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The 3 Best Neil Young Songs Ever

There’s not much question that Neil Young is one of the best singer/songwriters to come out of Canada or any continent for that matter. But what are his best songs? Get this inside data on the 3 best Neil Young songs ever!

The Only Drum Set My Kids Will Play

Ludwig is one of the most respected brand names in drumming, and with great reason. This review examines Ludwig’s junior drum set, which has the same quality build and sound of the full size drum kits.

Taking Care of Your Piano

A piano is just like any other equipment or furniture at home which usually needs caring and appropriate way of cleaning. There are several things that you need to remember when you try to clean your piano. So if you would like to see your piano last for a very long time then you should know how to appropriately take good care of your piano and make sure that it can maintain its good condition.

Old Blues Musicians Deserve The Recognition As Much As The Beatles

There are no legends in music today like yesteryear’s heroes. Is it because everything has been played? Has all been tried?

Three Minor Details For Successful Songs

Classic literature has held onto its popularity throughout the years because of the morals and stories that remain inspirational years after its publication. Classic music contains the same characteristics as classic literature: its lyrics continue to maintain a special place for people years after the album is recorded. A one-hit wonder can produce a classic, but for most individuals, classic songs are produced by iconic bands that have accomplished international fame and sold millions of records. Regardless of the classifications as to what makes a song a classic, music will continue to attract criticism, inspire movements and alter a person’s thoughts.

Neil Young Did More Than Record Great Music

Believe it or not, grunge music had been available long before the end of the twentieth century. Most folks deem groups like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, clad in flannel and screaming about the wrongs of capitalism, to be grunge. Always shying away from the limelight and the corporate sponsors, grunge seemed to be the perfect cure for the former hair band years.

Guitar Inlays Are the Perfect Gift For Guitar Players

One of the most unique ways to customize a guitar is with guitar inlays. There are different types of inlays used like ivory, metal, plastic, wood, pearl and stone to brighten up the fretboard. The designs are plentiful and musicians can install their own inlays or have them professionally installed.

How to Buy a Piano (For Those Who Don’t Know Where to Start)

With so many different types of pianos to buy, how do you know which one to buy? This article gives an overview of the different types of pianos out there and aims to address the pros and cons with purchasing each type.

Jazz Swing Bands For Weddings

One important decision brides need to make is whether to hire a live band or disc jockey. A DJ will most likely play from behind their equipment, using recorded songs. Live bands can do more than that, because they can create the music on the spot, making it more unique and special.

Top 3 Best Rush Albums Of All Time

Rush being one of the most influential progressive rock band of all time, this Canadian band of Willowdal Ontario has kept under the radar for a major part of their early career. Without a doubt, Rush has influenced me very much, and in the process, I became a huge fan. These three albums are not only the 3 best Rush albums, in my opinion, they mark important stages in their recording timeline.

Led Zeppelin DVD

Led Zeppelin released a a two disc DVD simply called “DVD”. It is a tremendous representation of their career and performance. This is a music set guaranteed to energize the most ardent Led Zeppelin fan.

Once You Know These Beginner Guitar Lesson Basics You’ll Be Able To Play Any Note You Desire Easily

Now a days most guitarists are much more comfortable learning how to read guitar tablature than they are learning to read basic guitar notation. If you want to learn how to play the guitar you should learn guitar notation so you will be able to play publications only written in notation.

How About Hiring a Female Lounge Singer?

What is it that we all expect out of an event? It needs to be successful, must have eminent speakers from the industry, must be attractive enough to get people talking and the press taking notice, right? You need to basically look in to two of the biggest areas where people really make a big mistake?

Steamy Southern Sounds: The Savannah Jazz Festival

The United States’ Southern region never sits still for long. They have a long history of triumph and tragedy which is perhaps why the south has given the world some of the most treasured music of all time. Each year, thousands of music fans from all over the globe come to Savannah, Georgia for the Savannah Jazz Festival.

Electric Guitar Building From Home – Is It Possible?

If just like me you are an keen guitar player, you would possibly at some period have pondered how complicated it could be to one day build your own electric guitar from your home. It is a question that I pondered many years ago and since then I have built numerous guitars employing relatively fundamental and reasonably priced tools. Yes it truly is undoubtedly possible to build a fine instrument at home, and below I will tell you some tips I have gathered over time and also some of the tools I have used.

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