Why Is The Shure SM58 Such A Popular Microphone?

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Google Music Store Officially Launches

Google has recently launched the Google Music Service. This allows users to find and purchase new music, share it with friends on their Google+ account. This article talks a little about the Google Music Service.

Pat Monahan From Train – The Voice Of Positive

The power of a positive voice that can help turn things around. Pat Monahan from Train uses reoccurring themes in their songs with a positive message. Here’s what they are.

Kathy Troccoli Songs Written By Chris Rice

Many of the Kathy Troccoli songs are written by Kathy Troccoli but occasionally she does record songs written by other artists. Did you know that Chris Rice wrote one of her biggest hits? It is not always easy to connect to the words and sounds of another artist, but she did a great job of performing the songs as if they were her own. Find out which Chris Rice songs were recorded by Kathy Troccoli.

Utah’s Cartel Numbers Increasing

The Cache Valley Cartel has come a long way from their humble beginning in Logan, Utah in December of 2009. The band formed under the direction of Kidd Kazmeo, who brought a talented, yet, inexperienced group of young musicians together with the express idea of turning the music industry on its ear. Kazmeo knew he could develop a music genre unlike any other by blending several styles into an entirely new genre.

Great Nightclub Equipment Ideas

As social beings, we make it a point to go out, have fun and meet people every once in a while. When we feel stressed and exhausted, we need something to relieve it, if not eliminate. In this light, what do you have in mind? Of course you want to have a break and rest right? After having your break, for sure you will build up your strength in no time.

What the Heck Is StumbleUpon?

With all the new social sites going up, is StumbleUpon still a viable source to market your site? I read a recent article which stated that StumbleUpon is getting 1 billion stumbles a month now. Wow!! So how can you, as a musician, take advantage of this important website tool?

The Importance of Tuning Your Drums

An amazing drum solo starts with a well-tuned drum set. Nothing is more annoying from an audience ear than the sound of a sloppy beat and out-of-synch drum work. That is why you always need to check the overall tone of your drum kit.

How Vinyl Albums Create Wonderful Memories

It is wonderful to see vinyl albums enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Just by researching the internet and walking the streets, you will discover record albums in areas that might surprise you. You will even find new artists releasing music albums and jumping in on this new wave. We can only hope that younger generations will get to have the experience we did by listening to vinyl albums.

Elvis: Making Money Even In The Afterlife

He is referred to by his birth name, Elvis, but some refer to him as the King. He is thought of as an American Rock-and-Roll legend, and his presence remains strong well after his death. For fans of his classic vinyl, his records have been known to have high resale values; some rare records of his can generate hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. His music lives on as American hits, but it’s the sales generated from his estate that have the CKX Enterprise’s pockets filled with cash. CKX Enterprise has created a niche business promoting the image and name of dead celebrities, and Elvis remains one of the most lucrative names in the business.

CD Album Review – Southern Wind – John Tallon Jones

John Tallon Jones was not an artist that I was acquainted with until recently, when a friend of mine played me the excellent “Escape” CD which was released in the mid 1990’s. After hearing this, I did a Google search and discovered that the second CD called “southern Wind” had recently been released, and I bought it hoping that unlike a lot of second albums it would come up to the standard of the first.   I wasn’t disappointed, but was a little bit shocked at the change in style and musical direction that the second album takes….

The Two Best Songs On Craig Pruess Sacred Chants Of Buddha

Craig Pruess hails from the UK and is one of the most influential spiritual musicians of all time. But what are the best tracks from his Sacred Chants of Buddha release? Find out which ones and why.

The 3 Best Elements To The Voice Of The Lead Singer Of Maroon 5

Adam Levine is the lead singer of Maroon 5. Maroon 5 has been able to ride at the top of the charts multiple times. Find out what three things are that make his voice the reason and why.

DJ Turntables: The Past and The Present – Intro Into DJ World

Introduction into DJ turntables. The history, playing techniques, and the internal parts. Good for DJ wannabes or beginners.

Making Your Own Beats – Now Cheaper Than Ever

The age of electronic music is completely upon us. It started in the 80s with the electronic drums and synth sounds of that day. Hip hop furthered the trend with sampling and other techniques that the producers of that style used to make their beats.

How to Choose The Best Beat Making Software for Your Computer

Current technology has considerably changed how we look at the progress of music production. We do not actually require real musical instruments to generate beautiful and quality music or beats. Such software has become an economical alternative for ones who has desire to discover their music ability rather than a high-cost studio. Even for some people who identify themselves musical purists are bringing into play this kind of beat making software to make quality and unique techno, hip hop, or rap beats or music.

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