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Rename iTunes Music – How You Can Automatically Rename iTunes Songs

It can be very frustrating when you have to rename iTunes music manually, not just because it is a long process to do, but because you may have hundreds of songs to rename that are simply labeled “track” with just a number on the end. You will also have spend hours online finding the right information and artwork to match each song, which can be very tiring. The best thing to do is to find a software that can do all this for you.

iTunes Duplicate Remover – How To Automatically Delete Duplicates From iTunes

When downloading music, there is always the chance of getting duplicates of the same track. It may be that the download site has a poor quality track and you want a replacement, or you may have downloaded a remixed track instead of the original, and so on. Duplicates make using iTunes difficult because you will keep coming across the same track when you are browsing.

iTunes Cleanup Software – How To Organize Your iTunes Library

iTunes is one of the best and most well known media players around. It was designed by Apple as a way to quickly and easily sync songs and videos to hardware such as iPhones and iPads. Throughout the past few years the software has gained in popularity, and now more people then ever are turning to iTunes as the primary hub to run their media.

Arranging iTunes Songs With An Automatic iTunes Organizer

Looking for a particular song in iTunes ought to be easy. But when your iTunes library is disorganized this can become an impossible task. This is why arranging iTunes songs in an orderly manner is something which should not be taken lightly.

Organized iTunes Library – How To Organize iTunes Library Files

An iTunes organizer will help you organize your library files, it’s as simple as that. A good one will organize your library and then go ahead and protect you from getting duplicates, misspelled songs and missing cover artwork in the future again. In order to enjoy your music, you need to have an organized iTunes library. In order to do this you will either need to sort out your files manually or use software.

Organize iTunes Songs With An iTunes Music Organizer

Many people who have tried an iTunes music organizer are often surprised by the features, which are valuable but not present in iTunes. There are two ways to sort out your iTunes library, manual and automatic.

Tips on Making Hip Hop Beats

For over 35 years, rap and hip hop music has grown in popularity and also grown in style. What are the main components of a hip hop beat? There are three primary components you need to consider when making hip hop beats.

Deleting iTunes Duplicates: How To Automatically Remove iTunes Duplicates

iTunes can provide videos and mp3 songs for your iPods and iPhones. The problem however is that a lot of albums from other sites often contain duplicates and you can end up downloading them too. This is very common and it usually is very frustrating when you have to keep skipping over songs to find something you actually want to listen to.

Voices To Make My Heart Beat Faster

As with my first article on casting in the movies, here I’m simply going to lay out my stall with the voices in music that stir me the most. This can be for many reason, be it into hope, despair, inspiration or just pure joy.

Some Of The Greatest Flamenco Guitar Artists Of All Time – And Why

Do you love Flamenco? Have you ever asked yourself the question “what are some of the greatest Flamenco guitar artist of all time?” Find out here in this article where I answer that question with the top 3 flamenco guitarist of all time and why.

A Brief Note on Indian Classical Ragas

Ragas play an important role in Indian classical music. In fact, they are integral parts that give beauty, colour, hue, mood or tone to it. They are a series of five or more musical notes based on which a melody is composed.

Are Music Festivals for Me?

So your friend just asked you if you would like to go to a music festival with them but you are not sure if you will enjoy it or want to shell out the money for tickets. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you decide to give music festivals a shot.

Gyspy Kings, Volare – You Know The Song, But Did You Know They Didn’t Write It?

You can’t argue that the Gypsy Kings have brought to our musical education something more than just a unique sound. But did you know that one of their most famous songs isn’t even their own?

Dave Matthews Band, Ants Marching – A Deeper Look At The Lyrics

Ants Marching is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic songs by the Dave Matthews Band. Whirling Violins, blasting saxophones, arpeggiating guitars, freakish drumming and genial bass lines. But besides the masterful musicianship, what makes this song deeper than your average Pop/Rock tune? Let’s take a closer look….

What Are The Top 3 Gypsy Kings Albums – And Why?

The Gypsy Kings have had an illustrious career starting in the small town of Arles, France back in the 1970s all the way till today. Their music has influenced millions of people across the globe. I am personally a huge fan of the French Gitanos and when the question of what are the top 3 Gypsy Kings albums of all time came up at a dinner amongst some of my closest Persian friends it got me to thinking…

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