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Celebrity News: Why The Fascination

Jennifer and Justin get married (we think), and photographers are eager to look for signs of a baby bump. The beloved movie critic Roger Ebert dies of cancer.

Things To Look For When Purchasing A Piano

Shopping for your first piano can end up being a challenging task. They certainly are a significant investment. Don’t forget to test out any piano thoroughly previous to investing in. Owning the perfect piano will make your piano lessons exciting.

Subliminal Messages Used In Popular Songs

Subliminal messages are a proven way to send a message to someone, without that person knowing it. This is effective in advertising, but it cannot work against what the person stands for and believes in. Even though there are many old and new songs that use subliminal messages, it is important to remember that they can only influence people who believe in the message portrayed.

Important Steps to Download The Best Instrumental Hip Hop Beats

Choosing to download the best instrumental hip hop beats for your specific needs is an important step and a key ingredient in becoming a professional songwriter and recording artist. With these tools in your corner, you’ll be certain to blow past the crowds of wannabes in this game and become an artist that commands the respect of their peers.

Vinyl Records: How Are They Made?

I remember discovering music as a teenager way back in the 1970s. In those days everything was available in one format only – the magical slab on black vinyl. No CDs, no downloads. Records (we we called them) were magical thanks to the wonder of vinyl, which is making something of a comeback these days. But just how is a record made. Let me tell you it’s not what I first though it was and a series of many, many small grooves cut in to it.

How People Perceive Musicians

Many stereotypes surround musicians, how they are perceived, etc. Many musicians make the mistake of thinking that they have to fall into the them too. What are these misconceptions?

Songwriting – 5 More Quick and Easy Tips for Writing Great Songs

This article will give you five fast and easy tips for writing great songs your fans will love. Enjoy!

Songwriting – 5 Quick and Easy Tips for Writing Great Songs

This article will give you 5 quick and easy tips you can apply to your music to start writing better songs right away. Enjoy!

Guitar Effects Pedal To Improve Your Sound

An electric guitar plugged straight into an amp without effects can be a dry and unforgiving place. Here is how to juice up your tone without spending a fortune. Learn about the different effect types and how they work, demo some pedals down at your local guitar shop and then build a set of pedals that make your guitar sing.

4 Tips For New Musical Artists Who Are Just Getting Started

Thanks to technologies like the internet, it is now possible for talented musical artists to make a career for themselves whether they are signed to a big label or not. The web and mobile devices have opened up the world of music not only to new artists, but to the fans as well. In this article, we will discuss four things that every new artist can do to ensure a good start on the road to their dreams.

Where Do Clarinets Come From?

Unlike many popular musical instruments, the clarinet really didn’t evolve from existing instruments. Instead, it was created specifically for a purpose a little over 300 years ago.

Bose(R) Solo TV Sound System – The Cool Alternative For Your Stereos

The Bose Solo TV Sound System presents you with the new sleek sound solutions. The Bose Solo TV Sound System is so slick that it just fits below your HDTV, making the quality of your TV programs dramatically better.

One Republic Wakes Up

One Republic’s second album, Waking Up, caught the attention of even more fans. With a sound steeped in vintage 80s music, the band continues to build its fan base with big melodies and anthemic choruses.

Experiencing Tonal Nirvana From Your Guitar

Everyone agrees… older stringed instruments generally sound better, and feel better than their modern counterparts! They almost breathe life! They have a live feel, a “vibe” that often transforms into musical magic! You can actually feel the exceptional instrument vibrate in unison with itself as you play it. That’s what we’re talking about! Wooden instruments need to be played regularly and consistently to develop their true sonic potential. This is no secret! Quality-built guitars, violins and pianos all improve with age and frequent, continuous play. Fine instruments need to be “broken-in” over time. The wood needs to be generously massaged by the vibrations created through active and consistent playing of the instrument. The more you play and enjoy your fine instrument, the greater your sonic reward!

The Secret Effects of Music

Music does more than entertain us. Music helps us harmonize with messages be they good or bad.

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