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Music for Banjo

The music industry is flooded with a range of instruments to lure the listeners into entertainment and relaxation. Banjo, a stringed instrument, was a popular musical instrument with Africans in Colonial America. Since its introduction, banjo has gone through various developments and several innovative ways have been introduced to play this popular instrument.

Tips For Enjoying a Music Festival

Music festivals are a great way to enjoy live music with friends. It can be treated like a holiday away from home and is usually enjoyed by camping. Music festivals are usually done through the summer or warm weather because it is an outdoor event and for this it is more suited.

5 Reasons on Mexican Stratocaster Vs American Stratocaster

This article outlines the main comparisons of the Mexican Stratocaster vs American Atratocaster. There has been a lot of arguments on this concept and helps you choose the correct stratocaster for yourself.

The Beatles Red and Blue Album

The Beatles red and blue albums have been remastered. They include some of The Beatles most famous songs.

Life Sucks Without Music

An article that digs into a possibility wherein there is no music and also touches on its importance. Points out the views of the author and some of his peers.

Best First Dance Songs – Tips On Choosing The Best Song For Your Bridal Dance

What are the things to look for when choosing the special song for your special day? Here are some tips from a professional wedding DJ that you might find useful.

The Usage Of Cameras And iPhones In Concert Events

If you’re like me who loves the power and pleasure of a live concert, then you’d probably probably want to record it for your own personal remembrance and also to say to yourself and your good friends, “Hell yeah, I was there.” One of the most thrilling concerts that I have already been so far is the Death Magnetic concert of Metallica, with the laser show and incredible sounds, it is truly a memorable experience to recall.

Matt Cardle

Matt Cardle is currently the bookie’s favourite to win the British reality show ‘The Xfactor’. For those who have been living under a rock and don’t know what the Xfactor is, it is a show in which contestants must get past several stages of auditions in order to be entered into a large singing competition where they are voted off by the public until one one act remains.

Zangoora: The Best Musical Show Ever

“Zangoora: The Gypsy Prince” is the world’s first Bollywood style live musical. You can watch the magic of Bollywood comes alive on stage, which is sure to leave you breathless.

7 Tips on How to Create New Hip Hop Songs Using a Hip Hop Beat Creator Program

Creating new hip hop songs is easier than most of us think. This article summarizes 7 tips to keep in mind when acquiring software to make new hip hop songs.

The Man Behind All the Redneck Cheer, Floyd Tolston Talks Taylor Swift and Wal-Mart

He speaks his mind, enjoys his beer and notices the sights of Wal-Mart and all the while, Texas native, Floyd Tolston writes notes and melodies to go with it. His latest album is Redneck Cheer and he’s hear to spread a little of it.

Do I Need An Instructor To Learn To Play The Guitar?

Before the age of Internet, the only two ways you could learn to play the guitar were: you could go to an instructor, a instrument teacher and pay him to teach you chords and melodies, or you could purchase manuals and learn from those. There were no video tutorials available for free or instantly, so imagine how lucky you are, if you want to learn to master the instrument!

Everything About Mexican Fender Stratocaster!

Are you looking out for cheap and best quality electric guitars? Fender has an option for you. The Mexican Fender Stratocaster is a cost effective alternative for musicians to improve their sound system.

How to Choose the Right Drum Sticks

There is absolutely no doubting the importance and value of the drum sticks for every drummer. These people also recognize the value of choosing the right one coupled with even the perfect cymbals.

Violin Lessons Online – Live Lessons Over The Internet

Music helps us in our daily routines more that we think. Music is an escape from the things that happen to us everyday. Playing an instrument is a great way to keep our minds occupied and can lead to a trade for us. Music as a hobby is just as great. I have been a violinist for decades and now that we are in the information age I will now offer live violin lessons online.

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