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Why I Write Songs

What motivates one to create words wrapped around melodies and set to music? In my case it’s wanting to add my voice to exploring the human condition.

Songwriting – How to Color Your Tones for More Effective Melodies

Vocal delivery isn’t part of a melody in a technical sense, however it can greatly influence a melody by how it colors the pitches and rhythms that the melody has to offer. We’ll talk about that concept in this article.

Muse – “The 2nd Law”

A review of Muse’s sixth studio album, “The 2nd Law”. It doesn’t really compare to Muse’s other great albums, but it doesn’t have to. This album represents Muse’s commitment to a new sound, and it has a lot of merit on its own.

Is It Time To Choose Your First Musical Instrument?

Music makes the world go round, or was it money? Either way, if you feel you need a new hobby, something fun and entertaining, you could do worse than trying out a musical instrument. There is no age limit on learning to play;

How to Write Music for Lyrics

This is a comprehensive article on how to write music for lyrics. There are awesome helpful tips. If you are interested on learn how to wrote music to lyrics then then keep reading.

Brief History of Red Hot Chili Peppers Band

The band has also managed to do many things that other bands, have failed to accomplish. Though, the band was successful in the music industry, Red Hot Chili Peppers has faced numerous challenges, on their way but they have risen above the challenges and managed to become, one of the best bands in Canada.

How to Get Your Music on Spotify

As a performing artist, gathering new fans is critical to your success. This article discusses hot to get your music on Spotify, the hottest music site on the net. It also gives tips on how to promote your music once it’s up and running…

How To Get That Eric Johnson Tone

Eric Johnson’s amazing playing and guitar tones are enjoyed by, and have influenced many guitarists. This article presents some practical tips on how to get closer to this holy grail of tone.

Blues Guitar Lesson: How To Play Linear Blues Scales

Most guitarists are familiar with the minor pentatonic and blues scale shapes or boxes as they are sometimes called; they are a very effective way to learn to play acceptable solos on guitar in a relatively short time frame, however the downside of using these patterns exclusively is that all our solos sound the same; in effect these scale “boxes” become musical cages that trap the would-be creative guitarist. One really neat way to break out of these guitar pattern traps…

Tips On Guitar Beginners’ Lessons

Are you interested in taking up guitar beginners’ lessons? Be sure you read this article till the end, as I will be sharing with you some tips regarding them. By the end of this article, you should have a better understanding of basic guitar lessons so without further ado, let me get started!

The Benefits of Music Lessons

Learning any type of musical instrument or developing the ability to sing takes an extensive amount of practice and determination to succeed. According to some researchers, the younger a child starts to learn his or her musical abilities, the earlier the child will grow. The child will not only take advantage of the tangible rewards of a learned skill, but also many intangible benefits that come with a developed skill.

How To Get Started With Songwriting?

A song is the collection of music and words and for it to be successful, should not only have good lyrics, but should also have great music. Great lyrics are generally a combination of nice words that revolves around an interesting topic. The great news is that the lyrics should not necessarily follow any rules and it simply involves good practice.

The Best Punk Music

Prepare yourself for a quick breakdown of some of the best punk music around. If you are a fan of punk music (or just curious), then take a look.

Top 5 Best Pop Punk Bands

Possibly a topic of heated debate among musicians is a list of the best pop punk groups. Check out my take on some of the more popular and influential pop punk bands.

Innovative Techniques for Artistic Arrangement of Music Tracks on An Album

When artistically arranging music tracks on an album, you will need to be innovative. Find out the most creative techniques, some that you may not have even known about!

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