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What Is the Best Harmonica for Beginners?

This article will provide information and help in choosing the best harmonica for beginners. You need to first decide the kind of music you want to opt for to choose the appropriate kind of harmonica. Whatever kind of harmonica you choose; you always have the option of switching to other kinds, suiting your liking.

Elvis Presley Songs: The King of Rock and Roll

Who doesn’t love Elvis Presley songs? He is the King of Rock and Roll… and the king of gyration. It was his leg shaking, hip thrusting, and his irresistible smile that drew the women to this unforgettable performer.

Lady Gaga: Taking Determination and Talent to the Limit

Lady GaGa was a studious learner and attended many of New York’s institutions for the performing arts. She excelled in any endeavor with each teacher that she had along the way. Pam Philips had a vocal technique class that she gave at NYU titled the CAP21 program and said that her student was hitting high notes as a soprano with an impressive vocal range. Lady Gaga has an insatiable appetite for music knowledge. This was apparent when she asked Pam how to use her voice for pop music by learning how to take 50s and 60s vocals and apply them to contemporary music.

Bright ‘N’ Shiny Bassist

Born in 1960, Adam Clayton was the eldest son of Brian and Jo Clayton. Birthplace was Oxfordshire, England, but not for long however. Brian Clayton was a pilot, so the family moved around a bit, before finally settling down in Malahide, Ireland. Adam was now 5 years-old. He spent some time playing with neighborhood kids. Including the Evans’ kids, Dave, his brother Dick and sister Gillian. If you don’t know already or if you read the other bios, Dave Evans would later become Adam’s U2 bandmate, the Edge. The two families parted ways and the inevitable would have to wait until Adam would read Larry’s note on Mount Temple’s bulletin board.

Your Kid Has a Great Voice – Let It Shine!

From my experience children love to sing – and when they do so they can often sing with a confidence and freedom that can fade as we grow older. It is very important to nurture these wonderful qualities from the start.

How to Read Violin Notes for Beginners – 4 Simple Steps

With many people looking at saving money when it comes to learning new things, it comes to a number learning how to read violin notes for beginners. This is the easiest part of learning how to play the violin and can be done in a few easy steps.

How to Play the Violin for Beginners – Bowing and Fingering Techniques

There are two different ways to get notes out of the violin and you will need to learn both to correctly learn how to play the violin for beginners. The first is playing by plucking the strings, which is known as pizzicato and will be written like this on your sheet of music. When it comes to plucking the strings, you should be careful not to do it with your fingernails and always use the pads of your fingers – usually your index and middle fingers.

Fender Telecaster Pickups

When it comes to guitars, you can’t go wrong with Fender. Not only that it is one of the first solid – body electric guitars sold commercially, it also has a tone of its own. Each fender guitar has its own “Flavor” and it picking up which model should you play depends heavily on your preference. Before we go on discussing fender telecaster pickups, let me tell you a brief intro about Fender.

Diana Rogers

Diana in Savannah Savannah. The setting of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The events that unravelled around the fascinating characters in ‘The Book’ happened 30 years ago.

Choosing Music for Your Event

Selecting the right sort of live music for an event is just as crucial a decision as the venue, catering style and the time of day. Live music creates an ambience and memorable atmosphere if correctly chosen. We all want events to be a success, so here are my top tips for ensuring you choose the right music for your event.

How to Build a Great Party Playlist Using Song BPM

When you want to build a great party playlist, you want to make sure that you use BPM to create “waves” of music that help excite and enchant your partiers. If you follow this advice, your partiers will slowly be building up their energy levels and depending on how many songs you have, and how long the party is, you’ll end up with a super energized crowd by the end of the night, not wanting to go home and wanting to keep going and building more and more energy and fun.

Hip Hop Music and the Youth Connection

Since hip hop music is such a youthful form of music, there has always been speculation about how it affects the youth of our country. So many people write so many things and talk so much about the hip hop culture…

New Song Ideas and Where to Find Them

Do you ever find yourself stuck on coming up with new song ideas? Check out these songwriting tips guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing!

Since When Is the Saxophone Not a Rock and Roll Instrument?

Thank you for proving that the saxophone is a rock and roll instrument! This a comment I received recently after someone watched one of my sax videos. Two friends were arguing whether the sax was even considered to be a valid instrument in rock and roll.

On The Look Out For Hot New Soul Divas!

Cast your mind back to the first time that you heard that soul or rock singer who really captured your ear; the needle hit the groove and the band began to play, with the delicate croon of bluesy soul riding over the music beneath. Wouldn’t it be great if we had them now, rather than the terrible pop stars that are force fed into our daily diet of music through the radio and TV?

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