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3 Ways to Make Practicing More Fun

This article is about making practicing more fun and the benefits that go along when you have a good time practicing. In the article, I recommend switching up your practice schedule, getting excited before practicing, and setting goals for each practice session. I believe doing these will make the practice experience a lot better and will help bring good results to your playing.

The Saliency of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Music of the Baroque Era

Music of the Baroque era is renowned for its ornamental style and significant impact on European culture. J.S. Bach is regarded as one of the most talented and influential composers and musicians of this time. His sheer versatility in instrumentation and composition form lends to this reverence of his unparalleled virtuosity.

Allen Heath GLD-80 Digital Audio Church Mixer

  Today we saw the Allen and Heath GLD-80 Digital audio mixer at work, and this mixer rocked. It blew us away with its analogue style channel processing main section to its drag and drop layout. This mixer has 20 automated fader strips and a color screen that can at any time be set to a color of choice.

Group Music Making Is More Than Just Fun – It’s Good for You!

We all enjoy music and many of us enjoy playing music with others, but there’s a lot more that happens than meets the eye (or ear!). When we create music with others, we form dynamic relationships that are built on common understanding, unity and trust. We make ourselves vulnerable and support each other non-verbally. We empathize with our fellow players and often develop lasting relationships that are built on trust. Most importantly, we express ourselves and witness others doing the same – two very powerful and important activities that relate to quality of life and happiness.

The Take Over of Math in Music

In the future will there be a machine that can mathematically assess a musical performance? This article takes a look at whether music is really an expression of human emotions or just a bunch of mathematical formulas that pleases the human ear.

It Will Rain by Bruno Mars

When is a song more than just a song? Among many possible answers, it is more than a song when it begins to change the very sound of the artist that releases it. Bruno Mars released It Will Rain in September of 2011, a song that is quite unlikely many of his other hits.

The Life of the Party

Apart from being a classical and timeless instrument for entertainment, playing the piano has many benefits. Firstly, it has been proven to be good for your health. Health is very important in an individual’s life and music can be the medicine for the mind and soul.

Some of the Best Gordon Lightfoot Lyrics – The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

There is nothing more difficult for a songwriter than writing a “story song”. Gordon Lightfoot’s “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” is the blue-print for the “perfect” story song and lyrics.

How Are Electric Guitars Different From Acoustic Guitars?

Electric Guitars are much different than Acoustic guitars, somewhat in a how you play them, but more so how they sound, their capabilities and how they feel. Put the two side by side, and there are obvious differences in shape, thickness etc, but as far as the actual note structure and frets, they are basically the same. There is no reason why you could not learn on either type, and use the abilities to play the other type. It may actually be slightly better to learn on an acoustic guitar because it is a bit harder to play. Then when you switch to electric, it will be that much more easy.

How To Find The Jobs In Music?

Many great voices heard by us like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra John, Roy Orbison and many others are the legends in the musical world. Their voice has given soul and charm to the music. Music is completely redefined with their outstanding contribution. Old music is the treasures of history. The voice quality of these singers is so distinct and beautiful that it directly touches the heart of the listeners.

Introducing the Yamaha YPG-235 Portable Keyboard

The portable keyboard is a great way to begin your keyboard playing career. A grand piano-like keyboard can be a very inexpensive way to test the water, so to speak. It can help you learn to play songs and get a feel for keyboard instruments. The problem is that many keyboards are not at all piano-like, neither in terms of sound nor key action. This article looks at a suggested solution to this problem.

What Are the Different Types of Guitars Available?

There are different types of guitars that are available if someone wants to get started but for most it is either the acoustic or the electric guitar. And that is actually an easy way to avoid the confusion as most of the types basically fall in either of the two. But from a knowledge perspective if you wanted to know or say maybe a few months down the line you wish to upgrade your guitar, you should have some idea about the different types of guitars that are available.

Find the Best Ukuleles

If you have just completed your lessons on how to play the ukulele, and you are now contemplating buying one of the best ukuleles, then we have a wide display of the world’s best ukuleles available for your selection. The Dolphin Bridge Soprano Ukulele is one of the best ukuleles on the market. This model is light-blue in color, and it produces sound of the highest clarity.

Someone Like You – Another Musical Masterpiece From Adele

Adele a very well-known celebrity from the world of music and her songs have managed to create a huge impact and amass a huge number of fans from the day she released her very first song. She actually began singing at the age of 4 but the turning point was when the songs that she recorded soon after she graduated from school got posted on MySpace.

Whitney’s Voice: A Gift to Us All

American music has been influenced greatly by Whitney Houston’s amazing voice. The gift she left her fans connected us to her beyond any troubles she may have endured due to her amazing talent, fame, and personal strife. Tonight we mourn Whitney Houston.

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