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Is Recording in Your Own Home a Pipedream?

Do you need to invest great sums of money in recording gear to produce a great sounding recording? The answer lies in the following article.

8 Ways To Buy Cheap (Or Free) Music

Let’s face it, we are in a recession that probably won’t be over for another two years. We have to find ways to get music from our favorite bands without stealing it.

The State of The Music Industry for Unsigned Artists

Are you really going to ‘make it’ by posting videos on YouTube? An article about how the internet has changed the way music is discovered, listened to and purchased.

How to Compare Current Rap Lyrics to Lyrics From the 70’s and 80’s

Rap music is “in” today is not the same from the beginning. It originated from the West African region. This style of music became popular in the United States around 1970, but it was earlier termed as disco rap. This genre is sometimes deemed synonymous with Hip hop but it is not true. It has influenced hip hop music deeply and its popularity has taken a backseat, however, its subgenres have greatly developed, like Pop rap is the earlier version of hip-hop.

Betty Wright – Indie Soul Veteran

“Tonight is the Night” was the song that made Betty Wright the soul r&b legend that she is today. Her first hit record, “Clean up Woman,” happened a few years before, but it was “Tonight is the Night” that showcased Wright’s powerful songwriting and connected her with millions of other young women for generations to come.

Flyleaf Reminds Us of the Importance of the Mission

Alternative rock is one of my favorite genres of music. Actually, it may be my favorite of all. I can usually find such passion and emotion in these types of songs.

How To Find Free Rap Music

Finding free rap music online can be quite a hassle if you don’t know the places to look! So I thought I would share some of my findings for the best mixtapes, albums, singles that are available for free download. There are a number of sites that I regularly use to source free music and streams.

How To Deduplicate iTunes Songs

If you are a practical user who would want to make use of his time wisely, then one thing that can bug you when you are using your computer is when you find out that your iTunes library have numerous duplicate tracks. This does not necessarily mean that you have many copies of this certain track; let’s say “A Little Help From my Friends” by the Beatles. Your iTunes might display different tracks but it originates from one file only.

Multi Effects Pedal Bag

Various features you should look out for when investing in a multi effects pedal bag. As an effects board already comes with its own power supply and pedal board, you should avoid cases with these features as they will cost you more money.

Analog Music – Players That Are Popular From Then Until Now

Music is widely known all over the world. For some, this is their form of positive reinforcement while others make this as their way of earning money. The good news is music has also been developing throughout the years. From the regular analog music, they now come in compressed forms like digital music.

Pedal Board Flight Cases

Pedal Board Flight cases are one of the best ways to protect your guitar/Bass effects pedals. Pedal board flight cases provide quality protection, easy set up and transportation. In choosing a pedal board flight case size is one of the most important factors that musicians get wrong.

How To Choose A Classical Guitar

Classical acoustic guitar is the most popular string instrument in the world. If you want to buy it, you will have plenty of choices. However, you should be very careful while choosing this instrument, because it is not so easy. The most important thing is to test the guitar before you pay for it. Firstly, you need to estimate the look of the guitar. Secondly, you should select a guitar of good size, quality and tone.

CarolBrass Horns – Could China Set the New Standard in Brass?

The Far East is known for its manufacturing power and low labor costs, but could they actually be setting a standard for quality when it comes to brass instruments? I compare the strengths of the low-cost, high-performance CarolBrass horns.

How To Write Songs People Will Love

Want to learn how to write songs that will have people begging for more? The key is in the rewrite.

The Top Five Best Southern Rap Records of All Time

In no way form or fashion can words describe how I feel about the South. So when me and a friend of mine from New York was having a heated discussion in South Beach about the five best southern rap songs of all time. I really started to think about this subject very deeply. So after giving it some deep thought and winning the argument with my friend, here’s what I came up with…

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