rap Ghost Writer

A rap ghost writer writes lyrics for other rappers to perform. A rap ghost writer is an experienced and professional lyricist. If you can compose flowing versus then you are on the right track for ghostwriting rap songs.

Rap Ghost Writers

Rap ghost writers are hired by rappers because rap ghost writers can write original raps based on their client’s instructions. Many rap artists are great rappers but either struggle with writing rap songs or simply do not have the time. Such song writers are responsible for anonymously writing lyrics for rappers.

Writing Country Music

Writing country music requires experience and creativity. When writing country music, make use of free expression emotions – happiness, sadness, optimism, love and hate. Start by writing down your ideas and then go back to turn it into a structured song that is set to a good tune.

Song Writer

Want to become a song writer? Have you ever listened to a song that inspire you, but felt that if the song writer had made a few changes the words and music would gel better? You focus on the content and message delivered by the song writer.

Songwriter Helper

In this competitive world of song writing, online sources have a songwriter helper. The songwriter helper can gear song writers to discover their hidden potential by offering tips, lyric editing and writing services, music writing and editing services, and custom sheet music creation. An online source and personal attention can prove to be the best songwriter helper when it provides inspiration and meaningful feedback and song writing tips.

Don McLean’s “Vincent”: What Was The Singer Trying To Do?

Some of the most vivid lyrics in the rock era are found in Don McLean’s “Vincent”. But what was McLean writing about and what was he really trying to accomplish when he wrote it? The answer might surprise you.

Song Writers

Song writers are individuals who write songs. Their role and responsibility of song writers encompasses writing lyricist and composing. The best music writers compose, arrange, and play their own songs.

Music Transcription Services

Online music transcription services offer quality and custom transcription in guitar, bass guitar, piano, violin, and drums. Music transcription is the process of writing down a song in a notated and comprehensible format commonly known as sheet music. Such services have transcribers who typically write down the notations and chords in a music sheet after listening to the melody, solos or chord progression several times.

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