The “Always On” Tuner – Cool Ways To Use An ABY Pedal – Part 3

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Karaoke DJ Equipment – This Could Make Or Break Your Event

Karaoke is as popular as ever, so if you want to host one of these events it is important to have the right equipment. But what will you need?

The Bruce Springsteen Seeger Sessions – Album and Tour

We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions album is the critically acclaimed folk album from Bruce Springsteen and The Session Band. With The Boss’s take on thirteen songs written or made popular by Pete Seeger, the activist/folk musician. They went onto tour the album, which has become loosely known as The Bruce Springsteen Seeger Sessions, again receiving critical acclaim.

Elvis Presley – Untold Stories By His Close Confidant

Of course Elvis’ generosity is legendary. During his lifetime he gave away houses, cars, motorcycles, jewelry, furs, clothing and money as if it were going out of style. His generosity knew no bounds. I recently began thinking about incidents with Elvis about which I’ve rarely spoken, incidents with a common thread: Elvis’ generosity even in small matters.

How to Warm-Up Your Voice

If you enjoy singing, you should take care of your vocal cords as you would any other part of your body. Part of a healthy maintenance program involves sufficient warm up prior to any strenuous vocal activity. Continue reading to learn some practical warm up exercises for your voice.

Get Rid of Duplicates in iTunes

Get rid of duplicates in iTunes. How to solve all your iTunes problems at the click of a button. It’s really very simple.

Bass Traps, The Reasons You Ought to Have Them

If you give thought to sound waves, pretend the area that you’re enjoying tunes in contains three feet of rainwater. Look at the length and width of the area and the furnishings. If you decide to navigate around you’d probably produce waves which will proceed to ripple throughout the space not to mention bounce away from the walls and intermingle with brand new waves which have not reached the wall.

Perfect Wedding Bands for Hire

Wedding bands are an integral part of any wedding. In fact, there are various options available, when it comes to consider wedding bands for hire as per your preferences.

Acoustic Bass Guitar – An Overview

A bass that has no electronic pickups is referred to as the acoustic bass guitar. It’s body is the one responsible for producing the sound. They are generally a 4-stringed bass but you can occasionally see them with 5 or 6 strings max.

American Idol Season 10 New Judges J-Lo and Steven Tyler

The new season of American Idol is near by and by now the fans can rest knowing who are the judges. Since the last season ended on May of this year there have been some big changes on the cast, Simon Cowell who left American Idol for his hit show Xfactor in the United Kingdom had left fans wondering who would replace him.

Five Great Music Sites for Wireless Internet Users Who Want New Tunes

Finding new music these days sometimes seems deceptively easy. After all, there are plenty of different places to poke around for those with steady access to the world wide web. And picking something out is as simple as digging through the various reviews and free mp3s being offered until something manages to stick. But for those who are sick of dealing with mediocre offerings, completely uninterested in the kind of music that only charts for a few moments before fading back into obscurity, or who simply need a new resource for picking out the best sounds, sometimes navigating the net is a bit more taxing.

How to Find the Best Music Download Sites

There are good music download sites all over the internet. The problem is how to find the best music download site. It’s hard to know which one is the best site for downloads.

Metal Music Videos Are Usually A Blast From The Past

Heavy metal progressed throughout the late 1960s as well as 1970s and became widely well-known throughout the world in the 1980s. Its major concepts tend to be distortion, guitar solos as well as loudness.

What Is a Shofar?

A Shofar is a Ram Horn and when a shofar is blown, it symbolizes the opening of the heaven gates for the prayers. This unique and holy symbol has been a part of our history and heritage and has been used by people since centuries.

Best Cello Players

There are many great cello players out there, but to really understand the history of the musicians, one must first become familiar with the instrument itself. At first, the cello did not enjoy the celebrity status it does today. It was seen as a more insignificant member of the quartet and symphony.

Sounds For FL Studio – 3 Reasons Why A Variety Of Sounds For Music Production Is What You Need

Some music producers look for sounds for music production on various websites and in different music production stores, but tend to select only a certain type of sound that’s being used most in the music industry today. With FL Studio being so versatile, why select only certain musical instrument sounds? And is this a benefit, or a hindrance? Do you fit into the category of only using a certain type of sound all the time? Read further to find out three reasons why a variety of sounds works better overall, and why you need to constantly build your music production samples.

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