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Jazz Guitar Solos – Barney Kessel Played Guitar Like No One Else!

Jazz guitarist Barney Kessel played on a level that very few guitar players ever reach! His recordings are now legendary and his harmonic concepts on guitar were unique and helped define what could be done on jazz guitar.

Fathers of Alt Hip Hop – De La Soul

A history of alt hip hop pioneers De La Soul. Exploration into their formation and style.

The Truly Amazing Benefits Of Offering Children Piano Lessons

It is often best if you introduce piano lessons to children while they are still at an early age. Scientists and education experts are not sure about where the limits are when it comes to how helpful learning piano actually is. Parents are encouraged to begin training their kids on how to play piano in a younger age to get the full advantage that it offers.

How to Decide a Hiring Price for a DJ?

What price a customer will be willing to pay for hiring a DJ? So it depends upon the customer that what type of service he wants and then according to the service provided what amount of money he will then be willing to pay. Hiring DJ for any event is becoming very common and keeping this commonality in mind, people have actually started their business of providing DJ to the customers.

Classic Record Albums With Great Fronts, But Forgettable Back Sides

Vinyl album sales have increased over the last two years, as more artists are choosing to offer their new releases in that format. Best Buy already has a wide variety on its website, FYE stocks a wide assortment of vinyl discs in its stores, and nearly-bankrupt local record stores are witnessing growth for the first time in almost three decades. My wish is to locate a store that can somehow combine into one disc two classic albums that have great front sides but forgettable backs.

Factors To Consider When Buying Amplifiers

Are you planning of buying an amplifier? One of the major factors that you should consider is the classification of the amp. Some of the classifications that you should consider include: Transistor vs. Valves Although, transistor amps had a number of limitations when they came into the market, they are now as effective as valve amps; therefore, you can choose any unit and still get ideal results

4 Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Tube Amp

Tube amplifiers (amps) are some of the best units that you should have as a music lover. For the amp to last for a long time, you need to take good care of it. Here are tips on how to do it: Use the standby mode The standby mode is where your amp is neither on nor off. At this mode the speaker is inactive, but the preamp and the poweramp tubes are active.

Free Metronome Software – A Metronome That Can Sound Like a Farmyard!

There are a lot of free software-based metronomes available on the internet. TempoPerfect Metronome Software from NCH Software can be customized to sound like you are practicing anywhere – even on a farmyard! You can make it sound like almost anything. Plus it has some nice features.

Guitar Maintenance Tips – How To Keep Your Guitar In Tiptop Shape

Keeping a guitar properly maintained – especially in extreme environments – is something that should concern every guitar owner. This article summarizes some of the most important aspects of guitar maintenance.

Popular Songs That Keep Latin Alive

The most recent episodes of the Jeopardy TV game show have featured educators, an annual event that has been designated as the Teachers Tournament. While the grade levels vary from kindergarten through twelfth grade teachers, those who educate high schoolers seem to appear more frequently. Last night the three competitors consisted of a math teacher, an Advanced Placement language instructor, and a man who teaches Latin.

How Singers and Musicians Can Learn To Sing On Pitch With Simple Skills

Singers in any genres including popular music ones should never hurt or irritate their listeners or audience’s ears. The quality of sound and pitches coming out of your mouth need to have certain quality that would drive fans and listeners everywhere. In order to achieve this, you need to learn and develop skills that can help you learn to sing on pitch.

The 4 Key Elements You Need to Understand to Be Successful in Music

What does it take to make it in music? Talent? Good looks? Specialized knowledge? This article discusses the four things that every musician should understand if they truly desire to make it in the world of music. From the basics of talent and creative ability to business sense, there’s more to it than most musicians realize.

Transform Your Voice From Being Average to Outstanding

A basic requirement for transforming your voice from being average to outstanding is to start practicing every day. Exercising the vocal chords frequently is important in maintaining and bettering your voice. Once you are able to develop a clear, strong voice, it sets the stage for greater vocal range.

Cilla Black: Her Destiny to Become One of Britain’s Most Successful and Best Loved Entertainers

Cilla Black was surrounded by music and influenced by her family. Her father played the mouth organ and her mother and aunts would sing at family get-togethers and social gatherings. From a very early age she wanted to be professional singer and be famous. During her late teens her ambition led her to working at some trendy clubs in England such as The Cavern where she worked as a coat-check girl and at The Zodiac where she was a waitress. She would mingle with many up-and-coming singers that were appearing at the clubs. Since she was a good singer with plenty of experience she would convince the powers that be to let her share the spotlight on stage. With the established singers she gained valuable contacts since they were impressed with her vocal ability. In the early 1960’s Cilla’s career began to get some momentum due to help from the members of the Beatles including Brian Epstein. Cilla’s first two number one hits were “Anyone Who Had A Heart” and “You’re My World.” Amazingly this was accomplished before her 21st birthday.

Odd Pairings: Musicians and Politicians With the Same Name

Most people at some point get mistaken for someone else, usually a person who has the same name. Most of the encounters are harmlessly cleared up, and each one goes on with his normal life. Sometimes, however, a person shares the same name as a convicted criminal.

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