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The Changing Times And The Continued Success Of Vinyl Records

Try telling someone from the Baby Boomer era that digital LPs are better than vinyl. He’ll laugh in your face, and follow it up with a list of reasons as to why vinyl is superior to digital LPs. While both factions of the debate will bring up reasonable points, neither one is better than the other; it’s all personal taste. Of course each type of music medium has some aspect that makes it more favored than its counterpart, but neither is entirely perfect.

Enjoying Samba Music With Delightful Samba Instruments

Samba instruments produce the loveliest music that the world has come to love: samba. It is one of the most popular types of music and dance not only in Brazil, but in many parts of the world.

The Stampeders, A Family Affair: Classic Canadian Rock and Roll Band Still Going Strong

Rich Dodson, Ronnie King and Kim Berly are better known as iconic Canadian rock & roll touring band The Stampeders. After more than a decade in retirement these road warriors reunited. For the past 19 years the rock group has been going strong. But they play to not only the aging hippie crowd, but their children and grandchildren as well. In fact they bring their own families along on tour.

Music: Universal or Personal?

Music is a universal language. They may worded in a foreign tongue or cultural tune but its characteristic melody always makes us understand it is music – whether a ballad, ditty, rock and roll, lullaby, hymn, sonata, military march or lyrical music. They come in different forms with traditional or novel instruments. Some are purely magical human sounds as in an a capella.

Planning a Wedding Without a Wedding Planner

You don’t need to hire a wedding planner to avoid unwanted stress on your wedding day; you just need to get organized. It doesn’t matter if there is a year till the wedding, a month or a week if you make a plan you can easily get thing ready in time with limited Bridezilla moments.

Some Tips On How To Become A DJ

Many young people, who love music, believe they have what it takes to become a successful disc jockey (DJ). Once they start to look further into how to become a DJ, there is more to it than they first thought. Anyone can play music if they have the equipment, but not everyone can charm and attract the crowds.

Three Things Not to Ask a Rockstar

Have you ever met your favorite rockstar? I have and sometimes it’s kind of intimidating. Here’s a list of things not to ask a rockstar to make them uncomfortable.

Expect The Unexpected – Shock Value

Great thriller movies contain lots of surprising moments, elements of calm and extreme excitement. When you watch a truly good thriller, you are likely on the edge of your seat for a good chunk of the movie. No matter how much you want to believe you won’t get thrown off guard, you always do.

How To Hold A Music Festival

The music industry is changing. Technology has taken the old ways of sharing and distributing music and given them a good shake, and this means that live performances, gigs and music festivals are more important than ever. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to make money from recordings, and that means that bands are relying on touring to help them make a living.

Rock Fans Vs Rock Bands

The story of Rock & Roll is being told in print and movies from the point of view of people who are anomalies, not the common story. With the exception of The Beatles who were always Rock fans first and foremost, most of the other stories are about people who only became rockers because the Beatles made it profitable.

How To Get Into Opera – From Wagner to Singing Waiters

What is opera and how do I get into it? What is the best way to appreciate opera? Should I go to an opera house or book the singing waiters? This guide will help you untangle the mystery of opera and open up the wonderful world of our great operatic composers.

Lana Del Rey

OK Indie music fans. Write this name down. Lana del Rey. You will be hearing this name dropped all over the place in the next few months for sure. If you can’t remember her name, you will undoubtedly remember her lush hair and plump perfect lips. She is the epitome of a 50’s pin up beauty queen and she is damn sexy.

Linda Eder Debuts “Now”

Vocalist Linda Eder’s latest album combines a variety of styles to accommodate her large, lush voice. Written by her former husband, Frank Wildhorn, they range from beautiful, emotional ballads to jazz and big band numbers. All have intelligent, meaningful lyrics.

Miami Clubs and Clubs In South Beach

If you have ever been to Miami then you have been to South Beach or Miami Beach. The Nightclub and Club scene is the best in Miami with tons of clubs to choose. If you like Hip Hop, House, Rock, just about any type of music genre and South Beach Miami has a club for it.

How to Apply a Vinyl Sticker to a Guitar

How to Apply a Vinyl Decal – Though most guitar players may hope to emulate their chosen hero of the axe, they typically want to be something unique in their music and their look, all the way down to their guitar. That is what makes vinyl decals such a popular and easy option for customisation. With many contemporary guitars being mass produced, unless you find yourself with extra money to invest in a specialty instrument, it would be almost impossible for you as an artist to show any signs of personality on your instrument without permanently marking it. Vinyl decals are generally easy to remove, which preserves the resale value of your guitar, and they don’t require a professional to apply them, making them much less expensive than a paint job.

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