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How to Fix Fret Buzz On Your Guitar

This article is all about fret buzz on a guitar. It discusses its causes, and how to fix them.

Fathers of the Modern Steel String Guitar

This article names a few of the folks that made the modern steel string acoustic guitar possible. Their innovations paved the way for this vastly important instrument.

Why Most Guitarists Don’t Become Excellent Players

The overwhelming majority of guitar players will not go on to become ‘excellent’. The reason behind this is not as simple as poor playing skills, a lack of talent or even a lack of passion/desire. Instead, most players are afraid of one thing or another and it causes them to give up prematurely or sabotage their own success. Don’t allow this to happen to you!

Why Should Every Rapper Freestyle?

Well in this article I want to talk about exactly that! There is debate and to some degree, uncertainty about what freestyling really is when we are talking about it with regards to rap.

5 Vinyl Digging Tips for Beginners

We put this list together to help new producers, and producers who may be experienced, but new to the idea of digging. Keep in mind that there is no “formula” to digging. Usable sounds can literally be found in every genre and from every year. This is simply a list of some quick tips that may make starting seem less daunting, and point you in the right direction to begin.

How Soon Can Your Child Start Music Lessons?

A frequent question that comes up in the field of music lessons is ‘what age can my child start music lessons?’ This article will provide some guidelines to help parents answer this question for themselves.

Music’s New Frontier Pt1

Physicists half-jokingly refer to the ancient Greek Pythagoras as the first string theorist. String Theory is a unified theory that attempts to explain the underlying physics of why things are the way they are, or maybe more simply – things. Physicists sometimes use a vibrating guitar string example as an introduction to String Theory. Of special interest to us is the fact that there has been a new musical framework or musical theory (theories), being discussed and developed. I call this music’s new frontier.

Maggs and Trish – Harmony and Conflict

An insight into the founding of Maggs and Trish and how the duo went from karaoke bar singers to household names. However things in later years lead to the duos chemistry to simmer and how their re-launch went to disaster.

House Music: The Trend

It is not from today that you can notice the continuous and notorious increase in popularity of what before was considered to be simply a music created by computers. What was once popular just in Europe has now found its niche in the American continent. In the past few years, what was once dominated by rock, reggae, blues, R&B and soul has opened its door to what is now considered one of the most popular music styles.

What Does It Take To Be a Composer?

If you’re like me, there’s no fascination in the mathematics of some postmodern compositions. I mean, dude, where’s the melody?

So What Makes Sinatra So Great?

As a singer of that genre, I’ve heard the question before, but this time, I really thought about it. There are so many amazing singers, with voices that could perhaps eclipse his, yet only Sinatra stands in a class by himself. In truth, it’s kind of a loaded question.

Tips in Learning Blues Guitar

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments around the world. Kids, teenagers, and adults can easily pick up playing the guitar, and experienced instructors guarantee it is easy. All you need is a good year and a bit of inclination.

The Man Behind the Curtain Pt3

We are continuing are discussion on the conscious design and thought behind the artistic process; specifically concerning this beautiful thing we call music. Sometimes this design in music is there even when artists are creating music and don’t even consciously know they are doing it. Of course, at other times many people have actively, creatively, and consciously sought many different ways to bring the full capacity of the human mind to bear on the wonder of creating and composing music. Let’s talk about both.

Men At Work Lyrics For “Down Under”

1980’s Australian band “Men At Work” had some really cool songs and videos. They also had some intelligent and uniquely Australian lyrics. This article talks about the lyrics to their song “Down Under”

How To Transform Your Guitar Licks Part 1 – Using Vibrato

What is the secret to transforming ordinary guitar licks into killer guitar licks? You must understand how to use guitar techniques such as vibrato to emphasize the notes in your licks and make them as expressive as possible. Most guitar players do NOT do this, and end up playing mediocre licks that are not very inspiring. Here are most frequent issues in these guitarists’ lead playing:

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